Tony and Ziva go on a mission and face some difficulties,, Tony gets hurt …will Ziva be able to save him in time a total Tiva story

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Chapter 1 '' I understand ''

'' Tony …. To… Tonyyyy ''

'' Zivaaaa … Ziii … I'm really… sorry '''

'' Tony ... Tonyy... Tonyyyyyyyy….''


Two days ago:

''Grab your gear.. dead marine'' said Gibbs in his usual we-have-a-long-night tone

Tony was playing some game on his phone while Ziva was apparently giving some

e-mails her killing looks

McGee was typing furiously at his keyboard for no apparent reason

They immediately stood up and both grabbed their bags, badges, and their ammunition

They looked back to see McGee still typing on his keyboard

Tony was about to make a humorous joke when Gibbs said that McGee will stay behind

They head for the elevator

Tony was staring bluntly at Gibbs then Gibbs gave him a head slap to make him move

''On your six boss'' Tony said on a hurry

All that time Ziva was studying McGee's reactions thoroughly

He showed no attention at all and remembered how he had a phone call early from someone who made him type furiously on his keyboard

Tony still had a questioning look while he went to the elevator with Ziva and Gibbs

In the elevator, Gibbs cleared that the dead marine was a close friend of McGee's father

Ziva said nothing in reaction while Tony scolded himself for his annoying attitude towards McGee and how her stared really bad at him

He wished he had not made that stupid stare

Then he shared a meaningful glance with Ziva

''DiNoizzo you with David with the gear''

Tony and Ziva went to the car and snitched the keys from Ziva and said '' I am still young to die and especially not for you''

Ziva only gave him one of her deadly stare that says you-will-pay-for-this

The drive to the crime scene was fast but safe at the same time they arrived in five minutes and found Gibbs already there waiting for them

Ducky and Palmer arrived ten minutes later and they all went to process the crime scene

''A Caucasian male, late forties , from first analysis cause of death is a gun shot to the head , from the position of the gun it suggests a suicide attempt'' said Ducky

Gibbs just stared at the corpse lying in front of him in his marine uniform and his own gun in his stiffed hand and a pool of blood around his dead face with stone like blue eyes

Tony in the meanwhile was a having a hard time looking at that corpse or even taking the photos of the scene

This brought back a lot of bad memories

He remembered Kate's lifeless eyes staring back at him and her blood all over his face ,,, he feels as if he can taste her blood in his mouth again

He mumbled some thing about forgetting some gears from the car to Gibbs and left

Ziva scanned him with her eyes before finishing the photos of the scene and bagged the evidences

She left Ducky with Palmer putting the body in the gurney while Gibbs doing some sketching and writing some notes

She was heading to the car when she caught sight of Tony by its side breathing heavily and leaning to the floor holding his stomach

She now realized he had emptied his stomach contents

She thought about just giving him to recover and hide his traces but she caught sight of the expressions on his face of great tiredness and some sadness she rarely saw even only once when Jeanne told him that she wishes she never met him

She went to him and at the same time he started gagging again and this time she hold his head rubbing his temples and removing the sweat from his temple

He stopped two minutes later, she then removed her hand from his head and gave him a tissue to clean his mouth with it,,, she actually was worried for him and wondering what could cause that kind of sickness all of the sudden while all day he was laughing and playing jokes on her and McGee and when he finally fed up started playing on his phone

She forced herself to stop that lining of thoughts to see what was happening to Tony

Ziva found a weary look cross Tony's face but he hid it quickly and replaced it with one of his charming smiles, but it did not seem so charming with that tired look still did not leave his eyes

''That damn pizza,, it must have had bad potato in it '' said Tony trying to shake Ziva off and avoid being questioned

But Ziva is not the type that to be shaken away in that way

''What is wrong Tony?'' she said softly even surprising herself by that tone

'' It is nothing really '' but she stared at him and he stared back but could not hold his gaze, and cracked under her gaze '' I... It's just …that… I just recollected bad memory with that dead body ''

''it is Kate, yes?''

How did she know, was the first thought in Tony's mind, I'm becoming very weak in front of Ziva lately.

Tony sighed and said '' yes, it is, but I prefer not to talk about it''

''It's ok I understand'' said Ziva and left Tony looking very surprised and confused

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