The Brother I Never Knew

Chapter 1

Author: Here is a new series I'm doing, it takes place a few months before To love and imprint. Sam learns he has a long lost half-brother from his father. What dark secret does this boy have and what impact will he have on La Push.

I should have never been. My life has been nothing but cold, and barren. There we're times when I wished I was dead, and other times when I wished when he was dead. My precious big brother, he who can do no wrong. I never hated anyone; seriously I never have hated anything or anyone. Most people like to say "I hate him/her" or "I hate this/that" but usually they only see it to exaggerate something. Not I, hate was to strong an emotion for me to ever feel. I may dislike something or not particurly like, but I never hate...except him. I was born different, even among the guardians of La Push I was a freak of nature, maybe that's why I was drawn to her that woman so strong, so sad. We were both freaks and we have to stick together, but he once again had to interfere, he ruined everything. It was funny before I came to La Push I had nothing. No friends, no real family and strangely I was happy. Then I gained all those things and now I'm miserable. For so long I was cold, but that coldness and isolation made me strong, but then I allowed my heart to be warmed and now I'm a wreck. A sad pathetic excuse for a wolf lost in his brother's shadow. Love that's another thing I never really felt till I met her. I had felt affection; I felt trust but never love. Was it nature? Or was it Nature? If I had been raised differently would I be more human? Or was it just in my nature to be such a little monster? I don't know and I don't care I am what I am, and nothing and no one can change that. Not my brother, not the woman I love, not anyone. My mind, my body, my soul they are mine and mine along and I will never give them to anyone. This is what happens when you allow yourself to trust, to feel, to care. I never did any of those things and I was pleased with my existence. Then the second I start to become more human BAM! It all goes to shit, figures welcome to my life.

Author: Sorry it's such a short chapter but I promise the next chapter will be longer promise