Hotaru sat in front of the television while munching on popcorn. The animated short that had been created came to an end and she began to get up to leave the room, her mind completely bored from the entire experience. The film could have been done much better, but as she was a scientist she wouldn't speak her mind about the situation.

However, one of her classmates who had worked on the film came up with a smile on their face. "How did you like the first episode of Fandom Brigade?"

"I liked the fact I was in it." She continued to munch on the popcorn while giving them a blank stare.

"But what about the jokes."

"The jokes are cliché and over used." An older student came forward. "Seriously... these jokes have been done so many times before it isn't funny. This would never receive any amount of popularity. Not to mention the hyperness of the characters is annoying."

"Have you heard of the crack-fic genre?" Hotaru asked, eying the young man as he spluttered about how things should and shouldn't be.

"If it isn't one of the recognized genre, like Romance and so forth, then it is not a genre." The man then began to rave about he could make it better."

"I would have had romance in the story from the get go, because romance draws a person in. I would have had that fuzzy haired girl... well, I would have not made her look like that with those beaver teeth. She would have been paired off with that guy with the scar hinted in the end credits, while I would have the dark exotica paired off with the blond hottie."

"I think that would have made the film worse." Hotaru sighed. "Plus, the Fandom Brigade meetings are nothing like what was portrayed, nor are they anywhere near this humorous. I should never have mentioned the fact that I was looking for members to join, particularly since one of the current members is one that doesn't exist in the canon. And didn't I mentioned this back nearly four years ago, that the intentions were not like this."

"Well, what do you mean."

"The elf has hair and eye coloring like her cousin."

"But that would make her a Mary Sue, would it not?"

"Last time I checked, the Elves were divided into particular groups. A lot of people believed Legolas to have dark hair despite having a father with golden locks, so a lot of people were up in arms about the fact that wood elves were portrayed counter to their dark haired selves despite the fact by the time the Lord of the Rings actually occurred, we find ourselves suddenly having the possibility of intigration having occurred." A female with glassed pushed them up. "Even I found myself a bit taken aback when I finally dug into the work."

"Hey... your not from our school."

"I am a modern day student who attends school with a modern day elf." The female stated, glaring around. "It seems like a lot of things were cut out in order to make it so that the film wouldn't be labeled a Mary Sue, but that only caused things to become rife with more problems then what would have occurred before hand. So please, knock off the dialog saying that this is..."

"The dialog we're having is getting bad. How did you get into the school?"

"She's with me." Hanataro stated, still munching on her popcorn. "Please don't spout off stuff as if you know what you are talking about. Plus, I like the fact that the dialog is derailing. It will make for an interesting end to this entire escapade, despite the fact that the film never went over well. I can't exactly blame it, what with the fact people from our world aren't going to be familiar with people from another world. I've got to get back to my Mary Sue radar."

Everyone blinked a couple of times. The female who had randomly appeared spoke up. "I have a list of adjustments that a certain hobbit wants."

"A Hobbit? When did the team get a Hobbit?"

"We haven't gotten a Hobbit, but there is a movie that is going to be coming out which is going to be attracting attention back to the fandom I originate from as well as... our obnoxious friend."

"I see, I see. Well, I really need to get back to work. I think this is a good ending to something that was interesting concept wise, but honestly not pulled off well.

Author's note – I felt it was time to end this one as it hasn't been updated for over three years. When I made the decision, I'd forgotten that the Hobbit movie would be coming out, but I worked that into the humor. This was one of my earlier attempts at trying to write crack fic.

That also said, a note on the OC elf named Irumi Hikari... I didn't name her after myself or the account name I choose, I named the account after her because I didn't want any name like LegolasFangirl101, as that is what I would have chosen and it wouldn't have stood out. I was surprised when people started calling me Irumi, but then... that is what happens when you don't have alternative names as you don't want people to know your real name. That's why my youtube is Boxcarmystery, I'm not Irumi Hikari and I'd finally figured out a good username for myself. However, Irumi Hikari also stuck big time as an identifier for me.

And... I really did cut back on a lot of things simply because of the false Mary Sue accusations that were flying around all over the place. She has a Japanese name for a reason, and it isn't because her brother picked the name from Japanese. She is technically a crossover character from Inuyasha built upon the idea that Elves were the immortals of the West, and Youkai were their equivalent over in the East. She's of mixed blood, which is the real reason why Ai can't speak and she is looked down upon. I never worked out all of the positive or negatives of being part of each race were, because I found myself white washing her because of the actions I saw to label any OC a Mary Sue, or even character that was well thought out. I honestly think my writing with her in it suffered back then. Eventually a lot of stuff that features her is going to get a rewrite, but her name isn't going to be Irumi anymore, though she will keep the last name she does. Irumi isn't Japanese... though a lot of people thing it is. It came from when I was making up Japanese names.