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I've just seen a face,

I can't forget the time or place

That we'd just met, she's just the girl for me

And I want all the world to see we've met

Na na na na na na

Had it been another day

I might have looked the other way

But I had never been aware

And as it is I dream of her tonight

Na na na na na na

Falling, yes I am falling

And she keeps calling me back again

I have never known

The likes of this, I've been alone

And I have missed things and kept out of sight

But other girls were never quite like this

Na na na na na na

Falling, yes I am falling

And she keeps calling me back again

I've just seen a face

I can't forget the time or place

And we'd just met; she's just the girl for me

And I want all the world to see we've met

Na na na na na na

Falling, yes I am falling

And she keeps calling me back again—I've Just Seen A Face by The Beatles

Chapter 5—I've Just Seen A Face

Contrary to popular belief, Alfred did not clean the enormous Wayne Manor by himself. He had a staff of four maids who came three times a week to aid him. They were efficient women with impeccable references that Alfred had selected himself. They were highly paid and the turnover was seldom. Sylvia Russo was the leader of the group and she helped Alfred divide the jobs to get the most work done in the least amount of time. They never cleaned certain rooms such as Bruce and Alfred's bedrooms or any room containing an entrance to the Batcave. They always came at nine and left by four, just in time for Alfred to sit and have his afternoon tea before making dinner.

He had just escorted the ladies out of the kitchen door and turned on the kettle when the doorbell rang. Scrunching his forehead in bewilderment as he wasn't expecting anyone and usually people rang the gate for entry into the grounds, he walked to the door. There was a camera by the door and Alfred looked at the monitor next to it. He saw a tall woman standing and waiting patiently. Curiosity more than anything made him open the door.

Her beauty, which considering he worked for Bruce Wayne, who dated the most beautiful women in the world, stunned him. It was more than her looks really. There was an almost magical quality to her presence. She seemed to glow with life and the smile she gave him warmed his heart and he found himself almost smiling back at her. He blinked a few times to clear his vision and head before saying, "May I help you Miss?"

She smiled again and asked, " Hello, is Bruce here?" Her voice was soothing and melodic and Alfred enjoyed the dulcet tones.

"Is Master Bruce expecting you, he did not inform me that we were having a visitor today?" Alfred asked. She didn't appear to be like Bruce's usual girls, not that she wasn't beautiful enough, just that she wasn't dressed for seduction or to impress. She wore a red peasant blouse with bell sleeves and jeans. Her beautiful raven hair was loose and flowed down her back. Even though she was casually dressed she had a regal air about her.

She suddenly seemed nervous and she looked down while tucking her hair behind her ear. Alfred was drawn to the glint of silver at her wrist as her sleeve slipped down her arm. Her identity hit him like a ton of bricks. Wonder Woman!? Princess Diana of Themyscira was the unassuming woman in front of him who now seemed a bit shy and unsure of herself.

"No, he is not expecting me but I wished to see him in private in order to talk to him and this is where he lives." She gave him an intense look and Alfred had the sudden thought, "She knows!"

He remembered the pinched look Bruce had gotten when he had made a wry comment about the picture of them dancing in Paris. Now he understood and he couldn't help the small smile he gave her before saying, "Yes of course my dear, do come in."

He moved aside so that she could enter and said, "He is not here at the moment but he should be home momentarily. Would you care to join me for tea? I am Alfred by the way."

"It is a pleasure to meet you Alfred and I am Diana," she said as she looked around the foyer. "Bruce has a lovely home."

"I am aware of who you are your Highness, your beauty and bracelets kind of gave you away," he said with another smile as she blushed slightly. "And the house has been in Master Bruce's family for generations."

"Of course. Oh and please just call me Diana, since my exile I do not really consider myself a princess anymore."

"My dear, you were born and princess and you will always be a princess, exiled or not," he stated firmly before adding, "Follow me."

He guided her to the kitchen and sat her at the breakfast bar while he turned off the hissing kettle.

"What kind of tea would you like," he asked as he took out a container of freshly baked cookies.

"Whatever you are having is fine," she replied with her warm smile. Alfred felt like the room suddenly had gotten brighter. No wonder people loved her because you just felt better when she was around. She is just what he needs, he thought as he poured water into the pot of Earl Grey.

"So your Highness, what is it like to be in the Justice League. Are you friends with all your colleagues?" he asked trying to see what she was willing to reveal.

She gave him another intense look before stating, "The League is my new family now that I am exiled from my homeland. I am trying to learn more about Man's World but I am still struggling to understand the ways of modern life. I have visited many museums and Flash and Hawkgirl have shown me many DVDs of movies and TV to help me understand. But I still suffer from culture shock every once and awhile."

"I can only imagine my dear. I have lived in America for over forty years and these Yanks still surprise me." Alfred said as he poured her a cup and handed her a plate of cookies.

"Mmm..." Diana moaned as she bit into a chocolate chip cookie. "This is one of the best cookies I have ever had. I must say that chocolate is one of my most favorite discoveries since coming to Man's World."

Alfred smiled at her compliment as he sat alongside her and sipped his tea. They sat and talked for the next hour and he became completely charmed by her. She was a strange combination of wisdom and naiveté. She was well educated in classic Greek literature but also seemed to have read a lot of more modern literature since arriving in Man's World. They both laughed when discussing Jane Austen and Diana showed her clear distaste for Hemingway.

"I find the most aggravating thing about him is that his stories are just really boring," she said then laughed.

"Well my dear, I have enjoyed out conversation but I must start dinner. I could escort you to the library if you would like to read until Master Bruce gets home, it contains an extensive collection and many of the books are first editions." Alfred said.

"Do you mind Alfred if I ask if I could help you? I have never done much cooking but I can following instructions," she said with such a hopeful look that Alfred could not refuse her and so her first cooking lesson soon commenced.

Diana was laughing so hard tears were rolling down her face as Alfred finished his story. "The next time he had convinced himself that if Rachel Ray could make a meal in thirty minutes then so could he. I came home from my date with Leslie to see fire trucks parked in front of the house. The kitchen was completely destroyed. Since then Master Bruce is only allowed to make coffee in my kitchen, and maybe toast but with supervision." Alfred said with a long-suffering sigh, which made Diana laugh harder. Alfred had spent the last hour as they prepared dinner telling her stories of Bruce's failed attempts to learn how to cook.

She was having a great time learning to cook with Alfred. She was not a complete novice to cooking, as she had been taught to hunt, clean and cook her kills as part of her warrior survivor training but cooking in a modern kitchen was different from cooking in the wilds of Themyscira. On the Watchtower she just heated whatever food was available from the fridge in the microwave. Surprisingly the Flash did a lot of the cooking and he always made plenty for everyone and for himself.

Today she had learned to make fettuccine Alfredo with grilled salmon and gingered asparagus. She felt so comfortable making food with Alfred and she couldn't wait to try it on the Watchtower. Her initial trepidation about coming to Bruce's house had long since passed. It was worth it just for meeting Alfred.

She had felt driven to come since his denial in Kasnia. She had remained there for a month helping Audrey rebuild and vet her military. When she returned to the Watchtower she had not had an opportunity to speak with Batman alone. If she'd had any doubts that she was wrong about his identity her research had put it to rest. Once she read about his parents' death when he was eight she realized that she had to be right. She remembered the Batman from the parallel time line changed by Vandal Savage. He had admitted to losing his parents at the age of eight. The coincidence was too much to ignore. Batman definitely was Bruce Wayne.

As she wiped her eyes she suddenly stiffened as she felt his presence. She looked up with amused eyes to see him coldly staring at her and all the laughter faded from her expression and she had to quell the urge to turn tail and run. She came here to talk to him and she was going to talk to him.

Alfred was the first to speak as he noticed Bruce glaring at Diana. "Ah Master Bruce as you see we have company, and such delightful company if I do say so myself."

Diana could feel the heat rising in her cheeks at Alfred's compliment. "Thank you, Alfred."

Bruce gave Alfred a small glare before returning his attention to Diana. "Wonder Woman may I ask why you have honored us with a visit? It was a lovely dance that we shared, but it certainly does not merit a visit from a member of the Justice League."

Diana couldn't believe he was going to pretend that they had only a passing acquaintance. She felt irritated and said with a glare of her own, "Oh but Bruce, that kiss we shared certainly does merit a visit from me." She responded provocatively. She was not going to back down.

Color rose in Bruce's cheeks but he continued to give Diana a hard look. "Alfred if you would please excuse us, I would like to talk to Wonder Woman in my study."

"Very good Master Bruce. Dinner is almost finished, would you like for me to set two places?" Alfred asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

Bruce just glared at him and stalked out of the kitchen with Diana following. She followed him down the hall, strengthening her resolve as they walked. Talking to him is why she came here and they were going to talk.

Bruce started talking as soon as they entered the study. "You certainly are bold but I guess an Amazon would be. Well if you liked that kiss so much we could continue it upstairs in my bedroom, there is a lot more that I could show you," he said giving her a lascivious grin and raking his eyes across her body.

Diana gave him a hard stare. She saw the pretense in his behavior and she felt outrage not by his suggestion but by the fact that he thought that she was so stupid she would fall for it.

"Cut it out Bruce, we both know that you have no intension of taking me upstairs, you are just trying to anger me into believing that you are a lecherous playboy and not Batman, my colleague and I thought my friend," she said in a strangely calm voice. He wasn't going to use her emotions against her.

"I really have no idea why you insist I am Batman? I have much better things to do with my nights than chase down criminals, like meeting sexy women in clubs," he said with a stupid grin.

"By the grace of Athena! Batman do you really think that I am that stupid! You are trying to act like someone you are not. Even that first time in the club you didn't act like this...this buffoon. I would never have desired you if hadn't exuded strength and power, I was surrounded that evening by the wimpy metro sexual males you are sadly trying to mimic. So Batman," she said with emphasis on Batman, "Why are you continuing to lie to me? Do you not trust me?"

She gave him a fierce look and he swallowed before saying, "Princess..." He had tried to ignore the fact that Diana had said that she had desired him.

"See you just called me Princess like Batman always does. You cannot hide it from me Bruce so just admit it."

"Fine, I am Batman so what do you want from me," he said harshly.

Diana just looked at him in surprise. "Nothing. I just wanted you to tell me the truth so that you could stop avoiding me."

He gave her a funny look before saying, "I'm not avoiding you Diana. You haven't been back long and I have been busy."

She smirked at him. "If you say so. Do not worry Bruce; I am not going to tell anyone your secret. Friends?" She asked as she held out her hand like she had seen in the movies.

He shook her hand and she thought that he almost smiled at her but it was gone before she could be sure.

"You're welcome to stay for dinner, I sure Alfred would enjoy having you stay," he said stoically and Diana really couldn't tell if he, himself wanted her to stay or if he was just trying to please Alfred.

"Thank you but I have already made plans with Flash and Hawkgirl to watch movies," she said as she looked at him and saw something flicker in his eyes.

She would later wonder why she did it, but she took the few steps that separated them, placed her arms around his neck and kissed him. She felt him stiffen for a second before he responded to her lips and quickly deepened the kiss. Fire shot through Diana, just like it had the night at the club, as their tongues danced around each other. As abruptly as she started the kiss she ended it and rushed out the door. She ran with considerable speed to the woods on the estate. She ran into the woods a ways before taking off into the sky.

Her body throbbed with desire and she knew the night in the club was not a fluke. She just didn't know what she was going to do about it.

Bruce couldn't move even if he had wanted. He was stunned by her sudden kiss but also grateful that she had ended it when she did. If she had not he knew that in another minute he would've pushed her down on the leather sofa and lost himself in her. All he could see was her beautiful body clad only in red silk panties. That image had haunted his dreams and many waking moments since that night in Paris.

He had been avoiding her but not just because he didn't want to have the conversation they had just had. He needed to squelch the desire he felt for her. He needed to put her back in the box where she was just a teammate like Kent and the rest and not a woman who made his heart race when she walked into the room. He had even allowed himself to seek sexual pleasure from a few of his recent dates in the hopes that he could get her out of his system. It hadn't worked.

He had been beyond furious when he first heard and then saw her laughing with Alfred in the kitchen. How dare she come to his home?! He was grateful that she wasn't in uniform. She still stood out as a beautiful woman but beautiful women at Wayne Manor didn't really attract undue attention. And Alfred had let her in an apparently invited her to tea. Bruce hadn't known whether or not if wanted to strangle or hug his surrogate father.

Now he was just furious with himself because again she had gotten under his skin. She had made him admit the truth about his nighttime identity and then charmed him out of his anger with her promise not to tell anyone and her offer to be friends. Her smile and innocent truthfulness had him wanting her to stay and that was not good. She did not belong here or in this or any part of his life.

He sighed as he again thought of the kiss she'd just given him and the hunger for her physically was back in a second. He had spent the entire month she was in Kasnia forgetting about her and had been down to dreaming about her only once a week. Now all he wanted to do was go to the Watchtower and kiss and touch her until they were both screaming with pleasure.

This desire will never do, the Bat hissed inside Bruce's head and he had to agree as he hissed in frustration. Alfred chose that moment to walk into the room.

"Dinner is ready, Master Bruce. Where is her Highness? I was hoping she would stay for dinner and brighten up the place. You didn't scare her of with one of your charmingly surly moods?" He asked in a rather chipper voice for Alfred.

Bruce narrowed his eyes at his surrogate father and long-time friend. "She had other plans," he stated tersely.

"That is too bad. I really like her and she seems a much higher caliber of woman than your usual choices," Alfred continued. "And quite clever considering that she figured out the Bruce Wayne and Batman are the same man."

Bruce looked at him with shocked eyes, "She told you that she knew I was Batman?!"

"Of course not, she has far too much discretion to do that but I can read between the lines. She wouldn't come here over a dance or some silly kiss given to her by Bruce Wayne," Alfred practically harrumphed.

"Well she is just a colleague and friend so don't expect to be seeing her around," Bruce stated clearly irritated by Diana's visit. Though who he was the most irritated with was unclear.

"More's the pity. I haven't had such an enjoyable afternoon in a long time. She really does brighten up the place," Alfred sighed as if Bruce was being an idiot, which in his opinion he was.

"Didn't you say dinner was ready? I'm starving." Bruce said hoping Alfred would get the hint and end this conversation.

Alfred sighed again and asked, "Yes, kitchen or dining room or would you like me to scrape it all into a bucket and you can just chow down where you stand?"

"Cave. I need to go over some files before patrol," he stated as he went into Bat mode, ignoring Alfred's last dig and shutting out images of a beautiful warrior princess and the feelings she invoked.

"As you wish sir," Alfred said and paused for a second before adding, "I do believe what you do for Gotham in their name is wonderful and that it would make them proud. I also believe that they would want you to have some happiness in your life. Don't let a golden opportunity pass you by as you will never meet another like her again." Alfred let out another sigh and left the room. He loved Bruce like a son and wanted him to be happy for his own good.

Bruce knew whom the they was that Alfred was referring to, but he filed that feeling away. Bruce knew that Diana was one of a kind and very special and not just because of the blessings of her gods. She was warm and loving and everything a man could ever want in a woman but he also knew that she was not meant for him, he did not deserve her. No matter how badly he wanted her, he had a mission. He didn't have time for a relationship.