Title: Tickle Me Pink Ain't Got Nothing On This

Author: ThrashMetalQueen

Pairings: MorrisonxOC

Summary: Ever wonder what crayon John Morrison would be?

A/N: Credit goes to Super T for inspiring me. And also some goes to Morrison for looking SO hot in red. ;D

"Firetruck red?"

"Eh, no. Deeper."

"Blood red?"

"Too creepy. A little lighter."

"Lipstick red?"

"Hmm, I don't know...try again."

"Ruby red?"

"That's it, but I want it to consider it a little more moe. A little more...Shaman of Sexy." John said.

Eiris studied his new ring outfit even more. Like his multiple nicknames, they were trying to figure out a good name for the color of his attire. But she was stumped. "Well, I can't figure anything else out. I just keep thinking of ruby red."

"Well, what about Nitro red, or Guru red?" John suggested. The two of them were standing in his locker room while he posed for her.

"Nitro sounds more like a silver to me." Eiris said. "And Guru sounds more of a blue..."

"Sexual red? Seduction red?" he threw out some more ideas.

"Ooh, ooh!" Eiris immediatly lit up. She got an idea. "Orgasmic red! THAT'S the one!"

"Hmm...Orgasmic Red...." John put some thought into it. "I like it."

"So, it fits?"

"Oh yeah, definitely keeping it."