Sometime's you have to do thing's you don't want to. Sometime's you have to give up something you hold close to your heart. I wasnt sure either if these meaning's at all even resembled me and my releationship with him at all.

I found him, well he found me, sorta. I guess you could say we found each other that night. It was a cold rainy night when we first met. My dog had gotten out and I went to find her.

My current ex boyfriend had gotten into a fight with me so we started yelling and he had let her out. Now I was trying to find her.

"Speedy!!"I shouted into the howling wind. I was actually in my car looking for her my head out the window I was getting drenched from head to shoulder's. I slammned the break's as hard as I could when I saw her collar at the enterance to the old wood's by the exit of the city.

"Shit."I muttered. If she had come by here she could be in a whole nother town let alone city by now. I turned my head when I heard her barking from inside the wood's. She was barking like she found something.

Sasori's prov

All I felt was wind. Wind and water. And cold ground too. Last thing I remember was dying from that pink haired kuinochi and my old hag of a grandmother. I groaned a little when I heard a dog barking and before I knew it the damn noise was infront of my face.

That's when I heard a set of footstep's running. I heard a female's gasp. Was it Konan. Or was it that girly brat of a partner of mine Deidara.

"Oh my god!"I heard a voice that didnt belong to Deidara nor Konan. I felt someone pick my up my eye's wouldnt open my themself's so I tried a little bit. I heard the person mutter good dog to the canine. I opened my eye's a little bit and all I can see is dark.

"Ngg am I dead?"I asked.

"No but you look like your about ready to fall apart."The female's voice spoke. I strained my eye's a little bit to make out the feature's. Soft face. Hazel eye's like my own only with a bit of herochritomia meaning she had a light pasty green outlining it normal green then around the pupil was a bit of brown.

She wore glasses with bifocial's and had curly brown hair that went to mid back. She looked to be about 19 now and she was normal weight size too unlike most people back in were I used to be. I could tell from her clothing that I was in a totally diffrent place then before. I felt a crack in my back as she helped me up off the ground. I wondered if my joint's were stuck by the mud. That's when I felt it.

A cold shill down my spine.

I'm not supposed to feel anything. I'm made out of wood.

"Tell me do I look human to you?"I asked her. She tilted her head to the side blinking.

"Yeah nothing abnormal about you at all. Why?"She asked.

"Nothing."I told her when I gave a loud sneeze. Unlike normal girl's she didnt retract at all. Just stayed there and helped me up.

"Come on let's get you some place dry and warm."She told me as she helped me up on my feet. I swayed a little the earth spinning.

I felt the earth from beneath my feet and the girl quickly grabbed me and let me lean on her.

"Ugg my head's throbbing."I groaned. She gave me a worried look.

"Come on I think the weather wont make you better."She told me.


I lead him to my car and opened the passenger door. My dog jumped into the backseat from the passenger side. I took in the guy's feature's. He was georgous.

I closed his door and went over to my side closed the door started the car and turned the heat up a bit. I noticed him relax a little bit. He looked like he had been through hell and back.

I turned torward the road.

I had no clue what I was getting into.