Chapter 1: What are friends for?

Ever since William, 'Spike' Pratt had moved in next door, Buffy Summers was entranced. She'd fallen for his cerulean eyes and his chiseled cheekbones almost immediately.

She was in love.

For almost a year she had tried her hardest to get him alone but all of her attempts had failed. With a wicked grin crossing her features, Buffy thought back on the plan her best friend had just told her. It was positively sinful.

If everything went as it was supposed to, than then she and Spike would be together very soon.

Buffy was an 18 year old18-year-old high school student. Spike was 10 years her senior and an English professor at U.C Sunnydale, single with no children. Buffy had tried time and time again to get Spike to see her in a different light. She desperately wanted him to see her as more than just the girl next door.

She had gotten him alone a few times, by chance, at the neighborhood BBQ. Yet luck was never on her side. Just when it looked like he was responding to her, someone would walk in and disturbed their conversation. Spike would then make a quick exit out the closest door he could find. He then seemed to go out of his way to avoid her for the rest of the night. She didn't know whether to be offended or turned on.

Buffy was positive that he felt the same way about her, she saw the way he looked at her when she was out on the street playing roller hockey with her best friend, Faith.

Buffy's parents had divorced only weeks before Faith and Giles had moved in across the street. Joyce had come home from work early one day only to find Hank and his secretary in bed together. Joyce had wasted no time in kicking him out and filing for divorce that same day. The very truth of things was that their marriage had been bad for years, and they'd only been staying together for Buffy's sake.

Buffy and Faith had been friends for as long as Buffy could remember. Faith had moved in across the street with her father, Rupert Giles and her mother Jenny. Jenny had died only months after they had moved to Sunnydale, in a car accident. Rupert had been devastated. Somehow, though the tragedy of his loss, Rupert had met Buffy's mother, Joyce. They had bonded instantly, becoming close friends.

Buffy and Faith had instantly clicked. They did shared everything together, even their first sexual experience. They were sixteen at the time. It happened one night when both their parents were working late. It wasn't unusual for Buffy and Faith to be with each other when they did thisthat happened, their parents actually preferring it, ; knowing that they would look after one another. Joyce owned the local art gallery in town, where and Giles worked at the high school's library. After each parent had rung to say that they would be late, the girls decided to sit down and watch a movie.

While Mmucking around as they usually did, Faith had landed on Buffy with a thud, their eyes had met and something had just seemed to click. Buffy wasn't sure who had initiated the kiss but before either of them could think twice about what was happening, they had both been naked, withering and screaming in release as they pleasured each other out in the 69-er position.

Buffy and Faith were not ashamed of what had happened between them. Truth was, they had both been fantasizing about it for a while. It seemed to bring them closer together, strengthening their relationship.

Faith had proved to be an excellent partner when it came time to try different things. She wasn't as shy as Buffy and was always the one to introduce different ways to pleasure each other, testing the naughtiest and nastiest fantasies on each other. When they had lost their virginity, they had started to bring various toys into the bedroom to add to the fun of their exploration of one another.

Buffy's favorite had always been a large strap on they had bought last year, around the same time Spike had moved in next door. The game would always start the same. Faith would push Buffy onto the bed forcefully, kneeling between her legs with wearing the strap on fixed in place. She would flip Buffy's legs up over her shoulders, driving in to into her hard and fast, pounding her into the mattress until she screamed out Faith's name in release.

Today, Buffy was lying on her bed on her stomach, reading a book on her bed. Or at least, pretending to. Faith sat beside her, watching her friend intently. She could clearly see that something was bothering her. Faith lightly tapped Buffy on the leg, trying to get her attention. Buffy rolled to her side, looking at her friend inquisitively before sitting up and facing her, the book she had been reading, left discarded on the bed.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Faith asked, moving forward so their legs where were now touching. Buffy felt a jolt of lust run through her as their skin touched. No matter how many times they were together, Faith always excited her. Sighing, Buffy looked up at her best friend. Aren't they lovers too? J

There was one thing in the world that Buffy vowed never to do and that was to never hurt Faith. She couldn't take it. Faith meant everything to her. But the fact that she was lusting after someone else might just crush her best friend.

"It's nothing," she replied, looking down at her bed spread, tracing the stitching with her finger. Faith wasn't easily fooled however. She knew better.

"Come on, B. You know you can't lie to me. Tell me what's rolling around in that gorgeous head of yours."

"I don't want to hurt you," she whispered, looking deep into her pools of brown and leaning forward to cup Faith's face and looking deep into her pools of brown.

"You're not going to hurt me. Hey, I was worried about how you would react when Angel and I started seeing each other full time but you where were cool with it. So whatever is worrying you, I will be fine with it. Promise," Faith paused, a cheeky smile spreading across her face. "So are we talking girl or guy?"

A horrified look washed across Buffy's features.

"Guy. I could never be with another girl," replied Buffy looking at Faith sincerely.

"Good, cause neither could I," Faith responded, kissing her gently before pulling away. Before they got down to business, she wanted to know what was bothering her friend.

"Besides, I told Angel about us."

"You did? What did he say?" Buffy gasped, dropping her hand from Faith's face, not knowing how to react. She'd been waiting for Faith to tell Angel about her and Faith'stheir sexual relationship, interested to know how he would react to the knowledge.

"He was cool. He actually suggested a threesome," Faith laughed. "But I told him you wouldn't be into that," she replied somberly.

"I might be," Buffy whispered suggestively.

"I knew there was a reason why I loved you," Faith said, kissing her again. This time the kiss was more forceful, full of lust and passion. Allowing Buffy allowed her tongue to slide into Faith's mouth, and they both moaned at the feel of their tongues stroking each other. They pulled away from each other, not wanting to go too far, not just yet anyway, even though the temptation was almost impossible to resist.

"I don't want to lose you," Buffy whispered leaning her forehead against Faith's.

"You never will," she Faith replied, cupping her cheek and placing a soft kiss on her lips. Faith then leaned back, cocking her eyebrow at her friend.

"Now tell me about this guy. It wouldn't happen to be a certain bleached blonde English professor, would it?" Faith asked, smiling knowingly.

"I don't know what to do!" Buffy exclaimed. "This has never happened to me before. If I notice a guy, he notices me too and I never have to wait long before he's coming up and asking me out."

"And this guy isn't noticing?"

"He is, but he isn't doing anything about it. I think he's worried about the whole age difference, you know. And let's not to mention the fact that I'm still in high school and he is a university professor." Feeling defeated, Buffy sighed. Faith smiled at her lover wickedly.

"Well maybe you need change the game."

"Trust me, I've tried. But every time we look like we're getting somewhere we're either interrupted or he realizes what he is about to let happen and makes himself scarce."

"Oh baby, we'll think of something," Faith comforted, rubbing her shoulder.

"I don't know what he just… gah… he makes me so hot ya know? Every time he looks at me I can see that desire for me there and I just want to throw him down and fuck his brains out." As Buffy ranted, Faith could feel the usual burn in the pit of her stomach growing. It happened whenever Buffy talked about sex and Faith couldn't resist moving forward to kiss her gently once again.

"Don't worry he'll be yours soon enough," Faith cooed. "But until then," she moved forward, brushing her lips with Buffy's before pushing her down onto the soft bed.

"Let me take your worries away," she whispered tugging her top up and over her head before doing the same to Buffy. She lay on top of her so their now bare breasts where were pressed against each other, their nipples rubbing together. They moaned at the feel of it, kissing each other passionately. Faith then started to spray hot kisses down her Buffy's neck and chest before moving to take one of Buffy's her pink nipples into her mouth. She suckled it gently, lolling her tongue around the whole breast. Buffy moaned in approval and Faith continued her assault.

She nibbled and sucked on the other nipple, making Buffy quiver with need. Buffy pushed her hips upwards, trying to dull the ache between her thighs by rubbing herself on Faith's leg. Faith grinned, seeing the lust in her lover's eyes.

Faith continued her teasing on Buffy's hardened pebbles as she let a hand sliver slither down her lover's body, lifting Buffy's pleated school skirt slightly, just enough so she could slip two of her two fingers under Buffy's moist underwear and into her wet depths.

"Naughty girl, you're so wet for me," Faith whispered. Buffy could only moan in delight at the feel of Faith's talented fingers now moved moving up her folds and up to her swollen clit, massaging it slowly. She Faith could feel Buffy withering underneath her and with a devious smile she began to move her head down, leaving kisses in her wake.

"Do you want me to take my skirt off?" Buffy asked softly, watching as Faith positioning herself between her legs. She watched as she Faith slipped her soaked panties down her legs and over her ankles before tossing them to the floor and responding.

"No. I love the way you look in just your school skirt. It makes me so horny," she dipped her head lower, her chin just above Buffy's sex.

"You look so innocent."

Buffy sighed contently, feeling the moisture pool between her thighs at Faith's words. Buffy threw her head back as she felt her skirt being lifted higher, revealing her glistening, clean shaven pussy.

Faith dipped her head lower, second time you're said she dipped her head lower in as many paragraphs… parting her Buffy's folds with her fingers before licking up her slick mound. Buffy desperately pushed her hips into her lover's face, a silent plea for more. Buffy watched as Faith's intense eyes stared back at her, feeling her lover's tongue making slow, deliberate touches to her mound. She Faith then dropped her head, licking and nibbling on her soft flesh, making Buffy moan.

Faith slipped a finger into her tight channel, causing Buffy to cry out. Faith started moving her finger inside her, curling it to hit just the right spot. She then slipped in a second finger, moving them faster together, sucking Buffy's swollen nub into her mouth, driving her crazy with need.

"Oh god yes! So fucking good," Buffy moaned, her hands now gripping the bed. "That's it baby, I love the way you eat my pussy." Buffy started rocking her hips, which stimulated her even more. She saw that Faith's other hand was nowhere to be seen and she knew she was stroking herself. That only made her even hungrier for the woman before her. She felt Faith slip in a third finger inside her, her mouth still wrapped around her clit.

"Oh that's it baby, suck my clit, make me come." Buffy could feel the all too familiar burn in her stomach, her inner walls fluttering against her loverslover's fingers. She felt Faith moan into her quim, the vibration sending shivers though her entire being. Faith lolled her tongue around Buffy's soft skin before sucking her clit into her mouth, making Buffy spill over the edge.

"Oh fuck! I'm...I'm coming!!" Buffy could feel her inner walls spasm around Faith's fingers, which she waswere still moving inside her. Moments later, Faith's hot breath and soft panting into Buffy's quim signified her own release before she collapsed on the bed. Faith slipped her fingers out of Buffy, licking them clean slowly before climbing up beside her.

Just as she reached the pillow, Faith leaned over and kissed her, tasting herself. ß how can she taste herself when she kisses Buffy since she's the one that went down on the other? God, how she needed this woman. Faith flopped down on the pillow beside herBuffy, a thoughtful expression gracing her features.

"I have an idea," Faith smiled, getting up off the bed.

"What about you?" Buffy asked, wanting to return the favour. Faith flashed one of her famous smiles.

"That's okay. You can make it up to me later to night… all night."

Buffy giggled in response.

"Besides, I think I know how to get your sexy neighbour's attention," Faith said winking, slipping on her top and heading out the bedroom door without another word.

Buffy smiled, . it It was going to be another great night and if she knew Faith, it wouldn't be long before she had Spike pumping inside her, making her scream his name in release.

Smiling wickedly at the thought, she quickly dressed and followed her best friend out the door. If she knew Faithß you just said that!, she had something very mischievous in mind. That suited her just fine.