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The Man with the Dimpled Cheeks

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They said that it would be better. They said that she would be happier in Idaho. Idaho. When she had been alive, Rosalie didn't even know where Idaho was, and she didn't care to back then. She still didn't. She didn't want to live in Ketchum, Idaho any more than she wanted to still be "alive." She didn't want to be what she was, and now she was going to have be what she was in Idaho. It was unbelievable. Yet Carlisle insisted getting away from her home state would be a good thing for her; she would be able to put it all behind her. She could forget about her mother and father and friends and the people she'd killed. She didn't want to have to wait for her life to disappear in Idaho. She didn't want her life to disappear at all. She wanted to be alive. She wanted to be married and have a small, dimpled child of her own.

"Rosalie, it is going to be better here," Carlisle assured her as they pulled up into the driveway of their new house. It was larger than the other ones they had passed up, but they didn't want to look too out of the ordinary. Carlisle was going to work as a doctor in the town, making house calls and holding appointments in the local practice some five miles away. He could believably afford a bigger house.

Rosalie didn't say anything. She just got out of the car and walked into the house, not even looking. She didn't want to know it; she just wanted to go to her room and sleep, but she couldn't sleep. She could never sleep again. She hadn't slept in two years. She hadn't eaten food in two years, human food, that was. Edward was carrying three of her heavy suitcases in his arms behind her.

"Rosalie," he said in response to her thoughts. She turned to look at him.

"What?" she demanded sharply.

"He really does want you to be happier," Edward told her.

"I'm not going to be, no matter where I am," she said, grabbing her suitcases away from him and walking into her room. Esme had been living in the house for a month or so on her own, decorating it and moving in furniture and the bulk of their belongings. Carlisle's father's wooden cross was already up in the hallway, a beacon to anyone who would walk into it. Rosalie tried not to kick her door open. She knew that she would break it, and she didn't want to upset Esme after all the work she had put into the house.

"Rosalie," Edward repeated. She tossed her suitcases down on the carpeted floor without ceremony and turned to look at Edward, frowning. "Try to be happier."

"Are you happy? Are you ever happy with the way we are?" Rosalie asked angrily, turning away from him and walking into her large closet. It had all of her clothes in it, organized by what piece of clothing it was, and within those, by color. Clothes calmed her, especially pretty ones that were expensive and made her look even more beautiful. Also, Esme must have put some real effort coordinating it all.

"I'm not unhappy, Rosalie," he said.

"Were you happy when you were away from the family? When you went on your killing spree?" she asked harshly, meaning to wound. He looked taken aback by her question, reading her meaning in her thoughts. He knew that she wanted him hurt, wanted him gone. "If that helps, then I will go and kill every single one of our neighbors," Rosalie bit out.

"It doesn't," Edward said quietly, and Rosalie felt momentarily a stab of guilt. Then she shook it away. It had been his decision to leave Carlisle and Esme. He would have to live with it now when Rosalie brought it up, though she hadn't been there when he had left. She had still been happy in her ignorance of everything that was her life now back then.

"Edward, get out," she said finally. He hadn't gotten angry at her for bringing up the time he was most ashamed of. He had been hurt, but he hadn't left. She could only ask him to leave now.

"If you want, Rosalie, but Carlisle said we should go hunting before we meet anyone from the city," he said, walking to the door.

"I'll hunt when I'm ready," she said before he walked out, closing the door softly. Rosalie walked out of her closet and stared at her room. She had a queen sized bed with a floral bedspread, though she didn't need it at all. Besides that there was a large vanity with a three piece mirror to put on her makeup (as if she needed to). There was a writing desk and a book shelf, populated with books she'd never read. On a table a radio stood, turned off. She walked over to it and turned it on, not even listening to what was on. There were some paintings placed around the room, along with some plants. It was a pleasant room, but she was in no way happier because of its good aesthetics.

"Rosalie!" Esme called from downstairs. She looked to her door. Esme was walking up the stairs. She opened the door, smiling. "How do you like it? I wasn't sure if you would like the paintings or the bedspread," she said. Rosalie smiled at her.

"It's wonderful, Esme, thank you." Esme smiled happily.

"The real work of the room, though, is your closet. It was quite the ordeal, but I was so proud of myself when I finished it. Only got the full length mirrors up this week." Rosalie nodded. If her closet had been an ordeal for a vampire, then it would have been impossible for a human to do in such a short period of time. She was touched, and if she wasn't so upset about the location of the house that the closet was a part of, she would have been happy. But she couldn't be, so she could only say, "I like it lot. You arranged them beautifully." Esme smiled again.

"I'm glad to hear that." They stood near each other, not saying anything. Silence with Esme was never uncomfortable or strained. She was content with being with any member of her family, speaking or not. "I'm terribly sorry to tell you this, since you just got here, but Edward, Carlisle and I are going hunting. We'd love for you to join us. Carlisle said it would be wise for us to hunt before we met the community as a whole. I've been feeding rather frequently since I've had humans over here this past month. I was alone, and didn't have Carlisle or Edward to help me," she said, smiling. Rosalie wondered if it was hard for her to admit that weakness. She also didn't miss the way she left Rosalie's name out of those who would help her if she couldn't control her urge to bite the contractor.

"I can go anytime, Esme," she said. She couldn't refuse Esme like she could Edward.

"Good, well, we'd like to go as soon as possible. There's a rogue Grizzly some fifty miles north of here, and we thought it might be a good idea to take care of it."

"Let's go, then," Rosalie said. The sun was out, but was hidden behind a rain cloud. They were lucky that neighbors weren't that common. Idaho wasn't exactly a shady state, but it wasn't Arizona. They should have gone somewhere else, though. She had no idea how Carlisle was going to make house calls on a sunny day. Maybe he would take the night shift. She really didn't have any idea.

The Grizzly they found without too much difficulty. Rosalie was the one who found it and took it down. She was angry and the bear was something to take her anger out on. Edward caught up to her in no time, since he was the fastest. Together they drank, leaving none for Esme and Carlisle. When the two of them got there, Edward and Rosalie were done.

"Sorry, Carlisle. We haven't fed in a while," Edward apologized. Carlisle shook his head, dismissing the apology.

"We heard some elk a mile or so east. You two can go back home, if you are both done. Esme and I will hunt together," he said. Edward looked at Rosalie who agreed. They ran back home. When they were in the door, Edward asked her to listen to something. They walked into the parlor room, where Edward's pianoforte was placed as the center of attention.

"What am I listening to?" Rosalie asked.

"It's something I've been working on since we met. It's a song for you," he said, his fingers gliding across the keys. Somehow, it managed to sound conceited, the way the notes were bold and paired and played. Also, he managed to get the notes to have an angry edge, even frustration as they sped up and became more forceful. She listened as her own emotions were played for her to hear. It ended on a low, forceful note, foreshadowing her continued emotions. When it was over, Rosalie sat in the chair and stared at Edward.

Why, exactly, had he decided to write a song for her? Had he decided that he wanted to be in her particular graces?

"I wrote one for Carlisle and Esme, when I got to know them. You know that you're my sister, and that's all you'll ever be to me. This song is your official initiation into the family." Rosalie managed not to frown at this. She thought of Edward only as a brother, but it was frustrating for him not to feel an ounce of attraction to her. She knew that he acknowledged her unparalleled beauty, but that was all. She, too, knew he was handsome. The thing was, why couldn't he take her beauty and make it into something to be desired, kept for himself? "Rosalie," he said, frowning, beginning to play a soft, kind tune.

"Keep out of my head if you don't want to know what I'm thinking about," Rosalie said, looking away from him as the musical seemed to cuddle her in its arms. It was nurturing and seemed to murmur sentiments. "Is this Esme's?" she asked. She turned her head just in time to see him nod his head and smile.

"She would have cried when she heard it, if she could," he said. Rosalie nodded, getting up and leaving Edward to finish off Esme's beautiful, fitting song.

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