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Chapter One - More Than This Damnation

I was furious. At Edward. At Carlisle, even at Esme. Every single thing they did, everything they said, pushed me further and further. Whenever Edward addressed me, I wanted to reached out and slap him across the face. Even when Esme attempted to soften me up with a new gown, I glanced up sharply at the dress and rolled my eyes like an insolent child. And I loved Esme, she was like a mother to me, even though she was really pretending to be my sister-in-law. Since we had come to Tennessee, Esme and Edward continued their façade as siblings; and Carlisle and I feigned a brother and sister relationship also.

To be honest, it wasn't my family I was angry at. It was the world. My life. How had it become so horrible? I was Rosalie Hale; I was destined to have a perfect life. Beautiful, rich and engaged to … well, no. That part of my life was far from perfect. If I had chosen a better man, my life could have been perfect. I could have had a true family and lived a whole life.

I couldn't even cry anymore. My tears were replaced by the ugly venom that stripped away my humanity. But I don't think that, if I were still human, I would cry. I wouldn't give those monsters who destroyed my life the satisfaction of knowing that I cried. I was stronger than that.

I fled through the woods, following the scent of a deer when a new scent pulled me in a different direction. A human. I knew humans were off limits. It wasn't just a rule enforced on me by my brother, Carlisle. Living off animals was my choice. It was as powerful as my choice to rip Royce King to shreds.

Despite all this, I was drawn to the human. I ran and didn't stop until I saw blood. Not only was it a bleeding human, but it was unconscious. Or, I should say, he was unconscious. Hovering over him was a large, dark bear. This man had been mauled by a bear? And yet I could still hear his heart beat from a distance. Gathering my feet beneath me, I pushed myself off the tree I had been clinging to and leapt. The jump was far, but not high.

I landed only a few feet from the dying man, and I gasped. I hadn't genuinely gasped in so many months. It was Vera's son. Vera – my best friend when I had a life to live – was a wonderfully warm, truly beautiful person. We were complete opposites, as my mother used to say. I had only seen her son once, but he was gorgeous. Only a young lad but with dark hair so thick it curled at the ends. He would, some day, make a lucky girl a handsome husband.

My mind caught up with me. Vera's son would only be a child by now, it had only been a couple of years since I'd seen him. But this man looked so similar. The bear shuffled closer in what must have been a menacing poise and I whipped over to glare at it. I'd fed on a few bears in the past two years, but they had never been a favourite. They were violent creatures and always made a mess of my clothes. The bear reacted aggressively to my cold, inhuman gaze and roared.

My attack was sharp, quick and hard. It tried to claw at me, as it had done to the human laying behind me, but its paws drew nothing but air against my marble-like flesh. As much as lament about being this way, there were always exceptions. The strength was definitely one of them. And soon enough the bear fell to the ground, several feet away from me. As soon as he dropped, I turned towards the dying man.

It stunned me just how much he reminded me of Vera's boy. I stepped closer to him and knelt by his side. His eyes cracked open and his lips twitched into what looked like a smile. I swallowed, just for the sake of swallowing, and stared into his bright blue eyes.

The man's breathing was laboured and I could tell by the sharp decline of his heart rate that he didn't have many breaths left. I'm unsure as to what coerced me, but I acted without logic. I knew I couldn't turn him myself – I hadn't the self control – but Carlisle did. Despite the size difference, I picked him up without difficulty. I carried the dying human and ran faster than I ever had before.

"Rosalie?" Edward had opened the door as I entered the property. The distance between the gate and the house was quite far but I crossed it in a matter of seconds. Edward had, of course, heard my thoughts before Carlisle or Esme could smell my arrival. His eyes, a burnt amber, widened. "What have you done?" The disgust and horror in his voice made my skin crawl.

"Move," I hissed, pushing him from the doorway with the dying human still in my arms. "Carlisle?" I asked in my normal voice. He would have heard me even if I whispered. My brother appeared before a second could pass.

I didn't even voice my please before the two men responded.

"No," my brother-in-law growled, his bronze hair ridiculously tousled and his eyes wild. He looked like a caveman.

"I'm not asking you," I hissed him, not taking my eyes off Carlisle. Second ticked away. Precious moments poured from us and I felt like I would burst. I wanted to scream and stamp my feet like I had in Rochester to my parents.

"Are you sure?" my brother asked. My stone cold heart filled with hot relief. I nodded. "Okay," he replied.

"I've never seen her like this." Esme's soft voice carried through the hallway and to my ears.

"I didn't leave your side when I changed you," her husband replied. I heard them exchange a kiss.

"This was a mistake." Edward's voice was louder than the other's. He didn't care whether I heard his opinion or not. He knew I didn't care what he thought.

A day had passed since Carlisle had bitten the human. He was now lying in my bed. His beautiful golden skin was damp with sweat, and I knew that very soon, it would lose its colour. The first few hours had been filled with screams. But it seemed that he learned it wouldn't go away and so he suffered silently. Such a strong brave man deserved more than this damnation.