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A high pitched squeal made them both look up and see their 18 year old daughter jumping up and down like an idiot in her graduation cap.

"Dude, that's awesome! We're going to take over the world together! When do you leave? What dorm are you going to be in? Oh, for real, that's my dorm! No, I'm not kidding, we're going to next door neighbors! Hell, yeah, it's going to be epic! Beyond epic! Going to college…like a boss!"

House smirked. Andy Samberg was still considered cool, even after 17 years…

"All right, buddy. I'll see you soon. Bye."

She hung up the phone and Allison asked, "GJ got into U of M?"

Mia nodded and took off her black cap, shaking out her mane of curls. House felt a stab of pain. His little Peanut had grown up now. She was a young woman and now, she was going all the way to Michigan to become a Wolverine. Letting go sucked.

"Man, this thing freakin' itches." she grumbled before putting it back on.

All graduates of Princeton Secondary Academy had to show up in full graduate memorabilia or they couldn't participate in the ceremony. The head honchos were fussy like that, reminding House of the hospital board. Mia even had a form of tenure, meaning straight As since Pre-K so she had a form of diplomatic immunity. It was fortunate because she certainly was a House.

She spoke her mind and had no problems with calling someone a dumbass, regardless of age or authority.

That had led to quite a few visits to the principal office.

"I know. They really need to design the damned things better. Are you taking your bike or do you need your father and I to give you a ride?"

Allison had aged quite gracefully, only the silver streaks in her hair betraying her true age of 52. She never considered dying them. She said that she had earned each and every one of them. Right now, she was in a deep red sundress and heels, showing off the goods. House felt heat begin to fill his groin and he recited the periodic table in his head to calm things down.

Go see Peanut graduate and then you can bend Allie over the Steinway….down, boy.

"Definitely taking my bike. After all, the valedictorian needs to make an entrance."

"That and GJ's taking his." Al surmised with a knowing smile at him.

Mia and Gregory had been like peas and carrots from the day he was born. They did everything together, from eating paste to breaking bones and everything in between. As they aged, however, a big purple (purple was their favorite color) elephant came into existence. Basically, the two morons had gone and fallen for each other but hadn't said a peep. It was like a real live soap opera.

"Gregory has nothing to do with it.", she replied quickly, too quickly.

Like Mother, like Daughter. Mia sucks at lying when it comes to the man she…loves.

Although, she could've done way worse, it still sucked to think about his little ball buster in love.


Gregory James Wilson pulled up next to his (not so) secret love's arrest me red motorbike and put down the kickstand before clambering off.

He was a virtual clone of his father except for one of his eyes and his mother's perfectionism. Although, he had much better tastes in ties. Right now, he had a maroon sweater, black dress slacks, and a snow white tie, tucked in over the black Oxford.

"Hey, Jackass."

Turning to greet Amelia, he nearly swallowed his tongue. She had on a simple little black dress, the v-neck enough to hint but not show. On her feet were black flats, making the gold of her nails even brighter in the sunlight. Her hair was loose in the way he liked and he could smell apples on her.

It took all of his self control not to devour her.

We're just friends. We're just friends. She doesn't see me that way…

"Hey, Cunt Licker.", he replied before hugging her.

She held onto him tightly and he shivered as her lush curves pressed against his body.

"You cold?" she asked with a gleam of concern in her sky blue orbs.

"N-no. Just nervous." he replied with a weak smile.

She rolled her eyes and led him through the entrance to the football field. He smiled up at his mom and dad, who both waved back. His Uncle Travis and Uncle Eric were conversing with Al and House, who looked over the moon with the rest of the family.

"It's going to be fine, Gregory. You'll give a speech…"

"Like a boss!"

"You'll get your diploma…"

"Like a boss!"

"You'll suck your own cock…"

"No way in hell!"

Amelia cracked up and GJ grinned. He was so happy that he wouldn't be a million miles away from her. Being away from her hurt, even just to go home. He wanted to stay with her, to kiss her, and to love her…

"Come on, buddy. We've got to meet up with everyone else so we can walk… down the catwalk." she said in her best Right Said Fred imitation.

That prompted them to run back towards the school, singing "I'm Too Sexy" at the top of their lungs, sending laughter through the crowd.


"Amelia Katherine House!"

Allison clapped enthusiastically for her baby girl as Greg whistled. Alexander started the Wave in their section and she joined in, despite Greg's scoff.

Screw him. Their baby was only going to graduate from high school once and if she wanted to act like a loon, she would. Stepping onto the track grinning, Mia did a back flip before darting back to her seat, much to the delight of her comrades and chagrin of the principals.

She sat back next to GJ and he kissed her on the cheek, making her look at him with a shaky smile.

"20 bucks says that they're making out by the end of this." Greg whispered.

"You're on."


"Gregory James Wilson!"

James grinned as his son accepted his diploma and squeezed Lisa's hand. She was crying tears of joy as she held the camcorder. She hadn't put it down since the morning, wanting to record every second of the day.

He couldn't blame her. A person only graduated high school once…

GJ returned to his seat and took Mia's hand, pressing light kisses to the knuckles.

She shivered visibly and looked at him with a very familiar look.

Lisa gave him that look all the time.

It was of love.


"The Class of 2026 has now been graduated!"

Amelia wiped away tears of joy and looked at the man walking next to her.

It was time to man up.

No more hiding like a scared little girl.

She was going to get what she wanted and what she wanted was Gregory James Wilson.

As the mass of students prepared to toss their caps, she turned to him, only to find him looking at her.

Images of their friendship ran through her head. Crawling around the Conference Room…climbing trees in the park…going to every dance together from the 4th grade sock hop to Prom… being partners in every project or class…dancing like idiots during pep rallies… all their inside jokes…reading JAMA articles…touches, hugs, comfort, kisses…

As the caps flew into the air, she leaped.

Grabbing him by his gown, she fused their lips together, much to the roaring delight of their comrades. Gregory cupped her ass and dipped her, responding eagerly.

Dimly, she registered her cap hitting the turf and she smiled against his lips.

Thank God.


They had decided to go on a moonlit picnic.

Gregory led her to their Spot. It was deep in the park and private, only the river for company. They had found when they were 9 and used it as a refuge from life. Amelia had changed into a flowing brown skirt and a shell pink tank top. He had ditched his tie and sweater.

Even hours later, his lips still tingled from her kiss, the taste of her pure against the cake and Red Bull he had during their party.

They plopped down into the blanket covered grass and she smiled at him serenely between sips of diet Coke.

"So, how does it feel to be a graduate?"

"Pretty damned good. I feel lighter…liberated." he replied.

"That may be due more to my shoving my tongue down your gullet than a diploma."

He laughed at the completely Amelia like statement and let her straddle him, her body light and lithe from dance. His hands spanned her waist and he sat up, still amazed that she was really in his arms, really with him. Was he dreaming?

Her lips met his tenderly and he decided that if he was, then he most definitely did not want to wake up.


"So, you think they're making us a grandchild?"

Greg yelped in pain as both Al and Cuddles swatted him in unison and Jimmy shook his head with disgust.

"No. Mia has an IUD." Al told him bluntly.

"Why does our daughter have an IUD and why am I just now hearing about this?" he demanded, his scotch forgotten.

"Down, Lassie. It's for her period. It regulated them and eased her cramps."

House accepted that. He knew from dealing with Al that when the painters were in, it was messy agony. Still, the thought of their little Peanut getting down and dirty, even if it was with GJ, was distinctly unappealing. He drowned the discomfort in scotch.

"Forget I asked. So, who's taking them up to campus?"

"James and I will do it. We can use the hospital van for their stuff."

"I can't believe they're in college already. It seems like only yesterday I was holding them or patching them up from their spats." Al said with a wistful sigh.

"Mommy, Mia hit me.", Lisa mused fondly.

"Mommy, GJ put a bug down my pants and it bit me in my butt." Allie added on, sending the quartet into laughter.

House stared up at the full moon and let its rays wash over him.

Things changed all the time- people moved, people died, people graduated- but he still felt at peace.

He had his family to thank for it.

With a smile, he turned his attention back to his friends and watched his lady laugh with them.

Correction: He had her to thank for it.