Deja Vu

A/N OK, this is my first try for fanfiction. And because english is not my first language there may (and probably will) be mistakes (and I might have put interpunction on wrong places using rules of my language.) If this doesn't fend you off, you might enjoy my story :-).

Warning: Rated M for language and adult themes. Well, if you played it, you must know how Vico talks and behaves. Probably some game spoilers.

Disclaimer: I do not own Neverwinter nights nor Valine's wonderful module A Dance with Rogues or characters in the story, only my main character Christiana Silverblade (with Valine's pre made background of course), but I might have put some new characters in the game and change it a bit to suit my story, like Vico is the one who caught her and spanked her for trying to sneak out (Sorry Valine for changing it, but I always saw it happened like this :-)

Christiana opened her eyes and lazily stretched. Suddenly she noticed, that she's not sleeping in her apartment, but in The Bear Pit. She frowned a little, trying to remember why she slept here, Couldn't think of anything. Just for a little longer she laid in her bed, then Finally got up. Opening her armorie, she frowned. Where were her other clothes? She didn't take all her clothes to her apartment. And where was her armor? She looked around to find that her longsword – Desire, sister weapon to Vico's Kinslayer – was also gone. Luckily her casual green dress were in her armorie, so she put them on. Poisonous green as Caron used to say. It always made her smile, but only thinking of Caron felt like thousands daggers in her heart. He was dead and she wasn't able to save him.

Door to her room opened and Christiana saw Trissa.

"What do you want?" Asked Christiana annoyed to see her firs thing in the morning. Trissa glared at her.

"Do you intend to spend whole day in front of the mirror? I'm not going to do all the work for you!" Trissa turned on the heel and headed to the kitchen. Christiana entered kitchen.

"Hello, Christiana. Nice clothes." Wally smiled at her.

"Child, do you want to ruin your pretty dress?" addressed her Chella, when she spotted her.

"Good morning, Chella. Have you seen my sword and armor?" Chella touched her forehead:

"Are you ill, Christiana? What are you talking about?"

"I'm fine, Chella. So, have you seen them?" Chella was looking at her worriedly.

"Child, you have no armor nor sword." Christiana thought for a monent.

"Hm, maybe Vico knows where they are..." mussed Christiana more to herself then Chella.

"Have you seen him?"

"I haven't. As a matter of facts, not for couple days. Are you sure you are alright?" Christiana quickly nodded

"Yes, yes... he must be playing dice with Mando and Jacia..."continued Christiana.

"How about you started doing something useful?!" hissed Trissa into her ear.

"Shut up, Trissa. I'm not in the mood for you." without paying anymore attention to anyone in the kitchen, she walked to the hall, leaving them stare at her with dropped jaws.

Christiana pushed the door open and froze. Right next to the first crate... she couldn't believe her eyes. Caron! Writing something on the piece of paper, but stopped when he spotted Christiana, smiling at her.

"'Morning, Christie. Looking great." greeted her Caron, looking her up and down. She looked disbelievingly at him for a moment, then asked carefully:

"Caron?" Caron rose an eyebrow.

"Something wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost. I know I wasn't here yesterday, but I was hoping to spend some tome with you today to make it up to you. How to get into someones pocket perhaps?" Christiana's eyes widened as the realization hit her. Could it be... that all those things...the lessons... trip to Summerset Island... Caron's death... that it never happened? If so, why can she remember it all?

"Maybe I'm going crazy." murmured Christiana.

"So what do you say?" asked Caron again. Hm, maybe I could find out if I still know what I learned, thought Christiana and nodded at Caron smiling.

"Alright! When you're free after lunch, OK? But perhaps you should go after your work now. I don't think Chella would be very happy if I keep you here all day." again she nodded and went back to the kitchen. If Caron wants to teach her about pickpocketing, that means she should be trying to sneak out tonight. Maybe she could surprise Vico and not the other way around. Perhaps even spank him like he did? Christiana chuckled. Now THIS will be interesting.