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Harry Potter and the League of the Phoenix

CHAPTER 1: A Plea for Help

Zatanna Zatara was a world-renowned magician. She had shows booked solid from coast to coast of the United States, from Vegas to New York, and across the globe in glittering Paris and majestic Greece. But as a member of the even more well-know Justice League, her talents in the mystical arts were more than put to the test, time and time again.

"Ugh," Zatanna groaned flopping into an open chair in the Monitor Womb after being transported back to the League's orbiting Watchtower.

Herself, Flash, Green Lantern, the brothers Hawk and Dove and Super Girl had been assigned with helping with damage control in the aftermath of a massive earthquake in Guatemala. Their once colorful costumes were ripped and covered with a thin layer of soot and grime, making them look more like vagabonds rather than superheroes.

"I don't know about you all, but I need a hot bath in about the worst way possible." She sighed, quickly typing in a report into the Watchtower's mainframe.

"Tell me about it," Kara groaned, wiping her hand across her soot streaked forehead, "Who's on monitor duty next?"

"Plastic Man," Lantern answered, glancing over at the schedule, "Which means Batman will be down here to supervise at any moment."

"No thank you," Zatanna said, rising from her chair faster that she would have guessed herself capable of, "I've already had to deal with the aftermath of one natural disaster today; I'm not looking for two. I'll see you all later."

Zatanna didn't wait around for her dismissal. Flash had already zipped to the cafeteria for some much needed food, which didn't sound like such a bad idea. But first she wanted to be clean.

Her room was among those used for the Leaguers that spent most of their free-time on the Watchtower. Her connections to the magical communities had been invaluable to the League, and because of it she had found herself being contacted at home for something or other almost every hour of the day. It was just easier to make the move to the Watchtower, where she was only just down the hall if they needed her help with a case.

Stepping in front of her door, Zatanna quickly punched in her acsess code, and the door slid open with a hiss of compressed air. Gratefully, stepped into the darkened room and flopped unceremoniously into a chair at her vanity, where she pulled off her top hat and massaged her scalp. As she glanced into her mirror to see just how terrible she really looked, she became instantly aware of another presence in her room. A magical presence.

She spun out of her chair, the incantation to attack her unwanted visitor already on her lips, when and old man stepped out of the shadows. Zatanna had been expecting Tala, or some other member of Luthor's disbanded super villain club, not the wizened old man with half moon spectacles and bright purple robes that now stood towering over her.

"Dumbledore!" She exclaimed partly in surprise and relief, "I almost turned you into a charred spot on the wall!"

"I am sorry my dear Zatanna," The old man appologized, "But it had taken us months to find you and it is of the gravest importance that I speak with you immediately."

"Sure," Zatanna shrugged, sitting back down, "But one day you'll have to tell me how you managed to apparate into space."

A thin smile crept over Dumbledore's lips, before fading to an impassive look of worry and concern.

"Tell me," He began, "Do you remember the Dark Wizard Voldermort?"

"Of course," Zatanna nodded, "But didn't he die like….what? Fourteen years ago? I read something about it I thought, or lack of something I guess. I don't hear about innocent people just blowing up in the middle of the streets anymore."

"Yes," Dumbledore sighed, "He was indeed defeated, and by a boy by the name of Harry Potter, who now is a student at Hogwarts."

There was an uncomfortable pause in Dumbledore's voice, before he took a deep breath and continued.

"Unfortunatly, I have reason to believe," He said, "That Lord Voldermort once again walks among us."

"That's impossible." Zatanna shook her head, "Necromancy may be able to bring people back from the dead, but it can't bring them back the way they were before they died. Even if some ex-Death Eater did manage to rouse Voldermort's spirit from the grave, he'd be nothing more than a mindless inferi."

"That would be true….if Harry had actually managed to kill Voldermort."

Zatanna's eyes widened with realization, and she slumped back into her chair as a wave of dispair washed over her. Bringing someone back from the dead was impossible, but it was not beyond magic to restore a spirit to a body.

"Have you called the Order?" She asked, running through the possible options, "Informed the Ministry? Sent letters to parents-"

"I am doing all I can," Dumbledore assured her, "The Order has already assembled, but the Ministry is doing all it can to discredit this information."

"WHAT!?" Zatanna yelled, leaping out of her chair, "Are they insane?! Why would they think this was just some idiotic rumor, and especially since it's you who's told them?!"

"That's precisely why the Minister is working hard to discredit any information about Voldermort's return," Dumbledore sighed, "He feels I am trying to take the Ministry from him."

Zatanna rubbed the bridge of her nose in frustration, shaking her head, and muttering something in utter disgust. She looked out the window at Earth spinning serenely below, unaware that a war was about to erupt again on it's surface. It never ceased to amaze her how something could look so peaceful and beautiful from here, but be such a mess once you were actually standing on the surface.

"So why have you come to me?" She asked, "There are hundreds of other magic users you could have told about this that would be in a better position to help take out Voldermort."

"I'm afraid it's not that easy," He said, "Voldermort already has his claws in the Ministry, and we believe is searching for something that will tip the balance of power in his favor. We just don't know what he's after. And on top of that, the Ministry is forcing my hand with the hiring of a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Are you familiar with Delores Umbridge?"

"Ugh, that toad?" Zatanna cringed, " She's going to be teaching?"

"Unfortunately. However, I was hoping to hire another teacher to help balance the Ministry's…'teachings'"

"Sorry Albus," Zatanna shook her head, "If it's a detective you're looking for, you've come to the wrong place…."

Her voice trailed off as an idea hit her. It was a longshot, but he was the best chance they had of finding out what Voldermort was planning before he could cause any damage.

"But if it's help you need, I do have someone in mind who might be able to help you," She grinned, "I'll send you a message with all of the information within the next day."

A faint smile came to Dumbledore's eyes, as he reached out to Zatanna in thanks. He nodded once, before vanishing from the room with a "crack".

Zatanna looked at the spot where he stood for a moment before whirling around to the mirror.

"What were you thinking?!" She yelled at her reflection, "How in Hades are you going to convince Batman to do this?!?!"


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