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There was a strange feeling running through the air. The sky was a brilliant blue, the sun was shining brightly, and the city was alive, but all of that seemed like a disguise. It all seemed like a fa├žade for something much more sinister. And it was.

He woke up with that sinister feeling coursing through him. It was too beautiful and right a day for anything bad to happen, so he sucked it up and got ready for the day. Regular, same old routine. Nothing new. He showered, dressed, forced his hair to cooperate, ate breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, drank some coffee, and left.

The smell of dew was thick in the air and a gentle mist covered the earth. His boots sang with the birds as he walked down the sidewalk with heavy steps. He took a deep breath, savoring the freshness in the cool, morning air. It was refreshing, but he just wished that it would do more for him. He wished it would get rid of the terrible feeling in him, the terrible feeling in his chest. It felt like a million pins slamming on his heart with every beat. And it wasn't just on his chest. The pain radiated up his neck and dug into his upper back.

He shrugged the pain off, telling himself that he'd felt much worse before. He sighed as he ascended the steps to Headquarters. The sigh was because he felt so old, so very old.

"Good morning, Colonel," Hawkeye greeted as he walked into the room.

He simply nodded in return, not feeling up to talking. He placed his hand on the door knob to his office and stalled right there. His world started to spin around him so very fast causing his vision to double. Several beads of sweat trailed down his cheek from his forehead. He turned around to lean against the closed door, his breathing picking up to a dangerous rate. He grabbed at his chest, the pain so intense that it made his left arm go numb. Through this pain, he felt so nauseous that he feared he would throw-up his insides.

"S-sir? Are you okay?" Riza asked, taking a step toward him. Everyone in the office stood from their desks in worry.

Roy cried out as the pain intensified. He'd never felt pain so great. He wanted it to end. He would sell his soul if the pain would just end! Finally, he gave into the darkness that called out to him. He fell over, hitting the hard floor with a loud thud. He could faintly hear frantic voices over him and then he felt like he was moving. After that came complete darkness.

Roy's eyes fluttered open and he was confused as he looked around him. It took him over a minute to figure out that he was in a hospital room. Everything was so white, so pure, but he couldn't figure out what that annoying beeping sound was.

"Oh, you're awake. You gave us quite a scare back there, Colonel."

'Who are you?'

He looked at the woman standing next to the bed. She looked terribly familiar, but he couldn't find a name. Damn, his mind was just so foggy.

He found that he had an oxygen mask over his nose and mouth and an IV in his arm. As he looked around, he saw that the culprit to the beeping sound was him. He was hooked up to some heart monitoring machine and he was embarrassed to find that he had a urinary catheter in him. He felt pathetic and weak.

He closed his eyes when he felt the woman's hand press against his forehead.

'Second Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, how lovely to see you.'

Finally, the fog in his mind was starting to dissolve.

His eyes remained closed as he felt her hand trail up into his hair and he felt her lips press against his forehead.

"I was so scared, Roy. I thought...I thought you were dead," she whispered.

'Nah, won't go down that easily. But what happened?'

"I'll be back. I'm going to go get the doctor, okay?"

'All right, but can you hurry up? I really don't like being here. Hate hospitals.'

He opened his eyes, his gaze following the blue-clad figure out of the room. He leaned his head against the pillow feeling suddenly very tired. He closed his eyes again only to open them as the door opened to let in Riza and an older looking man with a white coat.

Roy watched as the man pulled a small light out of his front pocket. He flashed it in his eyes and told Roy to follow it as he moved it in different directions. The man also checked the monitor, IV and bladder bag.

"Good evening, sir. I'm Dr. Fischer and you'll be under my care and that of my staff during your stay."

'That's all fine and dandy, but that doesn't tell me what the hell happened!'

"Do you know what myocardial infarction is?"

'No, but I have a terrible suspicion what it is.'

"Myocardial infarction is the medical term for heart attack. Colonel Mustang, you had a heart attack today and quite frankly you're lucky to be alive. It's strange though. You're not diabetic, don't smoke, your cholesterol and blood pressure's fine, so this really shouldn't have happened. According to your family's medical history, this isn't prevalent in your genetics either. You're really very healthy and it baffles me that this happened. But do keep in mind that we haven't discovered all the reasons behind these attacks. Our medical technology is unfortunately limited in this area."

'Well, am I going to be okay?'

"But don't worry, Colonel, if you just take it easy for the next few weeks, everything should turn out fine. We'll keep you closely monitored and make sure you get the immediate care you deserve."

'I don't recall doctors being this nice and caring...'

He watched as the doctor pulled Riza off to the side and said a few words to her. He wished he could hear what they were saying, because he knew it was about him. It had to be.

After the doctor left, Riza slumped in the chair next to the bed. He was concerned about her when she covered over eyes with her hand and took several deep breaths.

'Riza, what's wrong? Are you upset? You sure look it.'

"You should get some rest, Colonel. The Fuhrer himself will be coming to pay you a visit," she said, removing her hand to look at him.

'The Fuhrer? What a surprise. Well, I guess I'll do what you say this time. Sleep would be nice.'

He leaned his head against the pillow and pulled the blanket further up his body. It wasn't long before he was in a deep and much needed sleep.

Roy opened his eyes at the strange sensation that he was being watched and watched closely. It felt as if someone was hovering directly over him and he was partially right.

As soon as his eyes opened, his friend came in view.

"Roy, I came as soon as I heard. Are you okay?" Hughes asked. Roy just nodded.

'When did you get here? Where's Riza?'

"Riza told me that they're going to keep you here for a week or so."

Roy turned his head slightly, but something colorful caught his attention. On the window sill rested several bouquets of flowers. Hughes followed his friend's gaze and smiled.

"A lot of people care about you, Roy."

'Yay me. One of those is yours, I'm sure. I know that Gracia made you send them.'

"These are from us," Hughes said echoing Roy's thoughts as he gently traced the petals on a yellow lily. "Gracia wanted me to give them to you. I would've anyway, of course."

'I know you all too well, old friend.'

Hughes looked down at his watch and muttered a curse under his breath.

"Fuhrer should be here any minute," he said.

Just as Hughes had said, a few minutes passed by before there was a knock at the door and the Fuhrer stepped in the room. Hughes immediately went at attention and Roy lifted his right arm to salute too but found he was too weak to lift it all the way.

"No need for that," he said. "Colonel Mustang, I hope you're feeling well and I do hope your recovery will be a quick and easy one. To ensure that your health only strengthens, I have assigned the best medical staff in Central to your care."

'Oh, well that explains the nice doc.'

"Also, after your release here, you will still be required to take several weeks worth of bed rest. During this time you will have someone assigned to you to see that your needs are met."

'A nurse? Hope she's cute!'

"So for now, just take it easy, Colonel," he said and with a nod, then turned and left.

"Is it just me or does he make you nervous too?" Hughes asked, slumping into the chair much like Riza had done. Roy shrugged.

He closed his eyes with every intention of falling back to sleep, but his plan was stopped as the door was flung open moments later and a small, blond boy walked in with a frantic look on his face.


"Shh, Ed," Hughes said, placing his finger over his lips.

Roy rolled his eyes, then closed his eyes once more. He was too tired to deal with Ed, not that he didn't mind his company and he was actually pleased by his concern.

"Is he going to be okay?" Ed asked, lowering his voice just above a whisper.

'Hmm, I think I'll just do a bit of listening for awhile...'

"That's what they're telling me," Hughes replied as he looked at the face distorted from the oxygen mask. "Have they told you yet?"

'What? Told him what?'

"Yeah, I don't mind though. I'm actually glad they picked me. Gives me something to do for a change. Makes me feel as if I matter."

'What are they talking about?'

"You're going to have to be on your toes, Ed."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. The nurses here already drilled me about all I have to do."

'Damn, I wish I knew...what...they...were...'

He dozed off in mid-thought. He hated being this tired, this weak. It was humiliating!

He woke again feeling remarkably better than before, and if he had been up to talking, then that poor nurse... When he woke, he found that the company he had in his room was of a tiny, red-lipped nurse who was checking up on him.

"Good morning, Colonel," she said upon noticing his open eyes and aware expression.

'Please, call me Roy.'

"All of your stats seem to be fine."

"Why thank you. You're pretty fine too. Wait...yeah, we'll go with that. You're fine!'

"You got more flowers sent to you last night while you were asleep. At this rate, this room will become a garden!"

'And every flower is dedicated to you.'

"Well, I'll be back soon with breakfast."

'Are you going to feed me yourself? I'd like that.'

The nurse gave him a kind smile before leaving the room.

As he waited for the arrival of his meal, finding himself unbearably ravenous, he entertained himself by doing idiotic things. For instance, he spent a few minutes twiddling his thumbs, but a simple twiddle turned into him having five minutes worth of thumb-wars...with himself.

'I am a worthy opponent, if I do say so myself.'

After that lost his interest, he found himself staring fondly at the bouquets of flowers. It was a great surprise to him that that many people cared about him. As he looked at the flowers, he saw a new bouquet, just like the nurse had said. It was a small vase with a single red rose and a card was fastened to it with a red ribbon over the belly of the vase. He wondered who it was from.

The same nurse from before came in the room a few minutes later with a cart that had several trays on it. She took one tray and set it on the small bedside table, then wheeled the cart outside the room for another nurse to take. She removed the oxygen mask on his face and dipped a spoon in the bowl of broth. She carefully eased it to his lips and he gratefully accepted. He grimaced at its taste.

"I know it's not that great, but it's good for you."

'Okay, if you feed me like this, then I'll eat it.'

He ate as much as he could before he had to decline another spoonful. She smiled, clearly pleased that he'd eaten about half the meal. She stood to leave, but Roy gentle grabbed her wrist then he pointed at the single rose on the window sill. She must've been used to silent requests such as this for she immediately understood and went to the vase where she lifted it and set it next to the tray on the table.

"It's beautiful. Oh, look, there's a card too. Would you like for me to read it for you?"

Roy nodded.

"It says, 'Get well soon, you morally-corrupt, arrogant, self-centered moron with a God-like complex.' My word! Who would say such a thing?"

Roy smiled brightly, a faint chuckle coming forth from the back of his throat.

'Thank you, you smaller-than-small, naive, short-tempered shrimp.'

"Oh, it's an inside joke then?"

'Yeah, something like that.' He nodded his answer.

She replaced the oxygen mask on his face, smiled, said goodbye, then left.

Roy stared at the rose for a long time before he closed his eyes again and dozed off. There really wasn't anything else he could do except sleep.

As the day went on, Roy really began to enjoy the visits from the tiny nurse. However, his ego was shot down when he found our that not only was she married, but she also had a patient with more urgent needs than him, a patient who gets the highly-fantasized sponge bath.

But that aside, the vase with the single rose stayed by his bed until it withered away. One day, the giver of the rose came to see how he was doing and Roy couldn't help but notice how uneasy he seemed. Roy noticed that Ed's eyes kept looking at the rose as if he couldn't figure out why Roy had it in the honored position next to him. Roy wasn't even certain either. Perhaps they stayed there because that's where the nurse had left them? Wasn't like Roy could move them himself.

After the million visits from his close friends, the thousand visits from the tiny nurse, and the one hundred check-ups from the doctor, Roy was finally set free. He was more than happy to be out of that bed, and when he was leaving, he tried to let them let him walk, but they said he had to use a wheelchair when leaving.

He was ecstatic to be back home and he was even happier when he remembered what the Fuhrer had told him about him getting his own nurse while he was on bed rest. But he didn't see any new, cute face before him. He only saw Hughes, Ed, and Riza in front of him. While one had a cute face, none were at all new to him.

"Roy, until you're completely fit again, the Fuhrer has assigned someone to take care of you. Well, being that we all have jobs and he doesn't, Ed has been assigned for the job. His things have already been moved in and he'll be staying with you until you're okay-ed by Dr. Fischer," Hughes said.

Roy's jaw dropped at the news. Well, at least now he knew what Ed and Hughes had been talking about a few days ago.

"Don't worry. I'll take good care of you, old man," Ed said with a grin.

'Oh hell, why don't I like the way that sounds!?'

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