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Fox and Krystal were both laying down on the grass, on Sauria, looking up at the stars. Both enjoyed each other's company. Both turned their heads to face each other, both remained silent, their muzzles got closer and closer till they were a half-inch apart when…

"Fox!" a voice said.

Fox awoke from his daydream and remembered he was on the command deck on the GreatFox. He saw the voice came from Alex. "Fox you alright? You seemed a little zoned out," he said.

Fox yawned and responded, "just something on my mind."

Alex grinned, "It wouldn't happen to be that vixen you met on Sauria wouldn't it."

Fox stuttered, "Well..um..maybe…"

Alex just chuckled, "it's alright, it's common with certain situations."

"What do you mean?" Fox asked suspiciously.

Alex just chuckled again and left the deck. Fox was still puzzled at what he meant about it. But then he relished that Krystal was on his mind lately, he didn't know why. It didn't interfere with anything since nothing happened that required their services. 'Man why is she on my mind lately? I mean I know I saved her but…why now all of a sudden?' Fox thought. Fox sighed, got up and walked off the deck. He started walking till he arrived in the rec room. he looked and saw Wolf sitting on the couch flipping through channels on the TV. It has been a few weeks since Wolf joined the team, his life was improving since he's no longer a wanted felon anymore. Most of all Alex was glad to have his blood related brother with them.

Wolf noticed Fox enter and looked at him, "what's up Fox."

Fox just sighed and sat in the recliner nearby. "Just some things on my mind lately."

Wolf grinned, "The Vixen isn't it."

"Alex told you?" Fox said.

Wolf shook his head, "no Alex did tell me how you saved her and the way you acted around her. The rest is easy to figure out."

Fox rested his head on his hand, "well since you know…she's has been on my mind lately. And for some reason Alex said 'It's common with certain situations.' What does he mean by that?"

Wolf looked at Fox, "come on isn't it obvious."

"you know what he meant?" Fox asked.

Wolf nodded, "yes and you don't?" Fox shook his head. Wolf just laughed, "Come on Alex has been your brother for years, and we've only become brothers for a few weeks and you don't know what he meant."

"Well what is it?" Fox said.

Wolf shook his head still laughing, "sorry but that's something you have to figure out on your own."

"Figures," Fox said.

Wolf finally stopped and spoke, "I'll tell you one thing, you might want to see her again."

"Are you sure?" Fox asked.

"Yes, when these kind of cases it helps when you see them again," Wolf said.

Fox began thinking again, "that's not a bad idea…I think I'll go now."

"Good then go," Wolf said.

"Alright," Fox said getting up and walking out but stopped and turned. "Are you sure you can't tell me?"

"Like I said you to find out on your own," Wolf said. Fox sighed and left. Just then Alex walked in and looked at Wolf. All Wolf said was, "he still didn't know." Then both of them laughed.

Just then Falco came in reading a screen that had a virtual new paper from Corneria, "Hey guys look at this." Falco put the screen down and in bold the headline read…

Five more civilians mysteriously disappear

Alex and Wolf looked at this. Alex spoke, "man more of them this has been going on for a weeks now." Lately the newspapers told that many civilians have been disappearing.

"Wonder if someone's behind this," Wolf said.

"Either way those streets are starting to become more unsafe for anyone," Falco said. he looked around. "Where's Fox?"

Wolf spoke, "he went to Sauria." Alex understood why but Falco seem puzzled why and didn't even ask.

Fox had landed his Arwing on a grassland and got out. This was one place that he knew Krystal would like to go to. He looked around and soon spotted her sitting on a hill over looking a vast lake. He walked over to her and it seemed she knew he was there since she turned her head. Fox spoke, "hey there long time no see."

Krystal smiled, "what are you doing here."

Fox sat next to her, "I just wanted to see you again."

"Well how has things been?" Krystal asked.

"Everything has been normal. Nothing really big. How about you?" Fox said.

"Nothing new really," Krystal said. "Nothing exciting ever since you saved this planet."

"Well that's how it gets." Fox said. Fox looked at the lake in front of them. "This is a beautiful sight.

Krystal nodded, "I know that's why I like to come here."

Fox then relished that he was enjoying the time he had with her, and wanted to do it more. He spoke, "Krystal..I was wondering…would you like to do something sometime?"

Krystal looked at Fox and smiled, "I would love that."

Fox smiled at that, "great, we can go to Corneria. I know what we can do there."

"Can't wait," Krystal said.

Back on the GreatFox

"Alright General we'll see what we can do," Alex said to a hologram of General Pepper.

"Thank you and remember to be land bound soon. Over and out," Pepper said as the hologram shut off.

Wolf just came into the command deck as the hologram turned off. He walked over to Alex, "what did the General want?"

Alex turned to Wolf, "he wants us to investigate disappearances of all those people."

"Just that it doesn't seem that big to involve us," Wolf said.

"Well…a couple of the ones that disappeared were some of the General's higher ranked officers. So since this effected the military were being called in to help," Alex explained. "He wants us land bound ASAP. Is Fox back yet?"

Wolf nodded and smiled, "Yes and…"

"And what?" Alex asked.

"He brought back a guest," Wolf said.

Alex smiled also, "well better go tell him about this." Alex left the deck.

Fox and Krystal were in the rec room, Fox had given Krystal a tour of the whole ship after the got back. Right now they were both sitting on the couch. "So what do you think so far?" Fox asked.

"It's nice I like it," Krystal said.

"That's good," Fox said.

Just then Alex walked in and spotted the two, "Hey Fox…this must be Krystal."

Fox and Krystal both looked over. Fox spoke, "hey Alex. Krystal this is my brother Alex."

Krystal looked at Alex and spoke, "nice to meet you, but…"

Alex sighed knowing where she was getting to, "I'm his adopted brother." Krystal seemed to understand that. "Fox I need to talk to you about something."

Fox got up ad walked over to Alex, "what is it?"

"I got a message from Pepper and he wants us to investigate all the disappearances. So he wants us to be land bound ASAP," Alex explained.

"How did it involve us?" Fox asked

"The General's higher ranked officers were part of them," Alex said.

"Ok when should we get to Corneria?" Fox asked.

"Less then five hours," Alex said.

"And another thing…I can't go after we land," Fox said.

Alex grinned, "Why?"

"I sort of made a date with Krystal," Fox said.

"Like I said…in certain situations," Alex said walking out.

'I may never know what he means' Fox thought. He then walked back to Krystal and sat down. "Well we'll be arriving at Corneria in a few hours. We also have a little job to do after our little outing."

"That's alright that's fine," Krystal said.

Fox smiled and began to talk with her some more. Soon they would be Corneria and soon on their date. But little did they that their evening would end up into a game of survival.

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