The Brother I Never Knew

Chapter 40

fused twilight: Well here is the final chapter, I'll save the long author notes for the end.

Sam P.O.V

I was still at home. Emily made me some tea to calm my nerves. But there wasn't enough of the stuff in all La Push to calm me down.

"Sam, what's wrong?" Emily asked me.

"Other then my brother running away and my cousin turning into a monster nothing." I said.

"We'll get Jamie back, and we'll find a way to help Alex," she said kissing my cheek.

"What am I going to do about him Emily? I can't control him."

"He's seventeen Sam, they are not well known for being controllable," she said.

"And then there's the trust issues, it seems like I can't turn my back with out him getting into some serious trouble. How can I look after him if I can't control him?" I asked. I could lead a pack of werewolves against an army of vampires and yet I can't lead my own brother.

"Maybe you're trying to hard to be an authority figure for him," Emily suggested. "Sit down and talk with him, have patience with him, listen to him Sam, really listen to him. Soak in his words and try to understand his point of view."

"How can I understand his point of view? I'm not a sociopath."

"Maybe, but just because you see things differently doesn't mean you can't see eye to eye." she leaned her head on my shoulder and I breathed in her scent. It calmed me down more then the tea.

"What did Leah have to say?" I asked.

Emily told me everything Leah had told her. I fought to control my temper in certain parts, like when I found out Leah knew it was Jamie who beat up the dealer, that it was Leah who used Jamie to get the names of the dealers.

"I should have known something was up when we got the names," I said darkly. Leah had given us some names of dealers who were close to La Push. We took care of them and left the ones in Forks and Port Angeles to Charlie and the authorities.

"Don't be mad at her Sam," Emily said.

"I'm not mad, I'm furious! Jamie was our responsibility what right did she have to keep these things from us!" I said getting up and putting my cup in the sink.

"Sam, she did it because she loved you." Emily said.

"What?" I turned to look at her.

Emily sighed. "Leah was helping Jamie because she loved you and she felt connected to him in a way."

"She told you this?"

"Well the connected part not the love part." she said.

"Then please explain," I said.

"Okay well for the connected part think about it. Both he and she are something new, something unique. They both face difficulties being what they are, they both face an unknown future. Leah remembers what it was like when she first joined and I know she didn't make it easy, you know that the others weren't innocent in their thoughts. Whether they thought she was a freak or a bitter harpy." Her face grew sad, I knew she still blamed herself for Leah's suffering. "Leah didn't want Jamie to go through that, she didn't want the others to think of him as Sam's brother like how they thought of her as Sam's bitter ex, she didn't want them to think of him as your crazy brother as they thought her your crazy ex, she didn't want them to think him a freak as they thought her a freak. But Leah underestimated him she thought she could reason with him and give him guidance, but now she knows how wrong she was."

"Okay…I understand that now." I could see Leah's point of view. It made sense she could bond with him more then the rest of us. They had more in common. "But the love part?" I asked.

"Sam…I know it hurts to hear this but Leah can never escape her love for you." Emily said with out batting an eyelash.

"You know I love you." I said walking up to her and stroking her face.

"I know that." she kissed my finger tips. "But I also know a part of you still loves her too, why else did you feel so angry and betrayed when she joined Jake's pack?"

I looked down unable to look her in the face. The truth was I had been so angry, angrier about her leaving then Seth or Quil or Embry. I hadn't despaired over the other wolves that joined Jake's pack. But Leah now that hurt beyond belief. I had hoped she would come back still do sometimes even knowing she was happier there then here.

Emily lifted my face to meet hers. "I am not mad Sam I understand, what you and her shared was powerful in itself. Not even imprinting can make you forget those times when it was her lips you kissed, her eyes you stared into adoringly, her love that drove you. When you left her a chunk of her heart was torn out but Leah was strong and she endured. The wound healed but it scared her and we both know it will never heal. Your tie to me is stronger then anything in the world, but there will always be a few strings binding the both of you to each other."

"And your okay with this?" I asked.

"Love takes many forms Sam; you still love her but not as brightly as before. It was why you tried to protect her the same way you protect Jamie. You protect what you love so fiercely Sam, it is both your strength and your weakness. You loved them both so much you tried to protect them so much you stifled them, you smothered them with your love and it drove them away. For Leah it was for the best but for Jamie it was worse."

"My God, Leah was right." I said slumping against the kitchen sink.

"If you really want him back you have to learn to let go some of your control of him Sam, because it is just an illusion, no one can control him. But I think you can still be family, you have to both meet each other half way."

"If we find him, I think after I get everything settled with Ashley we should take a little vacation. The three of us, you, me, Jamie. We leave La Push for a while and go some where anywhere. No wolves or vampires, just a family together." I suggested.

Emily smiled. "That sounds like a great idea."

"And I'll try not to yell at him when he gets back."

"Even better," she smiled more.

"Don't get to excited I said I would try," I grinned at her.

"Oh Sam." she laughed.

I grabbed her and hugged her close, then I kissed her and she returned it. I was so willing to think things were going to look up when two things happened. One bringing good news and the other bad. First the phone rang and Emily went to go answer it.

Then the sound of my door being violently slammed open made me ready for a fight, but then I saw it was Paul and I knew what was wrong before the words left his mouth. "Alex has run off!"

"What?! I thought you were looking after her!"

"I was but she snapped and took off, she is as fast as Leah, Colin and Brady tried to stop her but she took them both down, I had to let the others tend to them and I came looking for you right away!" he said looking frantic.

"Do you know where she went?" I asked already knowing where.

"She's heading for the Cullen's, she's heading for Leah."

"How does she know she is there?" I asked.

"One of the pups phased and she heard what he was thinking and she took off, she's lost it Sam!"

Just then Emily came running in. "It was Jared he knows about Alex, he found Jamie, he's on his way back, they both are." she smiled.

"Good, Em I want you to call the Cullens and give them a heads up. I don't want them to hurt her," I said. "Paul come with me, we need to go to the Cullen's." I said quickly.

"Shouldn't we get more reinforcements?" he asked.

"She may be out of control but if her wolf is in control then she will have to listen to my orders."

"What if the Cullen's kill her before we get there?"

I pulled my lips back into a snarl. "If they hurt her I will bring hell on them, it's their fault this happened in the first place. If they had never come to Forks we would have never have phased."

Emily came in. "There is no answer," she said grimly.

"Call the hospital and ask for Carlisle, we going there now!"

I went running out the door with Paul following. The door was hanging of it's hinges, I would have to remember to fix it later. As soon as I and Paul were in the woods we phased, not even bothering with our clothes. Our destination the Cullen's.


Jamie P.O.V

I ran as fast as I could. But I had to be careful though, with Ashley hanging on my back I had to be careful I didn't nock her off. If my plan was to succeed I need her in one piece.

She was enjoying the ride though. Her fingers were petting my fur, whether it was on purpose or not I did not know. But Ferinir loved the feel of her body on us. For every stroke of her fingers against our fur was heaven.

I was disgusted with my alter ego. Such a powerful beast brought low by a single little girl.

"She's a nice proper girl, you should marry her." my mother said.

I didn't bother to answer her that would risk exposing me and my plan to any other wolf who was phased at the moment. I wasn't too concerned with Alex finding out, She was busy fighting Esme.

As painful as it was to listen to her thoughts I had to know every move she was making. I had to know how stable or unstable she was. To know if there was some smidge of Alex in that wolf mind.

My plan depended on it.

Esme P.O.V

I have never been one for violence, but every mother has her claws. I may not be related to those children but I have fed them, clothed them, played with them, laughed with them, and raised them. If that isn't motherhood I don't know what is.

As much as I hated to break the windows it gave me the element of surprise. I may be a house wife but I made sure I learned plenty of ways to fight. I had to remember to thank Jasper for giving me these lessons if I make it out of this alive.

I had an opportunity when I surprised her to sink my teeth into her and let loose the venom that is poison for shifters. But I hesitated, if Jasper was here he would be upset with me 'Never waist an opportunity to take you're opponent down you may not get a second chance.' he used to say.

Even though every instinct I had said kill; I resisted. Why? Because I know that deep down this beast was once a plain human girl whop was simply caught up in our madness. I remembered the Seattle vampire's we killed. I had been so difficult for me to do that. Some of those vampires had been teenagers. Teenagers made into monsters by Victoria. But I had to kill them they meant to kill my family and me.

That didn't make it any easier for me though. We all faced our own inner turmoil at doing what we did. Some like Jasper or Emmett hid it better then others. I wasn't one of them. I thought to myself afterwards how many of those children had mothers who would never see their babies again? How many women lost the lives they went through so much pain to bring into the world? I knew the pain of losing a child all too well.

I still remember that poor girl Bree. I had hoped we could have helped her with her new life, added that poor girl into our family and help her reclaim her humanity. I had hoped at least one person could have been spared Victoria's madness. But the Volturi showed up and took her life ruthlessly. And I know if she was in her right mind Alex wouldn't be doing this. From what Leah told me Alex was like Sam a stocker for rules. Leah said Alex may be pushy, and over competitive but she was fair and honorable. And if there was still a chance for her how could I end her life?

There was also what Leah told us what Sam said that stayed my hand. If I struck down Alex then the wolves might seek retribution. I decided I need not kill this girl, I merely have to by time for Leah and the pup's to get away call for help and for the others to come and help restrain her then Sam can come and collect her.

I may have decided to go easy on this girl but she had decided no to give me the same treatment. I was able to dodge many of her attacks but even for a wild out of control wolf she was quick. But even if she was out of control she was still a shifter and they were to us what mongoose was to a snake. The instincts that called for our lives rode her and gave her an uncanny ability even though she was in a rage.

All I had to do was wait for the others they would be here soon. Knowing Carlisle he would use every ounce of speed he possessed to get here. All my family would rush here to protect me and our home. Not because we were vampires or had some small humanity left. But because we are family and that is what families do, they protect each other.

I wish I could say I was wining the fight, but like I said of all my family me and Bella had the worse fighting skills. I know for a fact if Rose was here she would be giving Alex a better fight then me. The only reason I did so well against the newborns was because I had decades to practice fighting and an orderly mind to focus with. Those children neither knew how to really fight and were too wild with their new thirst and instincts to fight well.

But the shifters are resourceful even when in the power of their instincts. Even under her berserker rage Alex was still a dangerous adversary. I had claw marks on my body and my clothes were in tatters. I was trying not to hurt her to much but even if you're a human there is only so long you can fight your instincts to kill or be killed.

All I had to do was get my arms around her throat and squeeze. Get enough air out of her till she passes out, no harm done. She rushed at me and I was able to dodge her and when I saw my chance I wrapped my arms around her and began to squeeze. She tried throwing me off but once I cut off her air supply her actions only served to make her tire more easily. Soon she began to gasp for air and finally she fell to her side, her breath shallow.

I let her go and got up I backed away and she made no move, I turned to go to the house and make some calls. As I dusted myself off I heard a sound. I was very foolish; if Jasper had been there he would be very upset with me. 'Never turn your back on your enemy unless you know their dead.' I realized the error of my ways to little too late. I had enough time to turn and see a monstrous set of jaws heading for me. And as the beast tore me from limb to limb I realized she was smart enough to realize the power of playing possum. I had underestimated her; another lesson Jasper had taught me. He was a good teacher to bad I was a bad student


I won't go into details of my dismemberment. That is a hell I will keep to myself. While I tried to pointlessly fight back and felt myself being torn I thought of many things. Carlisle, my family, the pup's, the friends and acquaintances I have made, my son, my former husband. They say life flashes before your eyes before you die, that is true even for the dead.


Jamie P.O.V

I watched as Alex tore Esme to pieces. I knew Esme would live, Alex had no way of starting a fire and as long as that scenario didn't happen Esme would be able to be brought back. I always wondered if a vampire was beheaded are they aware of it?

I would soon find out.


Leah P.O.V

I took the pups and ran, what else could I do? Their safety was a priority.

I promised Esme I would take them to safety but I never said I wouldn't come back for her. Once we were far enough away I called up Alice, then Edward, then Carlisle. The hospital said he had left and somehow I knew he knew what was wrong. I assumed Sam or someone called to let him know what was wrong. They would be here soon.

The pups were scared of course. They were all so worried for Esme who in the months of caring for them had become a surrogate mother to them all. "Alright, you all stay here,

"I'm going back." I said to them all.

Soon a chorus of a dozen voices sounded. The children were screaming and begging me to stay.

"No please!"

"I'm scared!"

"Don't leave us!"

"She'll kill you!"

Some had even clung to my legs begging me not to go.

"That's enough!" I said firmly and sharply. They all flinched at the sharpness of my voice. "Esme needs my help, I am going back to help her. The wolf wants me and she wants nothing to do with you." I said gently but firmly. "I know your all scared but I need to you to be big boys now, I need to know I can trust you all to take care of yourselves and each other while I'm gone."

I was amazed to see the fear and uncertainty leave their faces, instead it was all replaced by strength and resolve I was unaware such young children were capable of. Then I realized they were hardly children. And it wasn't because they are werewolves, life had forced them to grow up already.

All the pain, the loss, and the anguish they had to endure when they turned into wolves. The abandonment of their family's, the rejection of the older wolves, the danger of themselves and each other, all the fighting they did. It all toughened them up. Made them more mature beyond their years. All it needed was the right conditions to show itself.

"This is the future"-I thought to myself-"one day the torch will be passed and they will inherit La Push. This is the future of the packs blooming right before my eyes."

I had a sudden vision. Nothing like what Alice has but a little day dream if you will. I saw these young boys because now seeing their faces I could not call them children. I saw them, ten to twenty years from now. All grown up, their teeth and claws sharpened, their paws smaller but stronger, their puppy fat gone replaced by solid fur and muscle. I saw them as a pack roaming the woods protecting the tribe as their brothers and forefathers before them had done.

I saw them as humans too, all grown up and buff. I saw them going to school and making friends and making dumb decisions that would come back to bite them, I saw them learning and making their own lives. I saw them finding love and having their own children one day.

Both images brought both a sense of happiness and pride into my heart. A happiness a mother must fell when she sees the labors she takes have such fine results and the pride a caregiver has when the lessons we teach sculpt our charges into something so well.

I fought back tears of delight, my stomach filled with hope for these small boys. After everything they have been through they were still putting on brave faces, ready to grow up ahead of their time. But now wasn't the time for mushy crap, save that for later.

"Okay now I want you all to listen if I'm not back in an hour I want you to go back to La Push. Find some of the wolves there and stay with them okay?"

They all nodded and said okay. Bobby walked up to me and hugged me. He was tall enough to reach just above me knees. He hugged my legs so tight I almost feel. Soon all of them were hugging me. It turned into one giant group hug; some of them could wrap their arms around me so they hugged the one in front of them. It was such a Kodak moment. I had such a tough choice. Part of me wanted to stay with them and make their fear go away but I was not going to leave Esme to die, not after all she has done for me.

The best I could do was kiss them on the heads and give them all a big hug. I hugged Bobby last and pulled back to face him. "Bobby how old are you?"

"Eight, nine in a few months," he said.

"Listen Bobby since you're the oldest it's your job to protect the others. Can you be the man of the pack while I'm gone?" I asked him.

"Like Jake or Sam?" he asked.

"Yeah, I really need your help Bobby, can I trust you to keep them safe?" I asked.

"Yes Leah I promise," he said.

"Good boy." I kissed him on his head.

I quickly turned and ran, some of the boys called out words of cheer and encouragement wishing me luck. I smiled to myself, their words provided a small comfort for what I was to face.

I phased and quickly ran to the Cullen's. I was there within minutes. I was not prepared for the sight that greeted me. Alex had torn Esme to pieces. There were bits and pieces of her all over the lawn. She had Esme's leg in her mouth and was shaking it back and forth.

I felt a deep rage building within me. A rage that had been with me for years now, a rage that had been a small spark but grew into a roaring flame after each tragedy. I was having trouble processing these body bits as Esme. Esme who was so sweet and innocent she put snow white to shame. Esme who had taken in a dozen werewolf pups to care for them, Esme who was so loved by so many.

Alex caught my scent and turned to face me. She growled and charged me, dropping the arm in the process. I remembered the story's of how vampires putting themselves back together. If I was to save Esme I had to put Alex down. And if Sam doesn't like it, fuck him.

I recalled Jamie's words. "Leah watch your back. And if it comes down between you and her don't hesitate to strike her down."

I roared and charged Alex. To my knowledge a wolf had never killed another wolf. First time for everything.


Jamie P.O.V

I cursed to myself when I saw Leah begin to fight Alex.

I began to run faster, if I wasn't carrying Ashley I would be there by now. I would be there in a few moments. I could hear Sam. He wanted to use his Alpha voice but with Alex now fighting Leah he was afraid it would give Leah the opportunity to kill Alex.

Idiot, he is choosing Alex over Leah. I had to hurry he wasn't to far behind and I had to get to Alex before him. I might also need the extra time to get a good head start. Once I killed Alex Sam would come for me, I bet my life on it.

Oh wait I already am betting my life.

I was worried though, Alex was a fierce opponent. Leah beat her once but Alex was hell bent on killing Leah. It was her instincts wanting to get rid of the competition. When someone man or beast truly puts there minds on something they can beat all the odds. I wish Leah had some kind of help.


The Pup's P.O.V

A few minutes after Leah left the pups were growing anxious.

Young Bobby was doing a good job keeping his pack brothers calm. He would do his best to keep his promise to Leah. But it still frustrated him to stay there and do nothing while Esme and Leah fought the wolf. A sentiment shared by his pack brothers.

Once upon a time they had all been perfectly normal boys. Then many month's ago one by one they all began to turn into wolves as a result of the overwhelming number of vampires in the area.

They had no idea what was happening to them, their bodies were changing and there emotions were in over drive. And soon they began to phase growing hair in places no human should grow. Their families did not know what to do; it was not long before the older wolves found them.

The children so scared and angry phased so many times, one of them had actually scared his brother when he phased. The parents fearing for their lives sent their son's to live with the other wolves adding fuel to the pup's rage. Their phasing caused massive damage to the wolves' houses and they were too dangerous to be around humans. It was Jake who came up with the Cullen's to keep watch over them. Sam's pack was against it but many were happy to be rid of them. Seeing no other choice the pups were moved to the Cullen's.

It was tense at first; their instincts told them to attack the pale faces. And their smell was unbearable to their young noses. But over time they grew to love the Cullen's. All of them. They loved Emmett and his own childishness, they loved Jasper who they thought was cool, they loved Carlisle who was really nice, they loved Rose who liked to spoil them, they loved sweet Esme who was so kind and gentle with them, they loved Alice who bought them clothes and had chewy shoes, they loved Edward and his boring music, Bella with her dry humor and Nessie whom many harbored a secret crush.

Jake was cool, they all thought he was the coolest wolf ever. He was fairer and patient then Sam and he never used his power on them. Even the other members of Jake's pack were fun to be around.

The Cullen house had become a haven for the pups. When all others had given up on them or wanted nothing to do with them the people who were supposed to be their natural enemies took them in and gave them a chance. And now all they could do was watch as some wolf came in and tried to ruin that. Bobby made a promise to Leah, but to his young mind promises were made to be broken.

"Bobby?" Eric asked.


Eric stood next to him he was a little smaller then Bobby but only because he was younger. "What are we going to do? Esme and Leah are in trouble."

"A vampire and another wolf are more then enough to deal with Alex," Bobby said.

"But Alex is Sam's cousin if they hurt her then he'll hurt them." Eric said.

"But they are defending themselves, why would he do that?" Bobby asked.

"Remember when Chris phased? Well some of Sam's pack was phased too and he heard some of their thoughts. Sam knew Alex wanted to fight Leah and he never told her or the Cullen's. He hates the Cullen's and don't forget what you heard Leah telling the Cullen's what he said."

Bobby turned to look at Chris. "You heard his pack?"

"We all have, every time we heard what Sam and his pack thinks of the Cullen's they would love to kill them," Chris said.

There was a murmur of agreements in the small group. Everyone knew how Sam and his pack felt about the Cullen's. Their poor minds had been witness to some very disturbing fantasies some of Sam's pack had of the Cullen's demise.

"Well what can we do then? Were just kids." a wolf called Derek said.

Suddenly Bobby had an idea. "That's it! Let's go help Leah fight!"

Eleven pairs of eyes widened in disbelief at these bold statements. "Are you high! She is a full grown wolf and our claws aren't even sharp enough to hurt a vampire. Emmett himself laughs at us when we chew on him, he says it tickles."

Some of the young wolves frowned while others murmured under their breath. Emmett was cool but they hated it how he would tease them and mock them when their attempted efforts to attack him failed. Even children have a sense of pride.

"Think about it guys, if we help Leah and Esme fight Alex or even knock her out for them, that way Sam and his pack can't do any thing because were kids," Bobby said. "Think how impressed and proud people would be."

Now remember Bobby was still a young man, and young men are prone to illusions of grander and respect by their elders. Day dreams like these are hard to resist even for older men.

The other pups liked the sound of those words; their eyes were filled with the idea of being heroes.

"Come on guys, how can we sit here and let some crazy wolf tear down our home? After every thing the Cullen's have done for us. We can't just let them down."

One by one the pup's looked to one another then to Bobby. They said no words; all they needed was a single look. "We're with you Bobby, lead us into battle!"

All the boy's cheered in delight. "Okay lets hurry and run there, if Leah knows were coming it might distract her and she could get hurt, when were close enough we'll phase."

Bobby turned and followed the path Leah ran when she went to go back to the Cullen's. His brothers followed and they all had to resist the urge to phase. The thrill of the on coming fight, the adrenaline running through their veins. The unity of a pack.

It would have been truly inspiring if one of the pups didn't trip on his own feet.


Leah P.O.V

I had to hand it to Alex she was still one tough bitch.

We were both covered in dirt and blood, some ours, some belonging to the other. My pack was already alerted to my fight and they were coming.

"Don't worry Leah were coming!" Seth shouted.

"Edward called me Leah I'm on my way and so is Sam!" Jake said.

"Fat lot of help he is, is every one coming?" I asked. I sensed all my pack brothers reply, letting me know Jake's pack was coming. "Good because I need your help all of you for when the Cullen's get back."

"Explain," Jake said.

I showed them all what Alex had done to Esme.

"Oh my God!" Seth gasped.

"Jesus Christ the Cullen's are going to kill her!" Nathan said.

"Exactly, and if they do that Sam will be hell bent on revenge," I said.

I had to end my talk with them because Alex rushed at me. And the fight went on.


Jamie P.O.V

I stopped when we got near the Cullen's house.

Ashley got off me and I phased and quickly put a pair of sweats on. I turned to face her and she was beat red. She obviously had never seen naked man before.

"Umm, so where is Ashley?" she asked.

"Just a little way's now, we need to walk the rest of the way. Now I need to let you know what you will see may shock you. But just know what you are doing will help save Alex," I said.

She nodded. "Okay."

"Now I need you to trust me, can you do that?" I asked her.

"Yes Jamie, I trust you with my life," she smiled.

"Good," I said. I grabbed her by the throat and put her in a strong hold. She struggled and her face filled with fear. "Now let's go see Alex."


Leah P.O.V

I was able to dodge many of Alex's attacks. It wasn't easy though, the bitch was fast.

I had decided to lay off the fighting though, soon Jake and the others would be here and together we could all stop her.

I was so focused on her I missed the round cold object I almost tripped on. I looked down and expected a rock, instead I found the severed head of Esme Cullen. I stared at Esme's head in horror, the shock of seeing it stopped me in my tracks, but when the eyes of the head opened and looked at me and the mouth opened but no words came out, now that was fucking distracting.

So distracting it gave Alex the opportunity she needed to rush me. Before I knew it she had me pined to the ground. I fought her trying to keep her jaws from my throat.

"Leah no!" Seth shouted.

"GET HER!" a small boyish voice shouted.

Alex and me looked up, my eyes widened in shock and terror. There running towards us was the pup's.

"What the hell are they doing their going to get killed!" Jake shouted.

Alex snarled at the pup's hoping to scare them away. I hoped it would work, I hope she scared them shitless and sent them the other way. Sadly that was not the case. The boy's charged at her, shouting a battle cry. Alex was surprised, surprised a bunch of kids were charging her.

Before I could stop them they phased. They spread out and circled her. I saw there thoughts, they decided to hit her from every side.

"Don't worry Leah we'll save you!" Bobby said.

"If we live I am whipping every one of your asses!" I snarled.

"We love you too," Eric said.

"All right boys, tonight we do our brothers and ancestors proud. CHARGE!" Bobby shouted.

They all charged at her. Alex didn't know which way to face. One of the wolves jumped on her back and began to chew on her neck. She growled and another wolf clamped down on her back leg and began to draw her back, to more wolves did that two her two front paws. She lost her footing and landed on her side. Soon she was lost under a giant pile of deadly puppies.

"Wow, look at them go," Quil said.

"Where did they learn to fight like that?" Embry asked.

"I wonder?" Jake said thinking sternly at me.

"Hey in today's world a wolf needs to know how to fight," I said defensively.

"Oh my God guys she killed Esme! Look there is her head!" one of the pups wailed at the sight of Esme's head.

"Oh shit," I thought.

The fury of Esme's loss sent them into over drive; their instincts were in control now. They were calling for blood. The bit and clawed at Alex over whelming her with their numbers. But Alex was done playing.

With a mighty roar she rose from the pile, sending pups flying left and right. She grabbed one pup in her mouth and sent it flying. The wolf cried in pain as her teeth cut through its body.

Oh hell no! No one lays a hand on my kids except me! I got up and ran at Alex and knocked her over. She shot up and clawed the side of my chest. The wolves had circled around their fallen comrade protecting him. He was okay, just hurt.

Blood gushed form the claw marks and I think a rib or two broke. Alex went for my throat and I had a minute to say my goodbye's to my pack when a voice shouted.


We all turned to look. I had seen a lot of shocking things in the last hour. But the sight of Jamie Uley holding a struggling Ashley by the throat was still shocking for me.


Jamie P.O.V

My timing was flawless.

Alex was staring at me and Ashley and there was a string of something human in those eyes. Ashley was trying to say something but I kept her mouth covered, I wasn't in the mood to hear begging.

"I think you have done enough damage Alex. Attacking a Cullen and tearing her apart, breaking the treaty, attacking the beta of another pack, attacking children. Sam would be ashamed," I said.

She growled and made a move to run at me but I removed my hand from Ashley's throat and applied some pressure to her neck. "Oh God please stop it hurts, Alex help me!" she cried.

Alex stopped and there was pain in her eyes. She was glaring at me with a look of pure hate and death and looking at her sister with fear, fear for her life which I now held in her hands.

"Now I know you're in there some where in all that raw animal instinct, but unless you want your sister to be paralyzed from the neck down back away from Leah and the others and come claim your sister. Oh and do your best to phase, I know it hurts but I don't care," I said.

Alex growled and began to trot over to me. Once she was close enough I stopped her with a wave of my hand. I saw Leah phase back to human. The pup's were either looking away to avoid seeing Leah's behind or to stuck looking at the scene unraveling before them.

"Jamie the others are coming," Leah called.

Sorry Leah but this isn't about restraining her. "Alex phase now." I pulled on some of Ashley's hair and she let out whimpers of pain.

Alex howled in anger. She bared her teeth at me but I sent her a warning look. She closed her eyes and her body began to implode on itself. The process was slow, I heard bones and muscles tearing and absorbing themselves. Alex was crying in pain. I felt nothing for her. I could not for what I was about to do.

"Damn you!" Alex said.

"I guess seeing your sister was enough to snap you out of it." I sneered.

"I curse the day your mother spread he legs and popped you out! Sam will kill you for this and if he doesn't I will!"

"I wouldn't be making threats if I was you, I have all the cards," I said jerking Ashley forward. "Now come and get her if you want her."

Her eyes were still full of madness, she was struggling so hard to stay in control. She walked forward her movements feral and jerky. Like she was trying to walk in a different body. She began to talk as she walked. "Fucking psycho, you think were so different? I know you're losing it too, one day soon you will snap too, that extra personality or what ever mind fuck you have will make every one turn on you. Your so fucking dead you don't even know it!"

She was five feet away from me, close enough. Before I could strike a voice rang out.

"Alex! Jamie!" Alex turned to see Sam and Paul running towards us. That was all I needed.

I picked up Ashley by her shirt and using all my strength I tossed her at Alex. Alex caught her and I ran up to her while she struggled to hold Ashley. I punched her in the stomach and I heard ribs crack. She dropped Ashley and clutched her stomach, I ran up behind her kicked her in the knee causing her to fall on her knee, I wrapped my hands on either side of her head and I twisted until I heard a snap so loud it seemed to echo into my very soul. Alex fell to the ground, her neck at an odd angle. That was my first murder.

"ALEX! NOOOOO!" Sam screamed in despair.

Ashley was screaming. It was an inhuman scream. Something so low and piteous it sent chills down my spine. She ran to Alex's body and flung herself onto her dead sister, raising a din like no other.

Sam joined her and picked up Alex and cradled her body to his. I was to busy looking at Alex to pay attention to Sam or anyone else. Her eyes were open now. A few minutes ago they had been filled with a feral madness. Now they were empty. I took in the whole damn scene. Sam, Ashley, Alex and you know what I felt?



Leah P.O.V

I stared in horror at the sight before me.

He killed her; he snapped her neck like a twig. I watched as Sam cried for his fallen cousin and my heart hurt for him. I wanted to go to him and comfort him. But I knew this was a grief that should not be interrupted. I remember how people tried to comfort me when my dad died and I hated them for it.

Within seconds wolves filled the Cullen lawn. My pack. A few had phased and were tending to the pups. The one who Alex chewed on would live but it would take a day to heal.

Jake and Seth came running up to me. Seth instantly wrapped his arms around me even though I was in wolf form and covered in blood. There were tears on his face and I licked them away. He laughed and got up so Jake could hand me some extra clothes he brought. I quickly phased and put the shirt and pants on.

Soon the sounds of more wolves were heard and many of Sam's pack had joined us as well. "I called everyone I could and told them to come here," Jared said walking towards us.

"Good they can help," I said.

"With what?" Jared asked.

"ESME!" a voice shouted.

We all turned and saw one of the pups's clutching Esme's head. He watched as she blinked and worded something to him. I thought vampires could speak if their heads are severed, but since she was lacking lungs right now that made it tough to speak. Even vampires needed are if they wanted to form words.

"She's alive, ALIVE!" the pup said jumping up and down with delight.

Poor Esme. It was bad enough she was dismembered, now she was being bounced around. "Stop that!" I shouted at him.

The pup looked sheepish. "Sorry," he said to Esme.

Esme looked over at me and worded thank you to me.

"Alright, all of you help me put Esme together," I said to everyone.

"I am not helping a leech," one of Sam's boys's said.

"Listen asshole, the Cullen's are on their way and when they see all of us here and Esme in pieces they won't be very pleased…especially seeing as it was a member of your pack who did it. So shut up and help us." Jake said.

The wolf shut up and helped us put the pieces together. It didn't take long but there were a lot of pieces to find. We wanted to make sure every bit was found. The pups argued over which piece went were. In the end we decided to wait for Carlisle to get back since he knew human anatomy better then anyone.

In fact it was when we managed to attach Esme to what was left of her chest when the Cullen's finally showed up. When Carlisle saw his wife he let out a roar of rage and rushed over to her. We were smart and got out of the way. All the Cullen's crowded around her.

"Who did this!" Carlisle raged. "Who did this?"

"Alex," I said pointing to her body.

They followed the point of my finger and saw Sam and Ashley still weeping over Alex's body. Jamie was still watching them, his face a slate of nothing and coldness.

"What happened?" Carlisle asked.

"Jamie killed her, he snapped her neck." I said.

They all looked shocked at that. We helped them find some more pieces, Alice rushed inside to get a blanket to give Esme some decency.

"I'm sorry every one," Esme said when they attached enough of her together. "I was trying to wait for everyone to show up, I didn't want to cause an incident with the wolves."

"Fuck the wolves you should have killed the crazy mutt!" Rose said.

Some of Sam's wolves growled. The Cullen's growled back. "Leah saved me, she came back for me." Esme smiled.

Carlisle walked up to me and hugged me. I was surprised. It was so sudden and he was hugging me so hard I thought my spine was going to snap. "Thank you Leah, thank you so much!" Carlisle said. I know if he could cry he would be dripping tears right now.

"Least I could do, we families have to stick together," I said sending Esme a wink. She beamed at me.

"Are the pup's okay?" Esme asked.

"Yeah there fine, little punks actually came and fought Alex," I said.

The pups came running up carrying some bits and pieces of Esme. "Here are some more of your parts Esme," Bobby said.

"Didn't I tell you all to stay hidden," I said harshly. I know I should be grateful but I was still mad at them for putting themselves at risk. "Whose idea was it to do this?"

All the pups except Bobby took a big step back at my glare. He looked behind and saw his brothers had singled him out.

"Traitors," he mumbled.

"Come here," I said to him.

He reluctantly walked over to us his eyes downcast. "I'm sorry Leah," he said.

"Didn't I tell you I was depending on you?" I said.


"Didn't I say I wanted you to take care of the others?"



"I didn't want you to die," he said his eyes misting.

"None of us did," Eric said stepping forward. "We all agreed to come rescue you."

One by one all the pups came to stand next to their brother. I was feeling some pride for their unity.

"You had no right to do that I was fine." I said not wavering.

"She was going to kill you Leah," Chris said.

"Yeah and she tore Esme to pieces!"

"This is our home too you know!"

"Yeah we weren't going to let our family get killed!"

"Yeah, if we are supposed to be protectors then why should we run!"

"Enough," Jake said and they all quieted down. "Although you intentions were good you still disobeyed orders. Leah what will the sentence be?" he asked. I was supposed to be in charge of discipline.

I looked at the pups, then to the Cullen's who were watching the scene with some surprise at the pups referring to them as family. I sighed. "Well you did disobey me, but if it wasn't for you I would be dead, credit where credit is do. You won't be punished this time." They sighed in relief. "But if you ever…EVER, pull a stunt like that again I will spank you until your butts are raw."

They nodded their heads quickly. "Now go give Esme her…bits and pieces."

They rushed over to Esme and hugged her and helped put her together, with Carlisle's help. "Well done Leah, I knew you would train them well," Jake said.

"Thanks," I smiled.

A shrill scream ran through the air. We turned and saw Ashley run at Jamie. She was crying and beating at Jamie with her fists. He did nothing to stop her, as far as he was concerned she wasn't there.

"You monster, you demon, you killed her, you killed my sister!" Ashley screamed.

Sam's pack snarled and circled Jamie making sure he could not run away. But he didn't look like he was planning on running this time.

"I hope you burn in hell for this, I hate you, I wish you would just fucking die!"

She let out a sob and slid to her knees; she covered her eyes and continued to cry. Jamie watched her with an expressionless look on his face. Then Sam got up. He gently placed Alex's head down and closed her eye lids. He turned to Jamie and rushed him.

I gasped. Sam slammed into Jamie, slamming him onto the ground. He pulled his fist back and punched Jamie on the face, then again, then again, then again. He wasn't going to stop he was going to kill him!

I ran towards them despite Jake and Seth calling for me to stop. Sam's wolves blocked me though, they growled at me warning me to keep my distance. I couldn't stop this many wolves and I was still wounded.

"Sam stop!" I shouted.

He ignored me and continued to punch Jamie. I looked at Jasper and sent him a look. He nodded and I felt waves of calm spreading throughout the air. But Sam was still pounding him. Then he stopped he was breathing heavily.

"Is that it Sam?" Jamie asked. "Is that the best you have to offer Alex? She must be so disappointed right now."

He was taunting him! The crazy son of a bitch was taunting Sam! Does he have a death wish?

"Look at you, your so pathetic," Jamie sneered. "Crying over a fallen wolf. I could understand if she was like Leah, a real perfectly functional wolf. But she was a mad wolf and she had to be put down. You should have had the balls to do it yourself, but instead you let your emotions get in the way. I did you a favor, I put her out of her misery, I save her from the hell you put her in."

"Liar!" Ashley shouted. "You promised me we were going to save her!"

"And we did, I didn't lie. The only way to save her was to kill her. She was to dangerous and wild to be aloud to let live. Her attacking Leah and Esme proves it," he said looking at Ashley.

"Then we should kill you! Your wild and dangerous, everyone knows you could snap lets kill you!"

"Yeah that's the difference between me and Alex, I could control my madness," he said.

"He's right Sam," Jared said. Everyone looked at him shocked. Sam looked at him betrayed.

"Have you decided to side against me?" Sam asked.

"I was the one who sent Jamie to kill her." Jared said.

The silence in the air was so profound, I stared at Jared shocked beyond description, we all were. Jared was Sam's right hand man. He was his beta before Jake joined the pack, he was the beta after Jake left. No one was more loyal to Sam then Jared.

"What?" Sam asked.

"When you sent me to find him, I told him to go to her and kill her. I am ashamed to say I could not do it myself because I could not bear the thought of hurting Alex, I knew her growing up. Sam I loved Alex to, but she was to great a risk." he said trying to appeal to Sam.

"Shut up! Just shut up!"

"It's true Sam," I said drawing his attention. "If Jamie hadn't shown up she would have killed me, she attacked Esme and tore her to pieces, Esme who risked her life to by time for me and the pups to run for it, hell she attacked the pups!"

"Silence! You are not of my pack, this does not concern you!"

"Come on Sam, if the Cullen's wanted they could declare war! One of your packs attacked them, that's a major compromise of the treaty. Jamie helped save Esme, what would have happened if she killed me and Esme?" I said.

Carlisle got up and stood next to me. "She is right Sam, I am indebted to this young man for saving my wife's life. And since you are in our territory I insist you not harm him," he said.

"Mind your business leech!" Paul snarled. "A wolf has been killed, we have laws that demand his blood. Blood for blood."

I knew the law, better then Paul. After I phased my mom made sure Seth and me knew the rules better then anyone else. I could save Jamie, I knew I could. Next time I saw mom I was going to thank her.

"Actually Paul the law says if a wolf kills another wolf with out cause it is a death sentence. But if there is considered just cause or another wolf can vouch for the accused then the elders will hold a meeting to discus the fate of the wolf." I said.

"You can't vouch for him, you're not even our pack!" Paul said.

"Your just pissed because Jamie beat your ass." Seth said.

Paul snarled at him. "Yeah I'm pissed about that, but not as pissed as I am one of our own was killed."

"Jared we had a deal." Jamie said.

"What deal?" Sam demanded.

Jared sighed. "I promised when the time came I would stand by him. And I will. I invoke our law, I wish for there to be a meeting of the elders to decide his fate. To here Jamie's story so justice may be done," Jared said using the words of a law older then even the Cullen's.

Sam let Jamie drop, his face was a bloody mess. He walked up to Jared and got right up in his face. "I should kill you for your betrayal," he hissed.

Jared looked away unable to meet Sam's gaze. "I won't ask for your forgiveness, after this is over I will accept any punishment you see fit, I won't ask for a ruling from the elders."

"Paul, collect Jamie take him to La Push. All of you keep an eye on him." He walked over and picked up Alex's body. "Ashley will you attend? You have every right to call for his head."

She glared at Jamie. "I will, I want him dead."

"We will attend," Jake said.

"As will we," Carlisle said.

"Since he saved our lives we have a right to be there," I said referring to me and Esme.

"Fine, be there," Sam spat. Two of his wolves walked side by side with him as he carried Alex's body. Jamie went with them unresisting. Heading toward what could possibly be his death.


It didn't take long for the elders to make a meeting. The next day we were to discuss Jamie's fate. I was at home talking to my mom telling her my side of the story before the meeting. "Well sweetie I will vote for any thing that doesn't involve death. He did save you after all," she said.

I said nothing. I was thinking of how he saved me, how he risked an innocent girls life to save mine. "Do you think the other elders would vote for something that doesn't involve death?" I asked.

"Hard to say, they fear the boy. It has been a very long time since we had a trial. To kill a wolf is a very serious offense and he has a whole bunch of other stuff stacked against him. I won't lie Leah, it doesn't look good."

"I know," I said.

"I know you are not going to let him die Leah. I know you must have some sort of plan to save him." Mom said.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"I'm your mother. I always know." she smiled.

"Well, if we can avoid the death penalty with a good enough punishment you think the elders will go for it?"

"Sure, what did you have in mind?" she asked.

I told her my idea for a punishment. "Well that certainly is a unique punishment," she laughed.

"But it will work, I know him well enough to know this will grind his nerves more then anything else."

"Well you better go and talk to Sam, see if you can get him to convince the elders to go for this punishment."

An hours later I went to find Sam. He was at home getting ready for the trial. Emily was going too, I didn't speak to her, I knew from the look on her face though she was hoping Jamie would make it out. Sam was willing to talk to me, but it had to be outside away from prying ears. Away from Emily. I didn't like that that meant what he had to say wasn't good for Jamie.

"Sam, how are you?" I asked.


"Right sorry. Look please spare Jamie, let him live." I begged him.

I thought he would yell or shout. Instead he slumped and looked so defeated. "I wish I could. After I had time to cool off I reevaluated what I had done. I know what he did was a necessity, but I can't help but be furious with him for what he did and how he did it."

"What about Jared?" I asked. I know Sam wouldn't demand his life. If he was kicked out of Sam's pack we could take him in. We take in all kinds of wolves now a days.

"I am keeping him in my pack, but he will be demoted, my new beta will be Paul," he said.


"Yes and I won't explain my decision. They both did wrong, Jared's years of loyal service gives him some leeway. But Jamie has broken more then one rule. All his actions are coming to bite him in the ass Leah. If I could go back and stop myself from making this decision I would. But it's out of my hands now, the elders demand a trial. And Ashley won't be persuaded, she wants him dead."

"He did kill her sister." I said.

"I know that, I was there." he snapped.

"Sorry….Sam do you really want to save Jamie?" I asked.

He thought for a minute then sighed. "Yes I do. I didn't give up on Alex even though I knew all along she was a lost cause. But that's what family's do, we protect each other. I know I made some really bad calls with her. But I was too blinded by my love for her that I could not think straight. Jamie was right my emotions made me weak."

"Then what would you be willing to do to save him?" I asked.

"Why?" he asked suspiciously.

"My mom has already said she would make sure he doesn't get death. Billy has said he will vote for anything but death. But they want punishment, like you they are none too thrilled with the vigilantism or the pill popping."

"I agree, I love him but not enough to let him get away from everything. He broke many laws and brother or no brother I can't let it pass. Maybe if I had been more firm with Alex none of this would have happened," he said.

"Then I have a proposal to you, something that will satisfy our justice system and allow Jamie to live."

"I'm all ears." he said.


Jamie P.O.V

They wrapped me in chains to make sure I wouldn't phase. They also injected me with a powerful sedative to restrict what ever it was that allowed me to phase.

"My poor baby, my poor baby," my mother wailed. "It's all my fault, if I raised you better then none of this would have happened."

I didn't respond. I was not afraid to die. Is that weird? All these years I have struggled to survive and yet not when I face certain death I fear not.

The door opened and I thought they were coming to take me to the elders. To my surprise Leah stood there closing the door behind her.

"Leah?" I said.

She kneeled beside me and kissed my forehead. "Hello Jamie, I bring you both good and bad news." she said.

"What?" I asked.

"We had the meeting, Carlisle came, Esme still needs some healing time but she will be okay. We integrated the wolves that helped you go after the dealers, then me and Carlisle and a few of the pups said what we had to say. Then Sam and Ashley said what they had to say."

"Sam wants me dead." I said stating a fact.

"No, he revoked his request for your death. Ashley demands it however and since it was her sister you killed." she trailed off.

"So what's the good news?" I asked.

"Sense Alex was going crazy and was a threat and did attack me and Esme the council has decided not to kill you. But since you did almost risk exposing us with your little stunt with the dealers they decided that there would have to be punishment. You ruffled a lot of feathers with your actions," she said.

"What's my punishment?"

"It was my idea, your punishment is…you must remain in La Push for the rest of your life."

I stared at her unblinking. "That's it?" I asked.

"The only time you may leave is if Sam give you permission, until then if you ever step over the boundary lines you will have a death sentence put on you. And the wolves will kill you. They found you once, they will do it again Jamie…you don't hate me do you?"

"You saved my life with such a unique punishment, why should I hate you?" I asked.

"Because I know how much you hate it here. So does everybody else. But Jamie you are a loose canon. I feel more safer with you in here then out there. And I know you intend to phase for a long time, that will only add to your punishment. The power to see the world but you will be stuck for all your years in La Push."

"Do you fear me Leah?" I asked.

"Yes, I saw you willing to kill an innocent girl." She closed her eyes and tears fell out. "And I am so grateful for what you did, but to be willing to so carelessly sacrifice a person? I can not let that slid. But I know you are not evil so I could not let you be killed for what you did. So I came up with a way to keep you alive but make you suffer."

"What a masochistic relationship we have," I said.

"And about that. I still love your brother, I still love Sam. she said.

I felt my stomach clench tightly. "I know you have feelings for me, but you are to much a monster for me. You know it, I know it. You come with too much baggage for me Jamie. I know it's not your fault, you are the way you are but." She leaned down and kissed me on the lips. It was familiar, so much like the one in the woods. "I only tried to protect you so hard because I love Sam, and I always will. That and your nature make so we can not work out. I would still like to be your friend though, you watch out for me and I will you," she said.

I stared at her blankly, my mind being unable to comprehend what she was saying. What was this I was feeling?

"Well I have to say you are right. But Leah I have never loved another person besides my mother. I can't help but be consumed by it. I will not stop until one day you are mine and mine alone. And as for my punishment…good choice you know me well."

The thought of me being stuck in this misty place made me want to puke. I did not like being forced to do something or to stay .

"You go on about freedom and choice, it was the only logical choice I could think of that would satisfy the others, except Ashley, she still wants you dead. You also seem to have a fallowing in Sam's pack, many of his younger members did not like it when Ashley pushed the death penalty. I swear if the elders sentenced you to death there would have been a revolt…you have something to do with that?"

"If you mean am I trying to cause a civil war? No. Sam's own choices have brought that situation on him. Their young and ambitious, they want new idea's and new leaders to take over, some one who they think agrees with their way of thinking, someone they think will cause some change and crash and burn and they can bury him when he fails. You see it a lot in history," I said.

She sighed and stood up. "I had to here it for myself. They'll let you out soon, and if you ever decide to do something stupid don't forget you are going to be under constant surveillance so please…don't give them a reason to kill you."

"Survival has always been my first priority," I smiled.

She smiled back. "See you around you crazy boy."

"See you around you crazy girl. I said back.

"Touché." she left leaving me alone again.

I did nothing. My fate was sealed, eternity stuck in La Push. Maybe death would be better. I remembered what Leah said, how she still loved Sam. And I felt something unfamiliar. Envy. I envied my brother because Leah still loved him, even after everything he did to her she loved him and always would.

In that moment I learned to hate my brother for having the one thing I did not and never would. Leah.


I was escorted home by two of Sam's pack. they were the younger wolves so they were my fan club.

"Can't believe how you just snapped her neck man! That was wild!"

"I was easier then it looked," I said bored.

"Ouch, so cold," said the other.

"Listen, us younger guys have been talking and we think there are some changes that need to be done around here."

"Oh?" I asked.

"Well the older guys are cool and all, but they are too old fashioned."

"Go on."

"Well we think that some rules need to be changed. We think it's time for Sam to go into an early retirement."

"You don't like how Sam does business?" I asked.

"Shit man you know we don't lots of us don't. If he knew what he was doing there wouldn't be so many wolves, the Cullen's would have been taken care of, there would be only one pack and Alex would have been handled properly. Instead his own beta had to go to you to take care of her and you should be a hero instead you're a martyr."

I didn't like this conversation, it was pissing me off.

"But to many of us you are a hero a real hero."

"What about my issues?" I asked.

"No one's perfect, but at least you are willing to do what must be done. Unlike Sam who hides behind morals and rules."

We arrived at Sam's house.

"Just remember, you have friends in this pack. And should the day ever come when you want the respect you deserve just let us know," one of them said patting my shoulder.

"I'll keep that in mine," I said walking into the house. "I'm home!" I called.

"In the living room," I heard Sam call.

I walked into the living room and saw him sitting on the couch. I sat next to him. I got no danger vibes from him so I wasn't afraid he was going to hit me again.

"Where is Emily?" I asked.

"Seeing Ashley home, she has sworn to keep our secret because Alex loved us, but she made it clear she intends to make you pay." he said.

"Hell have no fury like a woman scorned," I quoted.

We sat there in silence. What was there to be said? "Thank you for letting me live," I said finally.

"How can you say that?" he asked.

"Say what? I am grateful," I said confused.

"You're my brother, I shouldn't have to decide whether you live or die, I shouldn't want you dead," he said.

"Regardless thank you," I said.

"Don't you care you came so close to dieing? Don't you care you killed an innocent woman!?" he said standing up and glaring at me.

"No, I feel nothing about Alex Sam. I didn't know her, and from what I saw of her I wasn't impressed. I didn't kill her because I didn't like her. I killed her because she was a threat and would have killed someone I care for. And because ei was the only one with the balls to do it," I said looking at him.

He sighed. "What am I going to do with you kid?" he asked.

"I don't know, what ever you want, I'm stuck here now. Probably for the best, in case Ferinir ever comes back."

"Who?" Sam asked confused.

"My other self. Sam I know I have no right to ask you this but I need you to promise me something," I said.


"If the day ever comes when my other self takes over and there is no hope for me to come back…kill me. Don't keep me in the woods and try to tame me, just put me out of my misery," I said.

"Your serious," he said shocked his eyes wide.

"Of course, I will not be buried in my own body by some foreign mind. I will not live my days as a wolf. I will be me, or I will be nothing at all."

"Aren't you afraid to die?" he asked.

"No," I said with out missing a beat. "Death would be a release from the hell of living as someone else. Please promise, you're my brother, show me that I can depend on you to do the right thing when it comes," I begged him.

"This is so messed up," Sam said rubbing his face.

"Please Sam, don't let me down," I said.

He looked me in the eyes and they were full of sadness. "I promise, I learned my lesson with Alex. I won't let it happen again."

He offered me a hand and I took it. He pulled me into a hug and I felt weird. I felt…safe. Something I haven't felt in a long time. "I won't give up on you Jamie," he said. "You're my brother, my blood, my kin. I will protect you, even from yourself."

"Why? What have I ever done to make you love me so much? "I asked.

"What?" he said drawing back to look at me.

"I have no money; I have no particular skill except for my manipulation and ruthless killer skills. Is that why you want me to love you so much Sam, so you don't have to worry about me turning on you? Or because you want to use me as a weapon?" I asked coldly.

"No, Jesus Jamie what did your mom do to you? I don't care for you about your skills or how good you are at manipulation. And I don't want you as a weapon, you're my brother!"

"So, brotherhood never stopped Cain from slaying Able." I said.

"Jamie I love you because you are my brother. I don't care if you have mental issues or come from a bad home, I want to give you all the good things in life, to show you the world isn't such a cold place," he said smiling.

"I can't believe you Sam," I said. "Part of me wants to, but I have seen to many things, done too many things to believe that. I just can't. The only way I have survived for so long is by giving in to my void, my emptiness."

Sam smiled more brightly this time. "Then I have hope Jamie, you can't erase a void, only fill it." he hugged me again. "Were brothers Jamie, it's time we both acted like it. This weekend you and me and Emily are leaving La Push and going on a vacation."

"Where to?" I asked.

"Don't know, don't care. No wolves, no vampires, no nothing crazy. Just a family as we should be. I love you Jamie, you crazy bastard."

I smiled. "And I love you too Sam."

And I hate your fucking guts. One day I will be free, one day I will have her, one day…I will have something to rid myself of this emptiness.

Fusedtwilight: Well that is the end of brother I never knew. I would like to thank all my readers, it is thanks to you and your reviews that helped motivate me into continuing this story. A big thanks to my beta animegirlkiki who helped make the chapters more readable then what they were when I wrote them.

When I began brother I never knew I intended it to be only a few chapters long but it grew and grew. One of the themes I wrote for the story was the importance of family and how they must always stick together like how Sam tries to protect Jamie and Alex, another theme was how some ties we can never fully sever, this is seen in Leah's and Sam's love for each other and in Jamie when he is haunted by his mothers wraith.

The pup's were an idea I came up with later in the story. I thought the idea of introducing children werewolves was to good an opportunity to pass up. It went with my theme of the importance of family. There parents left them and La Push rejected them and in an ironic twist their immortal enemies took them in and gave them a home. This was a way to show that family ties don't have to be blood. Writing the pups was fun. I wanted them to be both a comic relief like when they would chew on poor Alice's leather boots or when they helped Leah tap into her maternal side.

Alex was a character created by watashi wa mosa desu. I hope he or she is satisfied with how Alex played out in the story. Thanks for the character! Alex was yet another unique character a person not born to be a wolf yet a simple blood transfusion and she is one. But some things aren't meant to be obviously. Sorry I killed your character Watashi.

Ashley was a minor character yet she had a major influence in Jamie's life. We didn't see much development with her but I like to think of her as being similar to Kim. She was so soft and gentle but because of Jamie she has lost some of that.

But of all the unique characters I made for this story Jamie was the most unique and frustrating to write. A sociopathic werewolf is not an unknown theme when it comes to Jamie. But I did not intend him to be a saint or a sinner. He simply is. As I have said before (And I'm sure your all tired of hearing it) Jamie my own creation was so tough for me to write. Anyone can create a good guy or bad guy. But the problem is Jamie isn't even an anit-hero either. It is always hard to write a character that is very morally grey and neutral. I had to do a lot of research into his condition which made it easier to write him. I was glad to read many of you thought he was creepy or scary, I think people who think more like animals are always so terrifying. But with a lot of effort I was able to make a very good character one I treasure because Jamie helps show there is more to the world then white or black, good or evil. Then I made him more unique by giving him an alter ego and an apparition of the mother who abandoned him, showing there is something human deep within him.

Some of you have already P.M'd me about a sequel. Will there be one? No. But since this ties in with Eye of the beholder, and to love and imprint and it's sequels you may hear mention of him in those story's. But for all you Jamie lovers do not fear, I won't be making a sequel but we will be seeing Jamie again. He is too good a character to not write. As you read there were strong hints as to what the sequal will be about.

Now some of you are disappointed that this was not a Jamie/Leah story. Although there was some tension between the two and Jamie will always have a torch for her I think it is best for them to hook up. Why? Jamie has no conscience or morality, not even Leah could change that. And Leah has plenty of those traits so a relationship between the two is not possible. But the fact they have shared the same kind of pain helped me to write the interactions between the two characters. Although they will never be a couple they have a bond not so easily broken. Jamie has sacrificed for Leah and that has only increased the bond between them. They will have to settle for friends.

Well that's all. Thanks again to all of you readers. Thank you so much for sticking with me for all these months and putting me on your alerts and giving me such kick ass reviews. Please review. And until next time.