98. Touch.

Lexaeus lets his long fingers trail idly up and down the Schemer's bare back, feeling all the lumps of his spine, the smoothness of creamy skin. A little moan of approval encourages him to continue, travelling the whole length of his young lover's torso.

He can't help liking how peaceful Zexion looks, how attractive he is naked, wrapped loosely in white sheets like a last minute present. He looks like he is dozing with his hair tousled and his pretty silver-blue eyes only half-open.

"…Do you enjoy touching me?" Zexion asks, voice sleepy.

"Of course I do" Lexaeus answers. He rolls over, closer, kissing a rounded shoulder lightly. "I like being this close to you, feeling you, smelling you, tasting you, even to just look upon your form."

"You sound like a forlorn teenager looking for approval." Moving from laying on his front to lay on his side, Zexion blinks at the Hero, eyes cloudily and almost illegible. "You sound almost adorable. It doesn't suit you."

His hand reaches out and strokes the man's face, over his brow, his cheekbones, his jaw line and through his wild curly hair. Lexaeus closes his eyes, butting his face toward the small hand, making a soft noise, a sign of gratitude. "I don't know what you are talking about. You're the attractive one here, Lexaeus."

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" Five mumbles. His large, warm hand cups the smaller, pale finger, giving them an almost loving squeeze. "Don't you agree?"

Zexion sighs and moves closer, closing the gasp between their lips. The peck turns into a kiss, which quickly turns into a tangle of sheets and limbs, hands touching every inch of the other body opposite, feeling every curve, noises of moans and two names echoing in their mouths. They no longer need to beg to be touched.

99. Ballroom.

Aeleus was starting to get used to being invited to formal party at the Disney Castle. Being the charges of Ansem the Wise, the apprentices have always attended royal events. Came with the territory. The only real downside was having to dress fancy and having to stay clean for the whole night.

Aeleus worked the courtyard, talking to otherworldly noblemen, gave his respects to the Mouse King and his queen, joined in a game of "Keep Away" with the other boys using the Court Magician's hat and he even had a few dances with pretty maidens, just to be polite. Who didn't want to dance with one of Ansem's heirs?

However, during the evening Aeleus noticed that every time a girl asked young Ienzo to dance, he would blush and look down to the feet as he declined, claiming to have a sore ankle which he clearly didn't. When the boy was sitting on a garden bench alone in a quite corner, Aeleus went over to talk to him, smiling warmly.

"What's up with you, little one?"

"Nothing…" Ienzo looked up at his friend, pushing his long hair out of his eyes. "Why do you ask?"

"Because you've been acting like a complete loner all night" Aeleus smirked; he sats down next to him. "Why haven't you been dancing with any of the girls? Don't you know how to dance?"

"Of course I know how to dance… it's just…" The boy looked around, making sure no one was watching them, then shuffled along the seat to whisper in his friend's ear, hands cupped around his mouth. "What I really want to do is dance with you, Allie."

Aeleus blushed somewhat, a pleasant shade of pink across his cheeks.

"Oh." He look at the younger boy, who too was blushing. "I didn't know you did."

"Well, it's not like we can do so in front of all these people." Ienzo managed to smile weakly. "It doesn't matter. It's just a silly request."

"…I don't think it's silly." Taking hold of his hand, Aeleus pulls Ienzo onto his feet and leads him into the castle, away from prying eyes. "If you want to dance, we will dance." They found a quite, darkened room a few floors up, ages away from kitchens and staff, and they opened the window to ajar, letting the music from the garden drift in. "You will have to be the girl" Aeleus said, getting them into the right position. Ienzo furrowed his brow angrily at him.

"Why do I have to be the girl?"

"Because I'm bigger. The bigger one leads. You are the girly one anyway."

"I am not girly!"

"Shush," Aeleus placed a finger over the boy's lips. "Do you want to people to hear?"

Ienzo shook his head and finally gave in, allowing Aeleus to take the lead and to place his arm around his waist. It's a gentle song, slow and calming. Ienzo can't help smiling and giggling as they waltz around the room. Aeleus chuckles at him.

"Is this what you had in mind?"

"More or less."

With a satisfied sigh, Ienzo closed his eyes and rest his head against his boyfriend's shoulder, happy to just let the older lad move him gently along the floor. Aeleus chuckled again, resting his mouth against the smaller boy's crown, breathing in his clean scent. They stayed in that room for a good two hours. They wanted to stay there forever.

100. Millennium.

The cork pops out the bottle safely and without mess, allowing Lexaeus to pour the alcohol in the champagne flutes, making sure the glass were equally full.

"What time is it?"

"It will be midnight in a few minutes." Zexion sits himself down on the sofa, leaning back against the cushions. He closes his eyes with a soft sigh. "I think I'm going bed straight after this."

"But we need to do this properly" the Hero mumbles. "This is the start of our second year as Nobodies and the start of a new millennium… It's important, as you said." He holds one of the glass out to his partner and Zexion takes it into his thin fingers, having a little sip straight away.

"Yes, I did say that and I know it's very important. This is our livelihood now. We should at least acknowledge it." He looks up at Lexaeus and pats the spot of the sofa next to him. "Sit down. You don't need to stand around like that."

Lexaeus nods and takes his seat next to the Schemer, placing his free arm around his waist and pulls him closer. Zexion lids his eyes, resting his heavy head against the warm solid chest, nuzzling the woollen material of the dark jumper his lover is wearing.

"You're tired, aren't you?" Lexaeus mumbles, resting his cheek against silky grey hair.

"Just a little… I've heard of this superstition, you know. It's meant to be good luck if you kiss someone on the stroke of midnight."

"…What type of good luck?"

"I don't know. Just general good luck I guess."

"…Do you want to try it out?"

"…I don't actually think anything is going to happen. It's just something that people d-Hhpm!"

As the clock over the mantel chimes the midnight hour, Lexaeus captures the boy's lips with his. He pulls away after a moment, smiling and looks around the room.

"Nothing happened."

"…Um. Well," Zexion fixes his hair, fighting down his blush, "it was just superstition. Or maybe the luck doesn't start straight away."

"Maybe" Lexaeus holds up his glass. "Shall we have a toast?"

Zexion smiles and hold up his glass as well. "To another year of friendship and far much more."

Their glasses hit softly together with a bell-like din and they drink to their uncertain fortune quietly. Zexion rests his head again. He can only smell the champagne bubbles fizzing in his nose and the earth-worker's scent.



"Do… Do you think that we will love each other again when we get our Hearts back?"

"I know we will."

"How do you know?"

"I just do." The man kisses his forehead, nuzzles his face. "Trust me."

And for some reason, Zexion does trust his word on the matter. Now very tired, the young Schemer tucks his legs under himself and snuggles up against his older lover, closing his shadowed eyes. A large hand takes his glass from his grasp and places it on the table, before return to caress his face and hair.

Of course he knew they will be in love again with Hearts. He just wanted to hear Lexaeus say it…

Now the only doubt they both share, is if they will ever get their Hearts back at all…

And That's a Wrap!

Wow! We have actually come to the end. We have reached 100 drabbles, (and I've actually finished something that isn't just a one-shot ^_^ ) I started this collection almost a year ago back in November, just wanted to write these to kill some time, but it slowly started to become a 100 words challenge. Maybe I'm just sad like that.

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