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When she smiles...

Shikamaru was at his favorite spot, daydreaming as he watched the clouds.

He sighed.

What kind of troublesome situation had he gotten himself into?

He invited...No, Temari invited herself for dinner.


What a nightmare. His father was like him, and he has been since the day Shikamaru was born, and therefore wouldn't do anything to embarrass him, but his mother....

Just...don't think about it.

Impossible. Temari was so similar to his mother that he feared what ways the two of them could come up to embarrass him.

Like, showing pictures of him when he was a kid, or telling her that he still slept with a teddy bear until he was eleven.

What a drag...

I just hope that the baby photos are well hidden...It was so troublesome to find a hiding place.

But Mrs. Nara had to have a secret jutsu, because she found everything she wanted.

Even the most secret things.

That was such a drag.

When his father was asked why he married such a woman, he always answered: "She has her moments and her smile..."

He never finished his sentence, but it was all clear for Shikamaru.

Mum is like Temari...

He promised himself to never marry a woman for her smile.

But Temari made him break that promise. With her smile.

Why would you marry a woman only for her smile? Ino's smile is nice too, like Hinata's and Sakura's.

But Ino was too skinny, Hinata too shy and Sakura too...much.

Temari was perfect. Loud, but perfect.

She has her moments and her smile...

How troublesome. He sounded like his father now.

But it was true.

When Temari was in one of her moments, she was kind, sweet and calm.

And when she smiled, it was like the sun was breaking through the clouds.

They had the same dream: having their own family and having children. A boy and a girl.

Oh, Kami-sama, he loved her.

Shikamaru stood up and walked in the direction of his home.

Maybe the dinner wont be so troublesome as I thought...