A/N--This is my first fan fiction and the first story I have written in a long time. Constructive criticism is welcomed but please be kind. This story takes place shortly after Twilight in season two of Justice League. Contains some small spoilers for Savage Time. This story came to me while listening to Grant Lee Philips cover of "Under the Milky Way," henceforth the story title. It is also the song that Bruce and Diana are dancing too in the story. Please enjoy and thanks for reading

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And its something quite peculiar,
Something that's shimmering and white.
Leads you here despite your destination,
Under the milky way tonight.-Under the Milky Way by The Church

Under the Milky Way

Diana sat at a corner table in a glitzy club nursing a Coke and trying to sober up enough to fly. She was lost in contemplation wondering how she had gotten to this point.

It all started with a kiss….

Diana had been in Man's world for a little over a year. Most of that time had been spent on missions or in the Watchtower. She had been curious about Man's world but had not had too much time to explore it.

When she first started exploring Man's World she would just go places dressed in her uniform. This lead to mob scenes, with people trying to touch her and always asking for her autograph.

Superman suggested that she should wear something besides her uniform if she went out when not on duty. So the next time she wore a simple short white chiton and sandals (at the time, along with a long chiton, it was the only other clothing she had). She left her tiara and indestructible bracelets off and wore her hair in a braid.

Considering that in was a summer day in Metropolis she blended in pretty well. Things probably would have been fine if she hadn't stopped a bank robbery. As she fought the criminals when they started running after she tore their car in half, people noticed something peculiar about the Princess of the Amazons. She didn't wear undergarments.

Though she was moving too quickly for the multitudes with cell phones to get a clear shot, the headline, "No Undies for Wondy," was on TMZ within the hour. Similar headlines and stories spread across the Internet and tabloids for next few days. Sleazy talk show hosts talked endlessly about the "sluttiness" of Wonder Woman's choice of attire and what a bad role model was she for young innocent girls.

This incident and the accompanying hoopla lead to a lecture by a very red faced Superman, accompanied by Hawkgirl, explaining the importance of under garments in Man's world. Diana apologized for her faux pas and explained that Amazons didn't where undergarments and often battled nude on the island. They were taught to be proud of their feminine form and its power and grace.

Superman's face turned an even brighter shade of red while Hawkgirl replied matter of factly, "Just wear panties when you wear a dress and try wearing a bra as well." Diana just shrugged and went on her way.

Later she found a box on her bed filled with beautiful lingerie. The tags on the bras and panties said La Perla and they fit beautifully. They made her feel very feminine, just another thing to like about her new environment. She also found another box that had jeans, a t-shirt, a hooded sweatshirt, sunglasses, socks and a pair of sneakers. She figured that Superman or Hawkgirl must have left them for her so that she would have something appropriate to wear in Man's World.

She continued to explore Man's World without any more problems to speak of (though there was an ugly incident with an ATM), still she was not interested in romantic relationships at that time. The novelty of this new world was enough for her.

And then there were those passionate kisses on the battlefield during World War II with Steve Trevor.

Steve…..he was so handsome and daring, a real warrior. She enjoyed their mission together and the kisses that they shared had opened her eyes to the possibility of a romantic relationship. She had felt physical passion for the first time. She wanted nothing more than to be with him.

When they returned to the future, she found Steve. She new he would be old but that didn't matter to Diana. She could still see the handsome warrior when she looked at him.

Unfortunately time had moved on for him. He had married, had children and had lived his life. He was no longer interested in romance with Diana, but he became a good friend. She saw him often and he gave her great insight on how to adapt to Man's World. He encouraged her to possibly meet someone special.

Flash also helped her learn about modern relationships by introducing her to romantic comedies. He called them "chick flicks" in a derogatory voice, but raptly watched them with her. She even caught him crying a few times, though he claimed to have allergies. He had allergies on the Watchtower, where all the air was filtered. 'If you say so, Flash,' Diana thought with a smirk.

To meet "someone special" she enlisted Shayera's help. Shayera decided they should go to a bar, which is where she would meet men on Thanagar. She originally planned to take Diana to a dive in Midway City where she usually hung out, but the Justice League received an invitation to a club opening in Gotham City. Shayera was angry with Batman about the monitor duty schedule, which she thought was unfair and he refused to budge on.

So she convinced Diana that this would be the perfect place to meet attractive men, and Batman could sit and spin. Diana decided to go along with Shayera because she didn't know what else to do and tweaking Batman didn't really bother her, he wasn't nearly as scary as he pretended to be.

Shayera also took charge of Diana's attire. She insisted that Diana wear low-slung jeans and strappy high-healed sandals with a black scoop necked halter-top that left most of her back bare and ended at her hips. Diana left off her tiara but wore her silver bracelets. She wore her hair down and no make-up because she didn't really need it.

Shayera also wore jeans and a halter top, but in green with a high collar that tied around her neck. She kept her mask on though, as they were going as Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman to the opening.

They arrived to bright lights and photographers and walked in not bothering to pose for the cameras. Men anxious to meet the lady superheroes surrounded them. They were bought whatever drinks they desired. Shayera insisted on ordering something called tequila, and she showed Diana how to drink the shots of alcohol. They first few burned Diana's throat but after that they went down smoothly. She felt free and fun. Shayera said she was buzzed, whatever that means.

Diana danced and flirted with various men. She really enjoyed the variety of music the club played, but the men left something to be desired. Shayera called them wimpy metro sexuals and Diana had to agree. They all looked nice but lacked substance. None of them had Steve's strength, bravery or daring.

Diana sighed her disappointment and tried to just have fun.

About two hours after they arrived Shayera received a call from J'onn about trouble in Midway City. Shayera decided to take care of it herself and told Diana she would come back later if she could. Diana wondered how she was going to function on a mission given the amount of tequila they had consumed. Apparently Thanagarians had a high tolerance for alcohol.

As most of the men seemed to be moving on to more interested women, Diana ordered herself a Coke and moved to a quiet table in the back where she could think.

'Why are modern men such a disappointment, was Steve the last of a dying breed.' Then she thought about the men she worked with. Even Flash had more guts than anyone she had met here. Diana sighed again and took a sip of her drink.

"Is this seat taken," a sexy baritone voice asked, startling Diana into looking up. He pointed toward the other chair at the table.

'OH….HERA,' she thought.

Standing next to her table was a very tall, very muscular man with short dark hair. He was dressed in a black t-shirt and jacket and blue jeans. He was very handsome with intense blue eyes. He wasn't some wimpy metro sexual man no matter how well groomed he was. He exuded strength and power.

"No," she said softly, her eyes sparkling as she finally met a man worthy of her attention. She smiled as excitement coursed through her body.

'Let the games begin,' she thought happily.


He had broken up with Kathy Duquesne three months ago and Bruce Wayne needed to make a social appearance to uphold his playboy reputation. So he had escorted the latest "it" girl to this club opening, and now he was trying to make his escape so he could get on to being Batman for the night.

He missed Kathy but not because he loved her. He had certainly liked her a great deal, she was smart and fun and he didn't have to pretend as much around her. Dating her was convenient as he was able to focus more on being Batman and less on being Bruce Wayne.

Unfortunately, after eight months, Kathy wanted to know where the relationship was going. He had to face facts and he realized that he didn't want anymore from the relationship, he didn't want to tell her his secret and he did not see himself falling in love with her.

She accepted his decision graciously and seems to have moved on if the headlines she has been making will a certain pro basketball player hold any truth. He was more grateful than ever that Lois had turned him down about moving to Gotham, because the same thing would probably have happened with her. While he had to put up with the bimbo of week, he didn't have to hurt someone he actually liked.

A flash of light caught his attention. Bruce wouldn't have noticed her if not for the light glinting off her silver bracelet as she took a sip of her drink since she was sitting in quiet corner of the club.

'What was she doing in Gotham,' the Bat wondered irritably. His eyes narrowed, he had made in clear that metas were not welcome in his city.

Without even consciously thinking about it he headed toward her table to find out.

"Is this seat taken," he said in his charming baritone voice. She lifted her startled blue eyes to his face.

"No," she said softly, her eyes taking on a sparkle he had never seen before.

'She looks more beautiful than normal,' he thought as he sat down across from her. He then realized that it was the first time he had seen her this closely without the cowl on.

"So what brings you to Gotham," he politely inquired, "This doesn't seem like your kind of place."

She smiled her radiant smile at him, and he felt is blood pressure rise slightly. He hadn't been aware of how much the lenses on his mask diminished her beauty.

"I just wanted to have some fun and my friend Shayera brought me here," she said cheerfully, "What about you…. excuse me but I don't know your name."

"Bruce, and I never miss having a good time." Shayera, it made more sense now. Shayera had been pissed at him for days about the monitor duty schedule. She had used Diana to get a little revenge.

"Where is your friend now," Bruce inquired, Batman would definitely have a few choice words for her.

"She had to leave, a sudden emergency came up?" Diana shrugged and smirked at him, "So Bruce, are you having a good time," she stroked the edge of her glass as she inquired. The movement was subtle but very sexy. He felt his body react and it surprised him, one that she was flirting with him, and two that he was responding to it.

The sound of her voice saying his name was also a turn-on. As Bruce Wayne he was used to women flirting with him, but they flirted in a practiced and predatory manner. Diana was open, natural and enchanting.

Bruce needed to get out there now. He had the information he needed. He would reprimand her tomorrow and she probably wouldn't cause any trouble tonight, he should just make his excuses and leave.

"Better than I expected," he responded instead.

She smiled again and he realized another thing, she was mildly intoxicated. That explained the flirting. She was normally friendly but always professional, a true warrior. It made it easy to work with her and to think of her as a team mate. A flirty Diana was lethal to a man who valued his self control.

'Get away from her now,' hissed the Bat.

Diana leaned back in her chair and this movement stretched the black halter-top tighter across her breasts. Desire started to pulse through Bruce's body.

"Mmm, I like this song," she exhaled.

"Do you want to dance," was out of his mouth before his brain engaged.

'What are you doing you idiot, you need to leave, you should not make physical contact with her,' screamed the Bat inside his head.

"I'd love to," Diana said as she stood up and turned toward the dance floor.

Bruce put a hand on her bare lower back and guided her toward a dark corner of the dance floor. He turned her in his arms and her arms looped around his neck. He settled his hands around her waist and pulled her close.

She fit perfectly in his arms and she smelled incredible as always. Whatever scent she used it was amazing on her and wholly unique.

They started to sway to the music. Bruce's head started to swim as he laid his cheek against hers. Between her scent and the feel of her body as well as the sound of her breath in his ear he was lost.

'Are you crazy,' the Bat screamed 'End this now!' and tried to ineffectively take over but Bruce was lost in the moment.

He pulled his head back and then placed his lips over hers. Electricity shot through his body and his brain ceased to function. His only thoughts were to take her now. He edged her into a dark corner and deepened the kiss.

She moaned against his mouth and he took advantage to slide his tongue between her lips. Their mouths waged a war for supremacy with no clear victor. Diana slid her hands through his hair as she pressed his mouth more firmly against hers.

Bruce slid one hand up her back to caress her between her shoulder blades while the other hand slid over her waist, across her buttock and to her thigh which he raised against his hip as he pushed her into the wall.

She moaned again and what was left of his control snapped. He pulled his mouth from hers gasping for air and started nibbling at her neck while his hand came around to cup her breast. He could feel her ragged breaths against his ear as she licked his earlobe, causing him to groan.

"Batman please respond," a voice faintly penetrated the fog of his mind. Bruce ran his tongue across Diana's bare shoulder.

"Batman this is Batgirl please acknowledge!"

"Hmm," he mumbled as he pressed his lips to Diana's again.

"Batman, Harley and Ivy have escaped Arkam we need your help," screamed Barbara's irate voice in his ear. This jarred Bruce out of his sexual stupor and he pulled away from Diana.

He grabbed his cell phone from his pocket. He pretended to answer while he actually spoke to the communicator in his ear.

"This is Bruce," he spoke breathlessly.

"Where are you, we need your help," Barbara questioned.

"I'm still at the club, but I can be there in twenty minutes," Bruce smiled down at Diana as see looked at him with a dazed expression. She caressed his cheek and he caught her hand and pressed his lips to her fingers.

"Are you still having fun with the bimbo of the week, you sound distracted," Barbara sneered sarcastically.

"Not exactly," Bruce replied tersely, "I'll see you soon." He snapped the phone shut and he heard Barbara's exasperated sigh as she cut the transmission.

He looked at Diana's sultry expression and had to fight hard not to kiss her again. He couldn't believe how lacking his control had been. He needed to get away from her quick and stay away.

"I'm sorry but that was a important business call, and I need to go take care of some problems right away," Bruce stated as he looked down at Diana's flushed face.

"That's OK, I should be going too," Diana pulled away and started walking back to her table. Bruce's eyes followed the sway of her hips as she moved away. He grabbed her hand and brought it to his mouth, caressing it with his lips.

"I'll see you around," Not like this ever again if I can help it hissed the Bat.

'Don't worry,' Bruce raged inside his head, 'I won't be asking her to dance ever again.'

She just smiled and walked away. Bruce felt momentarily bereft as she left him but he shook it off, he had work to do.


'What in Hades did I just do,' Diana's mind screamed.

What had just happened with Bruce went way beyond what she had experienced with Steve. She still felt heat in her loins and her hands still tingled.

She felt totally unprepared for these new emotions and she was glad he had to leave. She needed to regroup and analyze the experience.

She called John on her communicator.

"GL can you come and give me a ride back to the watchtower, Shayera had to leave and she was my ride."

"Sure thing Diana, I'll see you in about thirty minutes," John replied.

"Thanks, I meet you out in front of Club New Gotham."

Diana couldn't wait to return to the watchtower. This isn't what she expected from watching romantic comedies. Romance seemed light and fun and even silly in those movies.

She was not prepared for this overwhelming physical attraction. Maybe she wasn't ready to explore romance, at least not with strangers she met at a club. As she thought that thought she realized that Bruce didn't feel like a stranger that he seemed some how familiar. Diana shook her head and laughed a little at herself, now she was imagining things.

Still, picking up men in a bar was not really her style and she would have to figure out a better way to meet somebody. Though she had to admit Shayera was right about one thing, she shouldn't knock it until she tried it.

With that thought Diana smiled to herself and left the club.