The Man With the Dimpled Cheeks

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When the sun came up, Emmett was lying next to Rosalie in the living room, under at least two of the blankets that had been in the closet in Rosalie's room. He was incredibly content, and incredibly happy, happier than he could remember ever being.

"Mmmm, Emmett, this is why I have a fire place that has fire in it. So we can cuddle next to it," Rosalie said from his chest.

"It is nice. Especially the mantel, you know, what's left of it," he said, grinning. The mantel was missing a great big chunk of wood. In fact, the cabin was pretty much a mess. In the thrall of it all, things had gotten a little…destroyed.

"I know. This place is a mess. I would feel bad, except…well, I don't." She snuggled in closer to him, wrapping her arms around his waist. "I like your chest," she said into it. "I like all of your muscles, and I like how big you are." Emmett smiled.

"I like your waist, and your thighs, and your stomach, and I also like your chest," Emmett said, grinning wickedly, even though she couldn't see it. Rosalie had the perfect set of breasts. And they were his to do with what he pleased. She was his. His chest swelled with the thought that Rosalie was his girl. "You know what else?" he asked. Rosalie looked up at him and shook her head. "I love you." She smiled the most beautiful smile.

"I love you, too, Emmett," she said. Emmett rolled on top of her and kissed her neck. She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck. She lifted her leg until it was high on his waist, and moved her pelvis near his groin.

"Mmm, Rosalie, what do you think you're doing?" he asked her, looking at her face. She grinned mischievously.

"Just getting comfortable," she said, moving up against Emmett's pelvis. He could feel himself getting hard…though he hadn't really gone all the way down. It was impossible to be completely soft when Rosalie was naked and wrapped around him. He kissed her neck and slid into her. She was tight and perfect, and yes, she was all his. She moaned and let her nails bite into his shoulders. He thrust into her and she moaned louder. Then he rolled around until she was on top. She let out a slight gasp.

"Your turn," he said, placing his hands on her hips. Rosalie grinned, and straddled him, pushing her hips forward and backward, her hands firmly on his chest. Emmett gazed at her incredibly perfect body. She was toned and perfect…and God, those breasts, that hair. It didn't take very long for him, or her for that matter, to reach the end. And what an end. It was like the world tilted on its axis then flipped around, then came back to center. Rosalie flopped down next to him gracefully, one leg still on one of his.

"That was amazing," she said. Emmett nodded and turned on his side to look at her. He leaned into her ear and whispered,

"You're mine, and I love knowing it." She shivered.

"You're mine, and I take such pleasure in that," she whispered back. It was his turn to shiver. Rosalie pulled the blankets over their shoulders, and snuggled into him again. "I wish we could sleep so I could wake up in your arms."

"Me too," Emmett said. It was unfair that they would forever be deprived of that. Instead, they closed their eyes, and just held each other.

Then there was a tap on the window. Emmett opened his eyes to an afternoon sun. Edward was framed by it, standing outside of the cabin with two suitcases. Rosalie opened her eyes.

"Edward's here," she said. Then she looked over at him, and then back at Emmett. After a few seconds, Edward turned away. "He won't look until we're dressed," Rosalie said. They got up, blankets wrapped around them and went to their perspective rooms. Emmett put on a pair of slacks with a blue button-down shirt. He put on socks and debated whether he needed shoes. He decided against them. He went to Rosalie's room, and knocked on her door. She opened it quickly. She was in her slip and a top that was pink. Emmett sat down on the lopsided bed. They had broken the footboard end legs the night before, when they had moved to Rosalie's room at one point.

"Do you know why he's here?" he asked.

"Probably to tell us that the cabin's ready. And maybe to take me home for Thanksgiving. I hadn't thought about that, actually. I thought that I would be able to skip it…but now I don't know…" Rosalie said, putting on a light tan skirt. She looked at him, and then nodded towards the living room. She leaned in first and kissed him. "I love you."

"I love you too," he said, then stood up. Edward was standing amidst the wreckage of the living room. The major pieces of furniture were pushed away from the center of the room, most of them upended, or on their sides. Some were missing parts, or looked shredded. There were cracks in the windows and floor. In fact, there were sizable holes in the floor. Emmett could barely contain a satisfied grin. That was impressive damage. Edward cleared his throat.

"So…Carlisle said the cabin was all ready. Good thing, too, huh?" Edward managed to smile awkwardly.

"Did Carlisle say I was coming home for Thanksgiving?" Rosalie asked, ignoring Edward's comment about the state of the place.

"Actually…yes, he said he wanted you home…but, we weren't sure what to do. Since someone needs to be here for Emmett, and really, the entire family should be home for Thanksgiving. So Esme decided to have Thanksgiving at the new cabin. We told people it was a tradition to rent out a lodge in the woods to have Thanksgiving in. So, there's your answer," Edward said. Rosalie nodded.

"Good. And those suitcases are for me, right?" Emmett grinned. She had been saying how her wardrobe was dreadfully limited, and by God, she'd had to repeat some outfits. Edward glanced at Emmett with an amused expression, then turned to Rosalie.

"Yes, in fact, they are. Esme was kind enough to move your personal closet to the cabin, so that you might have more wardrobe to work with," Edward said. Rosalie closed her eyes in joy, a brilliant smile blossoming on her face. It had taken Emmett a hell of a lot longer to get a similar smile out of her, and all it took for it to happen for Edward was the mention of lots of clothes. Huh. Well, Emmett had come to the conclusion that Rosalie was shallow quite some time ago. Again, Edward glanced at him, this time a bemused expression there.

"That's wonderful, Edward," Rosalie whispered, almost reverently. By God, Emmett thought, she was positively beaming with joy at the prospect of a closet full of clothes.

"So, I'm to escort you to the cabin now…once you're done packing…" Edward said, voice drifting off as looked into the separate rooms. "Was there a hole in the bathroom wall?" Emmett couldn't help but chuckle.

"Yeah, I crashed through it when I saw my reflection. It happened before…well, before last night. Hence why it's repaired, so to speak," he explained. Rosalie's eyes snapped open as she was pulled out of her ecstatic state.

"Yes, well, let's get packed. We'll discuss last night and this cabin…later," she proclaimed and quickly disappeared into her bedroom. Emmett shrugged at Edward and went to his own room to pack. With his new speed, it didn't take long for him to pack his single-suitcase-worth of clothing. Rosalie took a little longer, as she had two suitcases, and Emmett realized, something of a perfectionist when it came to stowing her beloved articles of clothing. Edward ushered Emmett outside while they waited for Rosalie to finish. Emmett followed, knowing what conversation was to follow.

"So, Emmett, as Rosalie's brother, for all intents and purposes, I feel a need to exert a certain sense of…protectiveness, when it comes to her…heart," Edward started off slowly. Emmett fought to be serious. Edward looked about 17, an age some four years younger than Emmett. However, there was a chance that Edward was actually older than Emmett. Really, Emmett had no idea how long he'd been a vampire. It could be hundreds of years, for all he knew.

"Thus, I must ask what your intentions are…" Edward drifted off awkwardly, though his gaze was steady. Emmett looked down at him and smiled.

"No need to worry, Ed, my intentions are not malicious. In fact, they're quite…oh Jesus. The fact is, my new brother, I love your sister, and if she'll let it happen, I'm going to marry her." Edward considered this for a second. If he had any doubts, all he had to do was take a peek inside Emmett's head and suss out Emmett's real intentions. It made the whole conversation easier, actually, as Emmett had nothing to hide.

"I accept that as true. But still, Rosalie is a woman of fine-breeding, and is used to a normal system of courtship. And to think that she allowed you to…" Edward sighed, and looked down, obviously struggling with what to say. "Look, she's not a simple country girl. Whatever you did to allow her to let you make love to her…dammit. It's not in Rosalie's sensibilities to shun societal propriety and allow herself to be taken before she's been married. She's not a common girl, and I want you to know that…why can't I get this out?" Edward sighed in frustration. Emmett smiled at him, waiting for what was to come next, though he knew what Edward was trying to say. "Emmett."


"Rosalie deserves to be treated with respect and love. You are not to treat her any differently because she allowed you to make love to her before marriage. If the fact that you can get her into bed before you two have been wed puts any ideas into your head about treating her like a common woman, you better think twice. She's a very strong woman, and she knows how she's to be treated. So, I would ask if you were to wait until you are married before you two…consummate your relationship again." Edward nodded. Emmett stood before him, arms crossed. Before he could open his mouth to reply, a voice answered.

"Edward, I would dearly appreciate it if you would keep out of my business. When I next bed Emmett is none of your concern. If I choose to make love to him this very day, you will have no say in the matter. I am not a common whore, and the fact that you think I am because of what I have done makes me want to rip off one of your arms and hurl it into the forest. So, if you would, my bags." Rosalie looked beyond irritated, bordering on rage. Edward seemed taken aback. Emmett, too, was surprised by her almost crass language. But, he had to admit, there was a certain satisfaction in knowing that Rosalie would like to "bed" him sometime in the near future. Edward handed Rosalie her two new suitcases silently. Emmett automatically picked up the two she had at her feet.

In a dignified huff, Rosalie marched down the steps onto the forest ground and waited for Edward to lead the way. Edward took off running and Rosalie followed suit, head held high. Emmett couldn't help but grinning. That was his girl, and by God, he was proud to say it.

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