Disclaimer – I was inspired by the Avatar's sister fanfics… the ones that have it so that she is a 'second' Avatar, in a no four Avatar AU… most of them… cough, try to pair them up with Zuko… and with the twin factor ones… umm… she ends up being four years younger then Zuko body wise… anyways, this is a story where Aang's sisters… yes, two of them… get frozen with him.

Sister Avatar

Iana and Dami were flying on Iana's Flying Bison from the Western Air temple. They were flying to the Southern Air temple to show Aang Dami's Flying Bison, which she had just received. The little bison lay on top of the other bison in the saddle because it was still small and couldn't fly long distances… and it fit nicely into the back of the saddle.

At least that was what Iana had told Dami. She hadn't told the little girl that their brother had been told the most important thing in his young life… that he was the Avatar. They had also made it clear sometime later that Aang's Airbending was not advancing like it should have and there was a possibility that he would be sent away from his guardian.

Iana was going to try to cheer up her little brother and then glanced back at Dami… she was six years old and had a very similar experience as Aang when he bonded with his Flying Bison. Which made her big sister laugh… but have a serious face when she found out. Her sister was a long way from actually being able to use the Air moves correctly.

As she got near the temple, she saw a Flying Bison suddenly take off from the ground and she gasped, seeing Aang taking off. She turned her bison to hurry after the boy. "Aang… what are you doing!"

"I'm running away!" the boy sobbed. "They want to send me away, so I'm going away!"

"Aang… that isn't…" but she found herself interrupted by Dami, who was holding two flying lemurs that she had become friends with.

"We run away too!" the little girl chirped.

"No!" the boy snapped, not looking his sister in the face.

"No… we're going to follow you," the older girl said. "We are family… thus we go with."


Iana watched as the boy slipped into a deep sleep as he was flying. She was concerned with the fact that storm clouds were rising. She tried calling out to him, but then lighting suddenly striked through the air. Then to their shock and dismay they felt water surrounding them and she panicked, wishing to get Dami to the surface. However, suddenly there was a glow and she found herself, her brother and sister, three Flying Bison and two lemurs frozen in the ice.

Author's note - Please do not flame a certain reviewer... they rather nitpicked things yes... and could have critiqued better... the person should have been more specific in the review and told me what they did in the PM... I still hold by the fact I feel it was done the right way. Prolog is spelled multiple ways... and they made it seem like there was only one way to spell it... Some people capitalize Flying Bison, others do not... when I get more then a few people saying that it is improper to capitalize it, then I will change it... but as it stands, it is not important.

Also, Aang is a very upset twelve year old boy, so he won't act rationaly or with logic. The reason for them going wasn't to show of the Flying Bison, but they got word that Aang was to be leaving... they said that it was already planned for Aang to go, so obviosuly the Southern Airtemple already knew... but to say also that getting one's Flying Bison isn't an important thing in the life of an Airbender is sad. Also, stopping Aang from leaving... umm... you try stopping someone on a Flying Bison... wait... many people have tried and it hasn't turned out well...

And actually, she did try to warn him, but storms at sea come up rather fast, so there was no time... and there was no indication of how soon she did see them... the fact that I wrote that she made to go and tell him says that she saw them a bit to late... she was concerned with Aang. The asumption was made that there was one lemur for each sister... actually, they are both Dami's and they are pets... it is to make her more cute... and for another reason... I won't go into... but they ARE important...