Fangordo is where Human and Elves live together in peace for around 1000 years. A 100 year later, peace was broken by one thing. They call themselves the Dark Dragons. Durex, the leader of the Dark Dragons, uses his evil to slave the humans and elves. Both races try to fight back for years, to win their freedom. Until one day, Drocan, a dragon formally part of the Dark Dragons, came to help and fight along side the humans and elves. For many years they fought. Many of friends and family have died from the Holy war. The warriors fight on; hoping the legend of the dragon knight will come true.

In the middle some where nears the village of Gre'cosain the Dark dragon Army approach to kill and slave the village
"Shadslayer escort the human and the elf to the safety!! I will take care them by my self if is cost to my life so be it" He order his second commander to safe humans and elfs who can't fight.

Shadslayer follow his order and says "Yes General my lord" then he escorts them to the forest where are the other are waiting to help

He looks at Emmerline and says "Emmeline if you want to come with or help shadslayer is up to you" Then he flies up face the army alone. "I hope I make the right choice" he though to himself and he roar "Grrrrr!!!!!"

"I will come." she growled happily Emmeline followed him

Drocan fights against with his own kind each time he kill he feel sad and angry to his brother "Durex I will stop you if I have to sacrifice myself to stop you!!"

Durex sees his brother Drocan fighting and killing his army then he laugh out lout "..! You can't defeat me you know that and you are younger then I am brother!!"

Emmeline flew up to Shadeslayer. "What do you want me to do? Your wish is my command." she said slightly.

"Ok, I need you to escort them I will go to help him" then he flies directly to Drocan to help him or try to stop Drocan doing stupid thing.

At the same time Durex Still avoiding Drocan spell and see that Drocan losing his strange then he dive to his younger brother and knock him down.

Drocan fall down to the ground heavy and lose air at his lung.

Alex looked up at the looming dragons fighting each other "I wanted to help them, but how?"

At the battle many human, elf and dragon fighting to help to escort them to safety place. Suddenly the Dark army running after them one of them jumps to kill. Azdaer drew his bow and shot arrows at the dark dragons and Seakial sprayed the targets of the arrows with water and caused them much more damage

"Is time to end it now my young brother!!" Durex rises his hand at the sky and use dark power. Drocan Still unconscious from the impact for few second then he wakes up and see that Durex form the dark magic around him. He tries to move but he's too weak to move.

Shadslayer Almost there suddenly he sees that Durex trying to kill his leader "No you won't" he flies directly to Durex.

Durex form his dark magic in to ball and throw "Die now my brother!!". Drocan Tries to move but still weak to do it "I have fail you guy forgive me" he close his eyes for few seconds.

The dark energy that Durex throw to him almost hit at Drocan suddenly Shadslayer and Emmeline appears at front of Drocan and shielded him from that energy and fall six feet away from Drocan.

Drocan open his eyes and looks at Shadslayer and turn his head then sees Emmeline "No!!!" suddenly he gets angry very much at himself he tries to get up but he still weak.

Durex Float down slowly and land down at front Drocan then says "Hah...Oh you angry that good I think I will kill those two better then you haha or maybe kill her then"
Durex walks to Emmeline and grab her neck.

Shadslayer look at Durex trying to kill Emmeline so he uses his last strange to get up to help "You will never kill her or him" then he jumps to Durex and flies up. "Durex You die with me Ahhhhh.....!!!"

"Oh you want to die first; I will kill you first then take you soul" He raises his sword then strike down to Shadslayer neck while he grabs Emmeline neck.

Emmelline growled mightily and broke free."You will not touch us." she hissed. Emmeline bit at Durex's neck. She was hoping it would puncture. She opened her might jaws and snapped down again on his snout.

"Nice try girl but you better do it good" suddenly Durex look aside that someone are aiming at him so he use the force field to protect him then he looks at Shadslayer "Good bye hah" he cut shadsalyer neck then throw next he smack Emmeline with his tell.

"My lord Drocan is nice to be you side, good bye" Shadslayer Fall down to the ground and die like a hero then something coming out of his body.

The spark floats out of Shadslayer body and fly directly to Durex necklaces "Hah I got his now I stronger then before hahaha...."

Emmeline sighed sadly. Shadeslayer was dead. "Drocan, I think it would be wise to land."

"Drocan feel fuzzy at his head from the fight then he saw his second commend had die at front of him "Shadslayer No!!!" he runs to the his friends and second commander "Shadslayer why? I told you to help them not me"

Durex looks the puny human and elf were running away "Run but you can't hide hahah!!, And for you my brother your next" he rise again use the dark energy but this time more stronger and bigger.

Emmeline roared "Drocan, you are not up to it! Stay!"
"I won't Emmeline!! If I have to kill him, stop him in one way or another way" then he roars with anger and sadness.

Outside of the village Thona Aidan and Shymar sat together overlooking the land. "So, what now?" Aidan asked softly.

Shymar turned her head towards him. "You tell me." Aidan smiled. "I guess we just look for someone to help. We are, after all, dragon and rider."

Aidan and Shymar glided through the sky, looking down on the landscape "So, where shall we go?" Shymar asked softly.
"Anywhere," Aidan replied, "but just let's gets away from our past."
Shymar growled. "You know I have."
"But I don't think I have." Aidan ran a hand through his hair as Shymar glided down. "I can't forgive anyone until I forgive myself."

Shymar pulled up slightly and cocked her head."What is it?" Aidan asked quietly.

"I smell smoke and...blood. Shymar shivered with excitement. "And I smell dragons."
Aidan stiffened. "Shy, you gotta be kidding me." But before he could say another world, Shymar streaked forward, throwing him off of her back. He fell into a hot pond, and surfaced, watching his dragon fly swiftly away.

"Blast you," he grumbled as he climbed out of the water and started after her.

"I still have to kill him and revenge for Shadslayer!! Let me go now Emmeline!!" The he sense something very familiar "What is this feeling is like I know it?" then he turn and faces Durex.

Durex were almost done with dark magic "You to late, die now" suddenly he can't move "What the?!"
Shaslayer body floating at front at Durex and grab him "I will not let you kill my lord!!" then his spark appear at Durex necklaces "Lord Drocan kill him while I holding him".
Drocan have no choice then to strikes with the spell to Durex with Shadslayer body "For give me…"

Several second smoke fade away Durex Have several injury and says "Brother this time you win but next time you won't be this lucky, and this soul I will keep it"

Then the portal appears behind Durex; he walk inside and the army retreat to the portal. Drocan flies up tries to stop Durex but the portal have close, he roars out that every one at the area hear.

Shymar pumped her wings furiously, smiling when she saw dragons.
"At last!"
She paused when she noticed that Aidan was not on her back. "Whoops," she said, then disputed whether to go back for her rider or see what was going on with the dragons.
"He can fend for himself," she told herself. "Now, let's see what's with those dragons..."

Durex appears inside his castle and sits down "Thonis!! Where I know you here come out now"

Thonis appears at front of Durex and says "You summon me my lord" he bow to his lord then he looks "My lord you hurt!" Durex doesn't say a word few second then "Thonis, Any new from the legend that is our dread to me?"

"Yes my lord there a dread to you my lord is call the Dragon Knight"
"Dragon Knight then, so do you know where we can find it?" thonis reply "I don't know my lord it didn't tell, I'm still working my lord"

Durex says with anger "You can dismiss now I have other matter to take care" Thonis bows to his lord and disappears. He looks at the necklace inside and sees Shadslayer trying to get out "Is time for you now my slave Hah hah…hah"