In her stomach grew a warmth of fresh inspiration, glowing daily through her eyes And in her womb, a baby grew and burdened her disguise Back at her home, her parents knew and watched her as she walked Right through the door and down the road, a skirt and jeans she wore

It started with a chair, and ended in love for one and all involved Her tale shared, the world was blessed, a boy in a tricky mould His father gone, his Mom unknown, the mystery was his alone To keep it held, inside a shell and listen to it's moan

"Come back to me" spoke Juno, the voice inside the shell "Come back to me" spoke Bleeker, the voice for which she fell A young love true, yet so much more The tiny seed of his, she bore

Nine months long, and later gone- Vanessa had a son She held him close and told him then, that Juno was the one But far too late for Juno, she lay there in Bleeker's arms And tasted salt as tears she wept, remembered her own Mom

But both apart, they lived their lives, separate, secret, soon Their stories would collide, under the tiny baby moon And as it grew and rose and shone so brightly to the world The world watched over each of them as if they were a pearl

And the oyster of a story would never be forgotten And they would live their lives once more, intensely besotted For love is born in honesty, and not quite in a chair And the baby laying, crying, cannot see how it is fair

But then Vanessa comes and comforts him and tells the tale And afterwards he wipes his eyes and lives a life, derailed And Juno wonders, and she sees, his tears form in the same eyes That tasted salt and pain and guilt once she lost her disguise

She used to hide, but Bleeker saw her in a different light He picked her up and brought her back and they started a new life But not the first would they see again, for he was not their child He was always hers, and ever will be Vanessa's- in exile