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1. I came back...

"Tadaima..." I said as I went out of the cab. I just came back from London. Japan changed so much after leaving it for only 3 years. -sigh-

I went in to be greeted by an old woman and a middle aged woman too,

"Tadaima Okaa-san, Obaa-sama," I said as I hugged them both, dropping my bags and suit case,

"Ah, Kumiko-chan! Okaeri," said Okaa-san while Obaa-sama said,

"Okaeri Kumiko. Your ojii-sama is at the other room, you should greet him,"

"Hai, where is Otou-san?" I asked,

"He is at work," Okaa-sama replied, I nodded in response and went to the other room and greeted my Ojii-sama,

"Ohayo gozaimasu Ojii-sama. Tadaima." I said bowing my head,

He nodded, "Okaerimashta Kumiko. Please sit down,"

and I sat on the chair and turned it towards him,

"Are you already going to stay here in Japan?" he asked,

I nodded and said, "Hai Ojii-sama. After all, I onlu promised to have my primary school at London for only 3 years since there was a scholarship. Although I am still available for it, a promise is after all a promise. Although there are times we can break those promises, but if possible, we should be able to violate our promises less."

He nodded as he drank tea,

"Sumimasen," I excused myself from the room,

I sighed in relief. After all, having a talk with Ojii-sama is very hard and should be straight. HE is definitely stoic.

I went up to my room and started unpacking. After a few while, I finished since I only had a few things, after all, I had my other things shipped back here before I returned. I stood up and went down to where my Okaa-san and Obaa-sama was.

"Kumiko, I already admitted you to a school. Is it OK?" Okaa-san asked,

I wonder what school am I going to...

"Hai. Arigato. But what school am I going to?" I asked,

"Kumiko wa gakusei ni Seigaku." (You are going to be a student in Seigaku) Obaa-sama answered,

"Seigaku?" I asked,

"Seishun Gakuen, Kumiko. Seigaku is merely a nickname or shortened version," Obaa-sama replied while Okaa-sama just smiled in response. I sighed. Wait a minute.

"Ahh. Seigaku. Wait a minute. You mean the Seigaku school who won as the champion in the Tennis Nationals here in Japan?" I asked,

NO WAY! Then they have tennis there!

They nodded and I screamed "YES!"

They chuckled in response,

"Okaa-san, Obaa-sama, I'll be back before 6! I'll just explore Tokyo!" I said and left, grabbing a sweater.

I ran towards any direction until I spotted a park. Sugoyi... Tennis courts on the park. I went in the park but I saw some people playing. And so turned around since I had no chance to use the courts


A ball bumped into the back of my head.

I turned to see the 'criminal'

CLIFFHANGER!!! any suggestions who is the guy who hit her and then what should be the pairing for my OC... please...