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It was something different to watch – his anger…his hatred towards just about anything. He was never angry the first time. It was never about hatred – he was just so lost. Everything around him had just crumbled and he was left with only a few pieces; the rest were with her. The rest of him…well, it was with her.

Now…now he felt the anger. He felt the betrayal. He felt the loss but molded it into something else – into something lethal. He needed to shatter things, he needed to break things just to make the pain less and…and we let him. We let him express what he needed to express because we knew it had to be done. We knew that to find a way to forget her, he needed a way to express what she had done to him – what she had left him to become.

I think the hardest part was to watch it all. We could only helplessly watch them crumble. We could only helplessly watch them crack and split and finally shatter. It wasn't supposed to be that way with them…it wasn't supposed to be so difficult. I know they love each other but there was so much that was kept hidden. There were so many secrets between the two – on both their parts – that I think it became too much. I think…I think it all came at them too fast. There wasn't time to breathe. There wasn't a break where they could just sit and watch the stars.

"You've gotta stop staring sometime…" His voice wavered as his arms slipped around my waist. I breathed deeply as he nestled his chin on my shoulder – a sigh escaping his lips.

"It shouldn't be this way…he shouldn't feel this way," I whispered, leaning my head against his – taking comfort in his presence. I knew how hard it was for him; family was the most important thing and it was hard to watch one member crumble.

I heard him breathe deeply, his eyes scrutinizing his brother. "Sometimes love hurts…"

I paused, watching him as he broke everything around him. I held back the tears as he growled in frustration – pausing as he looked around him.

His knee's buckled, hitting the floor with a dull thud and his elder brother was there immediately – wrapping the boy in his arms and lending him his shoulder.

"Go…" I instructed, stepping out of the boys' embrace. Love shouldn't hurt, not the breath-taking kind-of love that they had had – it was supposed to be a fairytale.

"Miles…" he breathed, brushing his fingertips over my left cheek. Closing my eyes, I stepped back further – I didn't want to be here anymore.

"Go Nick…he need's you both…" I could here the choke in my voice but I straightened my shoulders as I felt his gaze. Opening my eyes I could see his confusion – he wanted to be with me but he needed to be with his brother at the moment.

"It's okay…" I smiled as he was there in a second – one strong family unit. I remember when my friends used to be that; we were each others' family. It was uncomfortable to be in place at the moment – the one who had destroyed him was my best-friend. I didn't want to be here anymore; I shouldn't be here anymore.

The transition over a couple of months didn't help; especially when we were all signed under her company. After only one phone-call, communication between us had ceased. It was too painful to talk with both so we had to decide and we decided on Joe. He was the victim – even she had said so.

'Miley…I'm sorry…'

'You shouldn't be apologizing to me Lillian,' I snapped, clenching the cell-phone in my hand. I didn't want to hear her excuses – not when I had seen the damage only a day earlier.

'I did what I had to do…'

I sighed – I could hear her tears. She knew just what to do to get me to listen and she was pulling out all the stops – it must've been important.

'Miles? I just…just be there for him okay? Make sure he stays as he was…I don't want the anger to consume him…'

'I'm not…I don't think I'm the right person for this. Why can't you tell Kevin or N-'

'I've talked to them…and Oliver….I'm sorry it had to be like this, especially when we were both living our fairytales…'

'Why'd you do it Lils? Just tell me…just tell me that…please…' I was choking on my own tears hearing hers – I didn't want to feel sorry for her. She had left such a shattered picture that I knew, I knew that the pieces wouldn't fit perfectly back together.

'I'm not ready Miles…I'm not ready to be that for Joe. I can't give him everything when I don't even know what there is of me to give. I don't know what's left of me and I need to do that before I do anything else. I need to figure myself out…'

'And you couldn't have told the boy instead of running out?! Like you always do?!' My emotions were getting the best of me but I needed to know the answer – so many things could have been different had the girl just stayed.

'I've gotta go Miley but please…just help him…'

The dial-tone echoed as I held the phone tighter, clinging to that one plea from my bes…my ex-best-friend. So much had changed in such little time that I was surprised I didn't have whip-lash. I needed to get back to the basics. I needed to get back to family.

That phone-call was the last we had heard of Lillian. She had placed another person in-charge of our division at Hollywood Records – only placing opinions once the CD had been completed. We didn't pass her in hallways or on the sidewalk. She had managed to instruct all Hollywood Record employees to notify her whenever we were on-site – skillfully avoiding any contact with us at all. It was gratifying and annoying at the same time. We were thankful that she was making the break clean but we knew that there'd come a time where we'd all come face-to-face. It was life, not a fairytale and we knew that the ripples were about to resurface.

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