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29. Definitely Seiichi-kun!

I felt a beep on my bag as I stopped on my tracks,

"What's the problem, Tezuka-chan?"

I look up and saw Fuji-senpai,

"Iee! Nandemonai! There's nothing wrong, Fuji-senpai! I just have a message from someone!"

I replied as I took my cellphone from my bag,

"Oh? Is that so? They might be looking for us already."

"It's alright, Fuji-senpai. It's just a message from..."

I opened the message and it was from,


I continued as I read her message.


Kumiko-chan! It's an emergency! Seiichi-kun! We need to go to Rikkai Dai as soon as possible! Something happened. I can't really manage to understand what Aka-chan said, but he said that I should go with you. Please. I know that this would be definitely hurting, Kumiko-chan. But you have to choose between the two of them as of this moment.


I gulped.

But indeed, who should I choose? Would it be Fuji-senpai or Seiichi-kun?

Fuji-senpai who was first to come to my life, or would it be Seiichi-kun who was the first one to confess and cherish me?

I closed my eyes as my knees dropped on the floor,

"What's the problem, Tezuka-chan? Did something happen?"

He asked as I shook my head while he took my phone and read the message,

"Go to him, Kumiko-chan."


"But then, Fuji-senpai! What about you?"

"Iaa. I'm fine. This would only be the time when I would be willing to give you up. I know that you love Yukimura more than you do towards me. I have known that from the start."

Fuji-senpai said as he helped me stand up while he gave me back my phone,

"Arigato Fuji-senpai. Arigato gozaimasu. And also, I'm really really sorry. Hontou ni gomen nassai."

I said as I heard his chuckle,

"Saa, Tezuka-chan, you have to hurry now. Or else, you might not catch Yukimura on whatever happened to him. It might be too late. Go now."

He said as I nodded and left, before saying,

"Excuse me."

I ran towards the gate where I saw Kaori-senpai and Momoshiro,

"Yoshi. It seems Momoshiro might give us a ride. He offered his bike, neh Momoshiro-kun?"

Kaori-senpai said as she gave a smile towards Momoshiro with flames from hell with a background,

"Ha-Hai, Takeuchi-senpai! Ja! I still have to go back to practice!"

He said as he left while Kumiko just sweatdropped,

"What? Are you going to ride or not, Kumiko-chan?"

Kaori-senpai asked as I nodded and rode on the back of the bicycle,

"We have to hurry, Kumiko-chan or we might not be able to catch the bus towards Rikkai Dai!"

Kaori-senpai said as she started to peddle, while I sat on the back,

"So, Kumiko-chan, I see that you have indeed, chosen Sei-chan, neh?"

I blushed at her statement but I replied,

"Hai. It's also OK... Fuji-senpai was OK with it."

"Is that so? Then, it's good. I'm quite sure that you're very lucky and good with your decision. I'm sure Seiichi-san's a good choice."

"Seiichi-san? That's new."

"Ah right. The only person that I can call with his whole first name without any honorifics, would be your Onii-chan, Kumiko-chan."

"Eh? So, it's really Kaori-senpai and Onii-chan, already?"

"Ah hai. It has been that way since last night."

"Really? I can't imagine Onii-chan confessing."

"Oh well, he did last night. Except that it was almost like he made a very dull reply to my confession."

She replied as I nodded,

"That bus! That's going to Rikkai Dai! Hang on a bit, Kumiko-chan!"


Normal POV

Kaori was peddling fast so that they could reach the Bus, which luckily, stopped at a nearby bus stop,

"Senpai, please don't do that again..."

Kumiko said as she went down the bicycle a bit dizzy,

"Hai! hai! Proceed to the bus already!"

Kaori said as she pushed Kumiko to the bus as she rode on the bus,

"So, Kumiko-chan, why did you choose Seiichi-san?"

Kaori asked as they settled on a seat,

"It's because Seiichi-kun has always been there for me. He has always cherished me. He has been the one who's always waiting for me, despite me, still being confused with my feelings between Fuji-senpai and Seiichi-kun. And also, I just noticed that I call Seiichi-kun by his first name, unlike Fuji-senpai..."

Kumiko replied as she was blushing,

"Awh... You look so cute when blushing, Kumiko-chan! I'm so glad that you'll become my sister-in-law in the future!"

Kaori said as she hugged Kumiko, who nodded at this,

"Kaori-senpai, what happened to Seiichi-kun? I wonder if something bad happened."

Kumiko said as she sighed,

"I hope nothing bad happened though. If it weren't for the bad signal, I would have known what happened to Sei-chan."

Kaori said as Kumiko braced herself,

'Kami, please don't let anything bad happen to Seiichi-kun... Please...'

Kumiko thought as she closed her eyes, waiting for the bus to reach their stop: Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku

A couple of minutes later and the two girl has reached Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku,

"Seiichi-kun! Where are you? Seiichi-kun!"

Kumiko called as different girls were looking at the two of them,

"Oy, Kumiko-chan. You don't have to shout you know. Look, other people are staring at us..."

Kaori said as Kumiko turned to her senpai and replied,

"But then, I want to see Seiichi-kun as soon as possible. I'm so worried of what had happen to him. I feel so uneasy. Earlier, I could still control it, but now, I can't Kaori-senpai. I can't."

Kaori comforted the girl as she patted her back,

"That's OK, Kumiko-chan. That's OK. I've also felt something like that before. Just take it."


The two girls turned around to see The Gentleman: Yagyuu Hiroshi,

"Hiro-chan! Hissashiburi, neh!"

"Ah, Yagyuu-san."

"If I am not wrong, you should be Tezuka-san, right? The younger sister of the buchou from Seigaku."

"Ah hai."

"If you're looking for our buchou, he should be at the Tennis Courts."

Yagyuu said as the two nodded,

"I have to go now as I still have an appointment to attend to. Excuse me, Tezuka-san, Kaori-san."

"Ja, Hiro-chan!"

"Sayonara, Yagyuu-san."

The two girls said as Yagyuu nodded and left for the Tennis Courts, where the blue-haired buchou of the RikkaiDai Tennis Club was supposed to be, according to what the Gentleman has said.


Kaori called all over the courts as the Tennis Club Members looked at the two,

"That way, no one would bother. They know me too well."

"Kaori-senpai!!! Eh? Kumiko-san?"

A black-haired boy went near the two as Kaori glomped on the boy,

"AKA-CHAAAAAAAAAN!!!! Hissashiburi neh! I really really missed you! Have you always been a good boy eversince I left Rikkai Dai?"

Kaori asked as the Second Year Ace nodded,

"Ah, Kirihara-san. Hissasshiburi desu."

"Ah hai. The last time we saw each other was a bit awkward. But thanks to that, 'Mura-buchou got into high spirits again."

"Oy! Don't be too cocky, you brat. Ah, Kaori-chan. What brings you here? And if I'm not mistaken, Tezuka-chan, neh? What, Kaori-chan, have you finally thought of going on a date with me?"

The trickster asked as he smirked,

" 'Haru-chan! Baka! I'm now going out with the buchou of Seigaku, noh... I would never choose you over 'Mitsu."


"Eh? Kaori-chan's going out with that stoic guy from Seigaku?"

The self-proclaimed tensai popped out of no where,

"Urusai, Bun-chan. And mind your manners please, we're dating already and his imouto is here, neh, Kumiko-chan?"

"Ah hai. Domo, Marui-san, Niou-san."

"Awh... There's a cute girl here."

Niou said as he winked at Kumiko,

"Oy! Niou-senpai! She's off-limits! She belongs to 'Mura-buchou!!!"

Akaya said as the Regulars looked at Akaya,

"Wait. Now I remember. Yup. Yup. The girl who Yukimura was referring to. The one who was dating that tensai from Seigaku then."

"Eto, Fuji-senpai and I aren't dating! We just went out. But we're not on a relationship."

Kumiko refused as Sanada went near them,

"Tarundoru, Tezuka-san. You should choose already between the two of them. Anyways, why are the Regulars slacking off? TARUNDORU!!! Everyone runs 100 laps around the courts!!!"

Sanada ordered as the Regulars ran for their lives,

"Chotto matte, Sanada-san. Where's Seiichi-kun? I really really need to see him."

Kumiko asked as Sanada turned and pointed to a bench, where indeed, Yukimura Seiichi was sitting down, waving at her,

"Kumiko-chan, go now. It's your turn to speak with Sei-chan. Go on now."

Kaori encouraged the girl who nodded and fought her blush while going towards the bench,

"Kumiko-chan, what brings you here to Rikkai Dai? Is there something that happened? Or perhaps, you're here to reject me already?"

Seiichi asked as Kumiko shook her head and said,

"I-I heard from Kaori-senpai, who was called by Kirihara-san, that something happened to you. And no, I-I w-wasn't here to reject you... infactitwasthetotalopposite."

She said as she blushed red,

"Eh? I didn't get what you said at the last part, Kumiko-chan."

Seiichi said as Kumiko closed her eyes,

"I-In fact, i-it was the t-total op-p-posite."

She stuttered as Seiichi smiled and hugged her,

"Is that so? I'm glad for that, Kumiko-chan. But wait, how did Fuji handle that?"

"Fuji-senpai said that he'd accept a 'no' just for this time."

Kumiko replied as she sat down,

"Is that so? I'm really, really glad, Kumiko-chan."

"E-Eto.... Hontou ni daisuki, Seiichi-kun... Hontou desu..."

She said as Seiichi sighed and said,

"You don't have to force yourself, Kumiko-chan. But I'm glad that you still said your feelings."

Kumiko said as she turned to be greeted by the lad's violet orbs,


Kumiko's lips were met by Seiichi's as soon as the regulars were not looking at them,

"Aishiteru, Kumiko-chan."

"Nnn! Aishite Imasu, Seiichi-kun!"


"Nnn! I'm serious about it."

Kumiko said as the two of them smiled at each other. For who would've known that this two have met just because of one being Bumped.

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