Pickles and Cheese

By The Odd Little Turtle Named Froggie

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Characters: Peter and Illyana Rasputin

A/N: continuity gurus, I think my age for Illyana is off and since she was raised in an atheistic community, it made since to write her this way… I have no early issues of UXM with Illyana with the exception of Kitty's Fairytale.

Inspiration: uh… little kids and puppies??

Word Prompt: Dog

Rating: G


Illyana Rasputin watched as her older brother chopped logs. Peter Rasputin was sweating in the late November weather as he swung his axe and cut his newest victim neatly in two. Illyana sat under a tree whose leaves kept falling in her flaxen hair as the breeze gently brushed its branches. She played with sticks and the new doll Mr. Scott had gotten for her wishing she had something else to do. She missed Mama and Papa terribly. And the chickens but not the rooster (He was mean!).

She missed playing in the snow, too. It was not time for snow, Piotr had told her, but it would be soon. And he explained that she would get gifts. She never understood why Piotr had told her she would get gifts but hadn't argued. She liked to get gifts. Piotr had told her that Americans give gifts on a holiday called Chris's Mass and they decorated a pine tree after eating a turkey on Thanks for Giving Day. Only being four and a half, she didn't understand any of it. But Piotr had said it and she supposed if Piotr had said it, it must be true.

Poor Turkey.

So she played with sticks and her doll while watching her brother chop firewood. Kitty wasn't around, which struck the little girl as odd. Kitty was always around if Piotr was chopping wood. Kitty said that she liked to see his muscles bulge, though Illyana didn't see what the big deal was. It was only Piotr. He was chopping wood and had to use his muscles to do so. Kitty had said it, so Illyana had not disputed her. She was smart. But it was still only just Piotr.

"Are you ready to go in, Little Snowflake?" her big brother asked her kindly as he slipped his shirt back on. She nodded. It was impolite to say so, but she had been very bored without Kitty or the others around.

"Piotr," she asked instead of complaining, "how soon is it until Thanks for Giving Day?"

Her brother chuckled. She narrowed her blue eyes and put her little hands on her hips frowning mightily. Had Piotr tricked her? No wonder Kitty hadn't been around today.

"It is in two days, Little Snowflake," he told her around his chuckling.

Her frown deepened. "Why are you laughing?"

"You pronounced it wrong," he told her. He said Thanksgiving, the word in English and then again in Russian. Illyana didn't like the English word at all. It sounded very ugly to her. She told him as much.

"And you didn't have to laugh at me, Piotr Nikoleivitch," she told him with a sniff that only a four-and-a-half-year old could give. "It was very rude. Mama would be very cross with you."

Stifling a snicker that, thankfully, his baby sister missed, he tried his best to sound sincere. "I'm sorry, Snowflake."

"How long before Chris's Mass, then?" she wanted to know.

Hefting an eyebrow, he repeated, "'Chris's Mass?'"

"With gifts and the decorated pine tree."

"Christmas," he told her, and Illyana wasn't sure if he'd said it in English or if that was just a Russian term she'd never heard of. There were still lots of words she didn't know. Some of the words Mr. Wolverine spoke for example. And whenever she asked Piotr what they meant, he would turn red and speak gruffly at Mr. Wolverine in English.

"Christmas is still a month away," Piotr replied after Illyana processed the new word. "There will be gifts under the tree on Christmas morning."

"Will there be a puppy?"

Piotr blinked. "A puppy?"

"Yes," she said. Didn't he know what a puppy was? "You know, Piotr, a dog. With a tail and ears and wet nose and everything."

"I-I do not know, Illyana," he told her, hesitantly. "I don't think so. Why would there be a dog under the Christmas tree?"

"Well, you said there would be gifts for me," she said matter-of-factly, "I want a puppy to play with as my gift."

Piotr gazed down at his baby sister.

A dog?



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