Little drabbles to keep me writing (and sane) during school terms. That and these two are my OTP.

Rating/Warnings: PG-13/T - Some sexual references and hints of mild violence here and there.

1. Cooking.

"What's for dinner?"

Zexion gave Lexaeus a quick glance over the shoulder before looking back at the chopping board.

"Smoked salmon and ham" he answered, keeping his fingers away from his knife. The large man walked towards him and looked over his head. The smaller man's skilled hands prepared and cut the salmon into fair pieces - he already had salad and dressing on the plates, the slices of ham grilling in the cooker.

"It smells great," Lexaeus said, as he starting to walk towards his room. He stopped - for a brief moment - then a slight smile dressed his lips as he gave the knot against Zexion's back a small tug. "You should wear an apron more often."

2. Argument.

"You horrible man! You giant, idiotic oaf! You are no help at all, the useless twat. You are always showing me up in front of the others. Belittling me, making me look like a helpless child. Are you trying to make yourself look better next to me? Do you like dragging people down to your level? You bastard!"

"Ha! You have room to talk. I work hard to keep up to your impossible demands and stupid standards. Do I even get a thank you? No! You are just a selfish little brat who does not give a shit about others! You only care about yourself. You think the worlds orbit around you. Well they don't, Zexion! Not unless your head gets any bigger!"

"I hate you!"

"I hate you more!"

The men stared at each other - eyes full of fury, jaws locked, fists clenched. Poisonous glares and heavy bitterness soaked the room. They just glared, breathing shaking and teeth clenched.

Then, they threw themselves at each other, lips locked and tongues entwined. Their hands and fingers fought to pull away the other's leather. Zexion gave a moaned chuckle - into his partner's mouth - then pulled away, smiling up.

"I like it when we make up" he purred, combing through the short brunet hair.

"Something we agree on" Lexaeus smirked - sly smile - before he made them tumble onto the bed behind.

3. Kiss.

"Sending you to Beast's Castle without back-up. Xemnas is a fool."

Lexaeus listened to Zexion's angry complaining as the small man dressed him in bandages. The Silent Hero had three new scars on his already-marked torso - claw marks that trailed from armpit to navel, just missing the nipple. They stop dripping blood thanks to Zexion. The Schemer had cleaned the wounds and started to wrap the roll of bandages around him, covering chest and stomach. Lexaeus sighed.

"It's not that bad, Zexion. You're worrying too much." Zexion pulled a face at that but continued to wrap. Lexaeus rolled his eyes. "I'm surprised you haven't kissed it better-"

He shivered as a pair of soft lips pressed against the scratches and long eyelashes brushed his perked nipple. Zexion looked up and smiled sweetly at the man. He continued to wrap up a now quiet Lexaeus.

4. Addictive.

Moaning softly, Zexion licks again. He shivers - a slight shudder. He loves the taste and feel. It's frilling and new. His fingers tighten - not too hard - as he lets his tongue travel and get the full flavour. He hears Lexaeus chuckle and he smiles too.

"Enjoying yourself?" the larger man asks, as he takes a quick bite of his own ice cream cone. Zexion opens his eyes and looks at him, grinning wildly.

"I think we should come to the beach more often" he muses, licking at the strawberry sauce that had dribbled onto his fingers.

5. Competition.


Ienzo looked up - eyes wide with shock - as Aeleus placed his complete Rubik cube on the coffee table, before picking up his comic again. The boy on the floor dropped his still scrambled puzzle and picked up the other's. All of the sides matched. He looked up - angry pout on bottom lip.

"You cheated," he said, making excuses.

"How could I cheat if you were watching me?" Aeleus smiled, still reading. Ienzo's brow furrowed. He got up and walked over to the games box, searching for something he could beat the older boy at. Aeleus looked over his page and his smile widened. Ienzo did look very cute when he was angry and flustered. What would happen if he won the boy in a game of chess?

6. Heaven.

Zexion had always been sceptical of the idea of Heaven - Gods, saints, angels, unearthly pleasure. The whole subject was like a hopeful, doomed dream. A dream that is very unlikely to come true. It was just a small possibility that the afterlife held something for the immortal. Then again, if Heaven gave him the same feeling he got when he laid naked under clean, white sheets in the relaxing dark - with that powerful amazing-bodied man over him, touching him and kissing him with care, deep and raspy voice quietly whispering worship in his ear - maybe he would start to believe just that little bit.

7. Comfort.

As the sky cracked in two again with a loud boom, ten-year-old Ienzo whimpered, closing his eyes. They got themselves caught in the storm, sheltering from the pounding rain in a bus stop. Ienzo was astraphobia - a fear of lighting. He prayed to Anybody, not to let any tears fall and roll down his cheeks. He wanted to be in his room, hidden under his covers. Another bright light blasted the clouds, making him flinch and sound a distressed whine, burying his face in his hands.

In the loud, frightening noise, he heard a soft sigh and he opened his eyes when he felt earphones rest on his head. Classic rock entered his hearing - blocking the sadist sounds out - and relaxed him. A arm draped around his neck, pulling him close to the seventeen year old body sitting next to him. A large hand stroked and petted his hair. The small boy closed his eyes, fingers twisting into the shirt. He mumbled a quiet thank you.

8. Time.

"Have you noticed," Zexion says aloud as he pulls his toothbrush from his mouth, "that over the years, since we became Nobodies, we haven't changed at all? Physically, I mean."

Lexaeus walks into the bathroom and stares into the mirror Zexion is too looking in. He cups his chin in his fingers.

"Now that you mention it… I guess without a heart, you stop ageing. A fountain of youth as it were." He grabs a bottle of aftershave off the shelf above. "Then again, it's like the saying goes, 'you are only as old as you feel.'"

Zexion chuckles and simply says before putting his toothbrush back into his mouth; "Then I must be one hundred years old."

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