(A/N: In this fic, Kawa, Azu, and Tsuki would be scientists like Kanmuri did. And they had their lab beyond the southern branch of pantasia – it's an underground lab)

If I Could I Want To Turn Back the Time




.It shown clearly on my face. I just stared uninterestedly at my laptop, I'm trying and trying but still I couldn't concentrate to what I was doing. I stood up then walked slowly to the door which seemed shifting Kawachi's eyes from his colorful liquid to me.

"Ng? Where are you going to? "

"I don't know," I answered him as I closed the door behind me – I don't care he could hear me or not. I walked up the stairs which connecting the underground lab with the store. I was about to open the door in front of me when suddenly someone from the other side opened it. Kageto.

"Ah, Kanmuri-san, would you like to help me please? There's so many customers out there.."

I sighed. "I'm sorry Kageto- san but I can't now… Maybe in other time..." He didn't respond to my answer but ran downstairs, mumbling something like "It's useless asking for help to a selfish man like him". I continued to walk till finally I was outside. I had just realized that this store was really full of people, just like Kageto said before. Well… So crowded... But it looked like there's nobody to me. Kawachi.. Tsukino.. Manager Ken.. Kageto.. They were all here.. But Azuma.. He disappeared.

It happened three months ago…


"Finally!" I shouted loud in my working room (in Southern Branch of Pantasia building's underground lab). It was quite spacious till I could hear my voice echoed. Just when I was about to go find Azuma, he entered my room. He wore a red T-shirt with a black ribbon on it – and why he wore such a girlish shirt? – and a white shorts under his lab coat. Oh, he was so cute till I was almost forgot what I was thinking before.

"Oh, Azuma- kun! Look, I've found the missing ingredient so this 'space yeast' will be perfect!" I said to him. (A/N: I'm sorry if their experiment sounds impossible because it's the first thing popped in my mind when I thought about their experiment)

"It's great then," he said as he walked closed to me. "But.. If we don't add something again, Japan -1 will be too plain.."

"Well.. I've been thinking hard but nothing's found so far.." I closed my eyes and started to think again. But his silk-like voice entered my ears in a high speed (of course) and opened my eyes.

"You have to take a rest, Kanmuri. You've been working since yesterday morning," he sat on a chair quite far from me; put a freshly baked Japan -2 on his table.

"Uhh.. But I even I haven't found the…" I cut my sentence off when I saw he was holding a glass bottle containing light yellow liquid. "..What's that?"

"Oh? It maybe is orange juice or lemon or something"

"Huh?" I frowned and stared more at it. "I saw something so alike with it in Kawachi's room just few minutes ago.. Did you get it from Kawachi?"

"No.. I just entered his room and found nobody. Then I saw this, so I just took this because I'm too thirsty and I bring it here to share with you," he said innocently.

"Be careful, Azuma.. I think it would be better if you put it back on its initial place, because, you know, Kawachi's liquid is sometimes dangerous coz he did many experiments, added unsafe things to his liquid…" I had a bad feeling and I told him, but he ignored it.

"Don't worry.. I know he did make strange potions but it won't make someone die or something," he said then he drank it. I didn't know why but I didn't even stop him although my inside was worrying him so much or even too much. I just continued my work; my inside seemed had let Azuma do anything he wants.


I turned my face to my behind. It was Azuma. The glass bottle fell from his hand and ended up broken on the floor. "A, Azuma- kun? What's wrong?"

He didn't answer but stared at his feet, his face shown a great fear. I did the same as I hope that it wasn't an effect of Kawachi's liquid. And if it was I hope it wouldn't be a bad effect.

But.. What happened after it was like a sharp spear, jabbing my heart so sudden till I didn't get a chance to cover my heart with a protecting shield. Azuma's body, slowly faded away started from his feet, and now his hips began to disappear. Both of us were too shocked, speechless; our mouth opened and closed like a dying fish.

"What happen?" Kawachi , Manager and Tsukino came, and in a sudden their face turned pale after seeing Azuma slow but sure faded away.

"Uh.. Kawachi.. What's happen to me?? I.. I.." Azuma cried.

"Azuma.. Did you.. Drink a yellowish potion from my room..?" asked Kawachi. His tone was mixed: afraid, anxious, worried, confused, and so on, I couldn't identify it.

"I.. Yes.. I thought it was juice so I drank it.." he answered in a tone not far from Kawachi's.

"My God…" he whispered. A deep regret could be easily seen from his face and his voice. "I.. I'm such a stupid.. I shouldn't make it.. But I.. I.. And– "

"Kawachi! What are you talking about? And why Azuma's body slowly fades away?!" I asked, once again hoping that Azuma would be alright.

"That potion is.. A potion that could make someone who drink it fades away.. And.."

"..A.. And what, Ka – Kawachi?", Azuma's mouth trembling when he asked it. He cried. Oh.. That tears. That face. Made me felt like fell into a valley whenever I saw it…

"A..And.. Can't come back.. Like fall into a black hole.. But I even don't know where you will go.. Nor you will survive somewhere there.. You will.. Disappear.."

That spear which jabbed my heart, transformed by an unknown black tiny thing came from somewhere, became so much little creatures - cute outside but terrifying inside - devastated my heart from inside little by little, then my heart broken.

(weleh lembai bgtss..)

(End of flashback)

I gazed at the afternoon sky, the sun was almost 'sank' and it was so beautiful.. Dazzling.. Splendid.. Just like Azuma was.. Oh God, why I couldn't stop thinking of him? Although I knew keeping him in my mind just will make me feel miss him more.. But I couldn't forget him.. I.. I have been working together with him for so long, I have been his close friend for so long, and I have been like him for so long.. And I even love him so much.. How am I supposed to survive if he's not by my side? It will be too hard for me to let him go and leave me like—

Oh, God.

I couldn't believe what I was looking at.

It's him..

It's him!!

That brunet hairs.. Tanned skin.. Pink bandana.. It must be him!!

I ran as fast as I could to the place where Azuma was. But I was too crowded here; it's too difficult to move fast. "Excuse me..!" I said to the peoples as I tried to run to Azuma who was standing under a sakura tree. Damn, these peoples obstructed me.. I couldn't see him..

And "oh.." was the only thing I could say after I reached Azuma's place before. He was no longer there.. Damn tear glands, don't excrete more tears or I'll cut you till you are no longer working.. Oh, but if I do it I'll die.. (ya bego lu!!) Well.. Maybe he wasn't there from first.. It was just an illusion.. I've been thinking about him too much.. I guess I should go back to Pantasia building..

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