Right so, first things first - this is Beck the co-authoress of the story. I've been a Twilight fanatic for going on three years and I also happen to love to write fanfic. Recently a friend and I came up with this whacky idea to try writing an AU Twilight fic that mirrored Beauty and the Beast. Like I said, this story IS going to be AU so if you're not a fan of alternate universe please don't be offended. Also, the pairing in this story is not at all traditional. I hope you'll give it a chance before you say 'no way!' This basically replaces the book of Eclipse and makes it and Breaking Dawn void as if they'd never happened. The portrayals of the Volturi may be slightly OOC but, remember, we haven't seen how they act when they're not dealing with a serious breach. I feel they're more.. at ease.. most of the time. You'll figure out what I mean soon. Anyway, I'm really hoping you enjoy reading this fic as much as we enjoy writing it. My part of this is dedicated to my wonderful Noxians from All of you are amazing and there's no one else I'd rather dedicate my first Twilight fic to. To Mike- Don't worry there's no competition I will always love you, my sweet Edward. To Laura- Thanks for supplying me with the Beauty and the Beast Broadway soundtrack for inspiration while writing! You rock! To Cassy- Thanks for writing with me and putting up with my crazy whims. To the Readers- I love you guys just for reading, I hope you enjoy. Please be sure to check out the banner I made for the story.. (coming soon can't figure out how to get the link in here for some odd reason)

And now a quick note from Cassy (SunnyBunz056) - "Ok, well as most of you can guess, we don't own the Twilight Saga. That honor was bestowed upon Stepehnie Meyer. But we do LOVE her characters. I had so much fun writing this with Beck. I wuv her!! Thanks for letting me help out with it!! So, the story, as you'll soon figure out, is loosely based on Beauty & the Beast, and it is about Bella Swan and Aro Volturi. Strange match, you say? Well, before you judge, read, and then leave a review!! We'd love to hear from you!!

Without further ado... we're proud to present A Tale As Old As Time...


The Rose she had offered,
Was truly an enchanted rose,
Which would bloom for many years.
If he could learn to love another,
And earn her love in return
By the time the last petal fell,
Then the spell would be broken.
If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast
For all time.

As the years passed,
He fell into despair, and lost all hope,
For who could ever learn to love...a Beast?



Cough... cough... wheeeze cough WWWWHHOOOOSHHHH! BANGGG!

Bella let out a cry of fright as the doorway behind her burst into a complete wall of fiery orange and red flames. She let out a cry of fear and shock as she went down again and felt the searing pain of molten glass tearing through her jeans, through the skin on her hands and knees. She let out a cry of fear as she looked up and noticed something that made her heart begin to pound. The ceiling of the room was beginning to catch on fire. It would collapse on her.. she had only a couple of minutes.

"Aaaaagggghhhh!!!" Bella cried in response .. .the voice she had heart was Jasper's... he was burning.. he was too far away for her to get to.. she had no water to put out the fire. Tears were swimming down her dirty face. She had to get out of here she couldn't handle it.. she couldn't handle hearing the sounds of her loved family being destroyed.. She could hear the sound of Victoria's hollow laughing outside the house.. her plan had worked too perfectly.. posing as a car dealer with an old Italian car which Rose had bought.. they'd all come to Italy- Venice... to retrieve the car.. lured into the small cabin the night after they met with the "buyer" (probably someone Victoria had tipped off) she'd come... she'd snuck in.. she'd doused the floors in gas and dropped a match.... now the whole family was burning alive... or dead.. the whole house had gone up in less than five seconds..

Bella let out a shriek as she tried to get to Jasper.. her mind would be forever wrenched with the image of his face contorted in agony. He shook his head at her. "Bella get out.. get out of here.. it's going to collapse..." he whispered.

Bella let out a cry and shook her head, "Not without all of you!"

"Yes, Bella! it's too late for us! you can't get us out! GET OUT!"

Bella let out a cry as the ceiling began to smolder at the corners and had turned into bright flames.. The last she heard was a soft voice.. "Bella... I love you... " She couldn't see because of the tears coming down her cheeks.

She somehow made it to the huge window- that had long since burst with the flames and pushed herself out, rolling in a ball on the ground. She was lucky.. Victoria didn't see her.. she was still laughing insanely on the other side of the house. Bella could only curl in a ball and watch out of deadened eyes as the house burned down, crying and shaking and rocking her small body. It wasn't until the whole entire house was glowing with the flames and the air was choked with the smell of burning flesh that Victoria spotted Bella.

"Well well well.... what have we here.." Victoria asked.. her voice was malicious.. Bella leaped up and went sprinting across the grass. She didn't know where she found the strength. She half wanted to lay there and let Victoria do her in.. what more did she have to live for? Charlie had remarried at the end of the summer- to Sue Clearwater.. he and Renee were both happy with their matches, she was supposed to be off at school, waiting to marry Edward and be changed herself.. not that there would be any need for that now.

She let out a cry as she slammed the door on Alice's Porsche.. she didn't bother with her seatbelt as she revved the engine to life and roared out of the area... Victoria right on her tail in another car. Bella barely registered anything even as the speedometer pushed the case at 110. She was swerving all over the road.. they were headed for the highway with Bella leading and Victoria trying to drive her off the road.. Bella had no choice.. she would have to drive and drive.. until she got Victoria to ditch her.. it was the only chance she had at getting out of this alive. She pushed her foot harder on the gas and looked behind her.. Victoria, a huge sadistic grin on her face, was right behind her in the beginning streaks of dawn.

Bella let out a cry of hurt and fear as she swerved and looped around the road... driving and driving- It could have been minutes- it was really two hours... until the sun was full in the sky of 8 am.. and a certain vampire was ringing the bells of palazzo dei priori when the two cars entered the city..

the tires on the yellow Porsche squealed crazily as Victoria- who had the advantage of an automatic transmission and didn't have to shift gears- swung round in another street, sending Bella down an alley - nearly hitting two other cars, through a roundabout drive.. they took out everything in their paths- fruit stands, sent old men and women screaming away, through signs and even totaled another car in the way.

Bella let out a shriek of fear as she over corrected and braced herself for the inevitable crash- it came and the airbags flew out the car around her shattered.. she was out and running.. she was bleeding profusely from her knees and hands, she was in pain all over, there were numerous scratches on her face.. She looked like a horror movie creature. She let out a scream of terror as she got out and began running.. she was tripping over things.. running through the fountain.. actually swimming through it. She heard the squeal of Victoria's tires now and looked back in terror.. the car was gunning for her.. crashing through everything between it and her.. She let out another shriek and leaped out of the fountain, soaking wet, shaking, still covered in blood... she tripped, her foot caught on a loose stone..

Bella went down hard rolling and rolling as she turned over to look.. the car was almost there.. barely two feet away... down she was going fast.. it would be only a minute now before she was gone.. gone to be with Edward..

I love you Bella!

Pain shot through her head and then black.