Disclaimer… I don't own Avatar: The Last Airbender, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, nor Gauken Alice. This is to poke fun at Fandoms and certain things in Fanfiction writing. Hopefully I can make it so you don't have to know about any of the fandoms to get this.


The Fandom Brigade was located in the country of Anwe and was a very nice, technologically advanced building. Six people were meeting around the table so that they could help fix some problems in the fandoms due to something that one of the new memebers had done earlier.

Three of the people there were old members, one of which surprised the three new members. The two boys that were there, both new members were nervous and were not happy about being there, but they were being forced to be there. A huge jar with the label "Jar of Mary Sues" was on the table, completely empty.

"I'll start the introductions as everyone here except for one person already knows me," one of the girls said, pushing her brown hair to reveal that her ears were pointed. "I am Lailith, know by my Edain name Irumi Hikari. I am Eldar. I also happen to be the cousin of Legolas and I hate it when Mary Sue's try to glomp him. I got in trouble with my Uncle Thranduil for sending down the river a bunch of Mary Sue's down the river from Mirkwood… not to mention a few other… trifles."

"I am Luna Lovegood," a girl said smiling at them, the rasishes bobbing from her ears. "My mom knew about the Edain and introduced me to Irumi. Irumi introduced me into trying to help take care of Krims and Fargles. That is my specialty… finding what doesn't seem to be there and pulling it out. It is our job to take the negative chaos and turn it into positive chaos…"

"With as little pain to the Fandom characters, Mary Sues and others as possible… unfortunately… I was looking forward to blackmailing people," the girl said in a monotone voice. "Though I still might do it just for fun… I am the stay behind… until we get another technological specialist, from the Gauken Alice Fandom."

"You're the one who helped us when Draco Malfoy released the Mary Sues into the ocean gap between the Lord of the Rings fandom and the Pirates of the Carabean fandom," a girl with bushy hair said.

"Yes… that was fun… I enjoyied watching a certain someone squirm when Irumi aimed an arrow at him," Hotaru smiled inwardly, not reflecting her glee in her eyes… but it was obvious that she was happy about this.

"Well, my name is Hermione… I am a book worm and I am from the Harry Potter fandom… it is Draco's fault that we are in such a big mess as this,"

"Hey! I wouldn't have retaliated if you hadn't choosen to release Mary Sue's into the manor!" Draco snapped.

"From what I'm reading in this pamphlet…" a boy with sightly dark skin commented. "Releasing it into one fandom is one thing, releasing it in multiple ones has more then just the bad effect of Mary Sues."

"Thank you Blaize… I was given a choice to bring someone to help me… I picked you because Crabbe and Goyal are to dumb… and the Mudblood vetoed them," the blond haired boy, Draco Malfoy, rolled his eyes. "Those are my two cronies. I am Draco Malfoy from the … I will not say his name!"

"Harry Potter Universe… I'm Blaize Zabini," the boy said.

"Which is why I didn't veto you… you may be Slytherin, but unlike some, you have a good shoulder on your head," Hermione commented.

"Anyways… now to the mission briefing…" Irumi commented.

"Code names… Elf Girl, Book Worm, Moonbeam, Zab and Dragon Poo…"

"No codenames Hataru… Luna?"

"Alright! The negative chaos that we have to take care of this time is one to four Mary Sues that have entered the Avatar fandom. This Sue… or Sues believes that she is the sister of the Avatar and that she is a second Avatar… there are not four Avatar's either because it isn't an AU… and she is going after what we call over in the Manga and Anime department, a Bioshin!" Luna smiled.

"Bioshin?" Blaize asked.

"A character that is a pretty boy, preferably with a loner attitude and angst ridden if possible… with a personality that makes girls swoon… expesully if they are rabid fangirls… except they really don't swoon," Luna smiled.

"Why does that sound like Draco?" Blaize muttered.

"Hey!" Draco snapped. "It's mad that I'm working with the Mudblood and Loony Lovegood, but also… demon girl and Muggle who shouldn't know our secret."

At that something flashed and pinned Draco to his chair. He glanced over and saw a knife sticking out of it making his black shirt stick to the seat. Hataru shook her head and aimed a gun at him and launched it off. The gun made the sound baka and a ball hit him in the head causing him to roll backwards. She then retrieved the knife and handed it to Irumi. Draco snapped at them. "What that was for!"

"For calling me a demon," the Elfling said, flipping her knife into the air and catching it, holstering it where it belonged. Her change from cheerful to the exact opposite was stifling the atmosphere.

"For being a baka, which means idiot… one should know better then to anger a she-elf… and that term can be taken as an insult… I using it to describe the temperament… in fact, don't mess with Elves… or anything that you don't quite understand… which reminds me… the people in this fandom… some of them can mess with the elements… and not the weather here… at least one of you will be able to mess with elements once they go in their… I don't know how many because it isn't until one goes into the fandom whether they see how things effect them."

"For example…" Draco said.

"When ever I go into the normal Lord of the Rings fandom… or more of, in the past, I end up having my physical age, which currently matches human years in the way I age… until a certain point… it gets divided by two point five… because it used to be that we aged that much slower."

"Don't get it…" Blaize commented.

"If she's ten years old here, she ends up looking like a four year old there, and if she is a fifteen year old here, she ends up looking like a six year old there," Hermione commented.

"It is so much fun to annoy my cousin with acting like an Elfling… oh wait… I am one," Irumi's smile suddenly returned. "I also run the risk of becoming hyper, pretending to be insane and pretending to be overly cheerful."

"That has nothing to do with the fandom, it has to do with psycing people out," Hotaru commented. "To bad we can't take the camera this time… maybe another time. I could use you to take pictures to help add to my black mail collection,"

"Ohh kay…" Blaize was not impressed and was thinking about how he had let Draco talk him into this. "Who is this we have to protect from the Mary Sues?"

"We are only capturing, detaining and returning to normal the Mary Sues… it is a rare case that a Bioshin actually needs help with being protected… though there are rare cases," Irumi took out her knife and flipped it into the air again.

"And this guy is not someone you want to get on the bad side of," Hotaru stated. "Now, prepare for boarding the Fandom Express!"

"The what?" Draco said.

"Muggle… you know, non-magic folk, technology making it so that one can easily travel between dimensions," Hotaru stated. "The only one restricted is Draco."

She pushed forward three devices to the new ones. "Prepare for the craziest days of your lives… there is no way you can expect what you are going to see!"

1/2/2014 - The original name of Irumi Hikari was Yemi Hikari. The character was created back when parody writers still named their accounts after their main parody characters. The reason for changing her name though is because there is no "ye" in the Japanese alphabet and her having a Japanese name is actually an important part of her back story.