1 Day Later

The courtroom was silent; everyone from the harbor was there. Fox sat in one of the chair, next to Krystal, and just finished hearing Marcus give his testimony and his file. Marcus had some bandages and a compress on his face, and his arm was in a sling. He got off the stand and walked back to his seat. There was a lot of tension between him and Tanner as he walked by. Everyone had already given their accounts on what happened, and were waiting for a verdict. A lot of things went on the day before, but they were all glad it was over. Fox was really relieved to find Krystal all right.


Fox walked, while carrying Ed, trying to find anyone. Just after he rounded another building he found the small group, and some soldiers. He then rushed over to them. He then saw Krystal and she turned and saw him, "Fox!" he got closer and when got to them he set Ed down and hugged Krystal.

"You're alright," Fox said in relief.

They broke apart and Krystal saw him bleeding, "are you alright?"

He nodded, "like I said, I've been through worse."

She then looked at Ed, who was still knocked out," looks like you got him."

"I did."

Just then he saw Alex come over, "Fox you ok?"


Just then a soldier came over, "Fox Mccloud?" Fox nodded. He then looked at Ed, "This him?"

Fox shook his head, "no, this is like his right hand man. He took part in this game."

The soldier then lifted Ed on his shoulders; "I'll take him off your hands then." Fox just nodded as watched him walk off somewhere with him.

"Looks like you won," a voice said.

Fox and Krystal looked behind themselves, "Jason!" Fox said.

Jason was indeed behind them, "looks like we're safe now."

Just then one of the soldiers looked over and saw Jason, "Major!" he ran over to him, as did a couple more. "Major Reed, thank god your safe."

Jason faced them and nodded, "I'm always am."

"Was there anyone else from our unit here?" the soldier asked in hope.

Jason lowed his head in silence and sighed. "Just one more…Captain Roger Evans…was killed here."

That seemed to shock them. "What..R..Roger was here…and he's dead?"

Jason just nodded, "Go retrieve the body…least we can do is give him a proper burial for him." Jason then gave them the location and they ran off.

Fox spoke to Alex, "How's everyone else doing?"

"Louis is still in pain but will be fine. Other then him everyone else is fine."

"The hunters?"


Jason walked over to them, "that's a relief."

Fox turned to him, "what about Kane?"

"Dead also."

"You alright?"

Jason sighed, "don't know, felt like the right thing, but it didn't feel right."

"Don't really know what to tell you," Alex said.

"Don't worry about it, I'll be fine," Jason said.

Fox spoke, "Ok then, I'm going to check on the others then." They nodded and Fox walked over to them. First he went over to where Louis and Carman. They were both sitting against a wall, close together. Once over he crouched, "you two alright?"

Louis nodded, "except for getting shot, I'm perfectly fine."

"I'm ok also," Carman responded.

"That's good. So Louis how's the wound?"

"Still hurts but it'll pass soon." Louis said, still holding the spot where he was shot. "I'm just relieved this is over."

"I agree with that," Fox said. He then looked down and saw they were holding hands. He smiled, "I see a good thing came out of this for you two."

Both of them nodded, "I'm glad, because of this I met Carman."

"And I met Louis," Carman said.

Fox smiled, "So what are you going to do now?"

Louis spoke, "maybe stay in contact with each other, and probably stay close."

"That's nice," Fox said. he stood up, "Wish you two luck with that." He then walked over to the rest of the team.

Wolf noticed him walk over, "hey Fox, you all right?"

"Nothing I couldn't handle," he said. "you guys good?"

"Those guys were pushovers," Falco said.

"Even though, I'm glad it's over," Fox said.

"And we're glad to have you back," Slippy said. Fox just nodded.

Just then Wolf looked behind Fox, from a distance, and saw something, "who's that?"

Fox turned and looked, "That's Marcus. Marcus!" he then ran over to him. Jason and Krystal also saw and ran over to him. once there Fox asked in a concern voice, "Marcus are you all right?"

Marcus stopped and dropped Tanner to the ground, then went back to holding his arm. "yes, in some pain, but fine."

Krystal noticed him holding his arm. She asked in a surprised voice, "what happened to your arm?"

"I think it might be sprained, I'll be fine."

Jason then looked over at Tanner, "That him?"

Marcus nodded, "yes, it is."

Jason then called over another soldier. "what is it?"

Jason looked down at him, "This is the one you're looking for."

"Right, the General will be informed. I'll take him off your hands now." The soldier crouched and lifted Tanner and walked off with him.

Fox then put a hand on Marcus's shoulder, "come on lets get out of here and get that arm of your checked."

He nodded, "I agree with that."

"I agree also," Krystal said.

"Me three," Jason said. The four of them then walked over to where the others were, finally they were going home.

End Flashback

After all that they were called to court to give their side on what happened. Since Marcus's info was the strongest he went last. He presented his file and such. Fox's thoughts were interrupted when heard the judge, female bear, speak. "This court finds you both guilty for kidnapping, murder, aiding fugitives, and illegal formation of a deadly game. You both are sentenced to life in a maximum-security prison, Court adjourned." She finished by banging her gavel. Everyone in the room got up and started to leave. Marcus stood as he saw the bailiffs take Tanner and Ed away. Tanner stopped in front of him. "I'll get out Marcus, be sure of that."

Marcus shook his head, "no…you won't." he then saw as they were taken away. He turned to talk to Fox, but saw he left.

Fox and Krystal were sitting on a bench in a park, across the courthouse. Fox spoke, "I'm glad those two got what they deserve."

"I know, but most of all I'm glad we made it out of there alive," Krystal said.

Fox then held her hand, "and we're still together."

She smiled, "one good thing happened because of that you know."

"yes I know. We wouldn't have admitted out love for each other if it hadn't."

"I know," Krystal said as her head got closer to Fox.

Fox's head also got closer to hers. Their muzzles were almost together. "Am I interrupting something?" they heard a voice say.

They stopped, and Fox sighed in disappointment. He looked over and saw it was Marcus. "No you're not," he said in a sarcastic voice.

Marcus just chuckled, "guess I was. Well anyway I want to thank you guys for helping out."

"It was no problem, someone like him shouldn't be left out of prison," Fox responded.

"I know nothing good could come from that," Krystal said.

"It's a good relief to know that my evidence also helped," Marcus said.

Fox then remembered, "Marcus now since we aren't in any danger, can you answer some questions?"

"Sure," he said.

"Well first of all. What made you do the file?"

"I started noticing that Tanner was being secretive about something. I asked him but he shrugged it off. So after sometime I decided to investigate what he was doing. So put the file together just in case I found something."

Krystal then spoke, "how did you find out about the hunters?"

"Well I investigating I came across their names, and they matched the ones that the news was talking about. So I used my connections to get as much info on them. and also I found a little bit of the wire he used. I examined it and found out it's properties."

They stayed silent after that. Fox then decided to ask, "do you remember how you got caught now?"

He nodded, "yes, it all started coming back over the previous day. Well I was inside his house one day. Thanks to my ability with my stealth it was easy. I don't know how but when I was looking through some random files I felt something hard hit the back of my head. Then I guess I blacked out. Next thing I knew I felt someone put the wire in my ear. That's all I remember after you took the wire out."

"Must have been hard, you know doing all that stuff you didn't want to," Fox said.

Marcus nodded, "Fox thank you. If it wasn't for you I'd probably be dead, or something else."

"I was just glad to help," he said.

"Not only for that," Marcus said. "the whole entire anger thing."

"What about it?"

"While I was fighting Tanner my anger held me back. If you didn't tell me to let go I might have been killed."

"That what happens, it's good you let it go."

Marcus nodded, "just know something Fox. If you ever need anything from me just ask."

"Alright," he responded. "So what're you going to do now?"

"The General spoke to me some time after we got off the harbor. He was impressed with how well I gathered the info on Tanner, so he offered me a position in one of his spy units."

Fox grinned, "so I guess we might see each other again soon."

"I know," Marcus then looked at his watch. "Well I have to got, see you both, and take care." He then started walking away.

Krystal spoke, "he was a really help with it."

Fox nodded, " I know, something tells me we're going to meet again." Fox then relished something. "You know Krystal, we never did finish our date."

She smiled, "I know, any suggestions?"

"I might have one," he said.

Few hours Later

Fox and Krystal both laid on the grass on Sauria. Fox decided to continue their interrupted date there so they couldn't be interrupted. They spent most of the day walking the beach and look out in the ocean. When night fell they decided to lay in the field and watch the stars. Krystal turned to Fox, "Fox this day was good, thank you."

Fox propped himself on his elbows, "no problem Krystal. I love you, that's all I can say."

"I love you too," she said.

Fox then decided to ask her something. "Krystal…I want you to stay with me."


"On board the Great Fox. I really love you and I don't want you to be away from me."

Krystal was silent for a bit, but then she smiled. "Of course I would."

Fox looked at her in surprise, "r…really?"

She nodded, "yes, I don't want to be far from you either, because I love you that much also." They smiled as both of their muzzles started getting closer and almost met, but Fox then started looking around. Krystal was surprised at this, "Fox what's wrong?"

He stopped, "well it just that every time we get this close something interrupts us."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Well on our first date, the roof, the park, my dream…"

"Your dream?" she asked a bit surprised.

Fox then started turning red a bit, "well…I mean…it just…umm."

She did a soft laugh, "it doesn't matter now."

He smiled, "you're right.

Both of their muzzles then met as they kissed long and with every amount of passion they had. Both knew a love was formed and they would keep it that way for as long as they could.

A/N: hope you like. Finally after months I finish this story. Hoped you all enjoyed reading this. I will do more, and I MIGHT do something now. After all of my stories I'll put a small scene of what's going to happen on my next one. So here's my scene from my next one.

Fox and Jason moved closer but Jim stopped them, "No stay back!"

They stopped. "Jim what's going on?!" Jason asked

'Those creatures…spat something at me…it seeped through my armor and into my skin. Oh god the pain."

Jason spoke, "Jim we can help you, you just.." he stepped closer.

"No! stay back!" Jim shouted as he started slowly crawling back.

"What was that substance?" Fox asked.

"Some green slime, oh god…I don't want…I don't…" something happened. Jim then yelled out in pain as something happened to him. all of a sudden his limbs grew. His hands grew long and big, while his other one turned into three tentacles. He lags expanded and broke through his suit. His feet grew and changed into webbed. His face turned more skull like. It looked like his body was turned inside out. Jason and Fox couldn't believe what they saw. It stood in front of them as it yelled loudly.

Fox and Jason pointed their guns at it. "Jim?" Jason asked in shock. He didn't say anything.

"Any bright idea?" Fox asked.

"None at all," Jason said.

They both backed up some more.

"Get Down!!" a voice yelled.