An Abyss of Hopeless Faith Part 1

Envy. Hatred. Darkness. Emptiness. These feelings overwhelm her as she fell down towards the soaked, muddy earth below her feet. Tears fell from her white eyes that lost their life. Rain pour down her as she brought her knees towards herself. All her hope was gone. There was no need for her to stay in the village when she was not wanted. Her beloved yellow haired crush had turned her down.

- "Gomen ne, I can't accept your feelings for me. I only see you as a dear friend."-

The pale face Hyuuga sobbed loudly as those words repeated in her mind. Why did she hope in the first place? She had no chance. She was not strong and beautiful like Haruno Sakura. She could not compete with her. There was no need for her to stay here. It was time for her leave and find the path she was meant to follow.

White eyes stared at the full moon once more. The Hyuuga picked herself up slowly and took one last look at her home that was soon to be forgotten.

- 'Sayonara Konoha.'-

6 years later


A young female servant about eleven quickly made her way to a young woman in her late teens.


The girl turned around as she heard her name being called. Her kimono elegantly flowed behind her as she moved. Her long hair was left untied shining in the sun. White eyes stared at the young servant making her way towards her.

"Chiyo-chan? What brings you here?"

"Yoshikawa-sama sent me to get you. She told me that a mission came in, and the elders request you, Kumoso-san, and Soshutaka -san to carry out this mission."

The white eye teen smiled as she heard the message. She's been waiting for a mission to come in. Staying inside Kazegakure wasn't much fun anymore.

"Well it seems I finally get to get out ne, Chiyo-chan?"


"Well, let us head home. I would like to speak to Okaa-san before I leave."

The girl smiled at the servant before she elegantly walked away.

Two young men in there late teens walked quietly towards the Hokage tower. One with raven hair had a scowl on his face while the other with yellow hair had a smile on his.

"It's been a whole year since you came back. You think Baa-chan would take you out of probation?"

"Who knows."

What Uchiha Sasuke was really thinking, that he really hoped that the Hokage would let him off probation. He rather not have escorts his whole life.

"Oi, Dobe."

"Nani, Sasuke-teme?"

"There's something I want to ask you since I can't get any answers for anyone."

The yellow haired ninja looked at his friend questionably. What could The Uchiha Sasuke want? He was a genius and never needed someone to answer a question for him, well not to Naruto at least.

"Yesterday I heard about the Hyuuga's heir. They mention that the younger of the two children is supposed to be the heir. Before I left I know the oldest was the heir, am I right?"

Naruto cheerful mood immediately change after Sasuke mention the Hyuuga clan. His eyes cast downward as he remember the oldest of Hiashi children becoming a missing nin.


Sasuke looked at his best friend as he watched the gloomy state take over his friend. Sasuke's eyes narrow as he knew something was going on that he did not know about.

"Then dobe, what happen to the eldest?"

Naruto sighed as he knew that the curiosity of his friend wouldn't go away anytime soon.

"Sasuke, you remember Hyuuga Hinata? She was part of Team Eight with Inuzuka Kiba and Aburame Shino. She was the original heir of the Hyuuga clan. But, one day she disappeared, exactly one year when you left to that bastard."

Sasuke scowl once more as he tried to remember the girl that was part of the Rookie Nine. All he remembers was white eyes, but then again all the Hyuugas had white eyes. He glared at his friend who stopped giving the information he wanted. He growled lightly and started to make his way towards his original destination.

Naruto mentally sighed knowing that he was the cause why Hinata left in the first place. He didn't know she was going to react that way. He was so dense back then. Now over the years he began to develop feelings for the white eye Hyuuga. If only he could tell her.

Naruto sighed once more and lifted his head just to see his best friend walk away from him.

"Oi! Sasuke-teme! Don't leave me like that! You know your not suppose to go anywhere with out an escort!"

The yellow haired hyperactive ninja quickly made his way back to Sasuke, muttering words that only he could hear.


"Welcome back Yoshikawa-san"

Hinata Yoshikawa smiled at the servants that greeted her at the gates of the Toshikawa estates. They bowed deeply as Hinata pass by with her long bluish-black hair sweeping behind her.

"Keiko-chan, do you know where Okaa-san is?" Hinata looked questionably at the servant that was watering the plants in the garden.

The servant stopped at what she was doing and bowed at Hinata.

"Yoshikawa-sama is currently in her study."


Hinata bowed thanking Keiko. She quickly turned walking down the wooden halls of the estate. It was currently sunny in the Village Hidden in the Wind. It has been six years since the Yoshikawa family took her in. Her past in Konoha including her last name was long forgotten. Taking in the name of Yoshikawa, she became the heir of the Yoshikawa clan. As the heir, she was taught new skills and a new element she never knew she could control. Wind. Because of her skills, she was placed in ANBU with two other people from different clans: Hiroiko Kumoso and Tsutsuma Soshutaka. The three became friends and quickly rose to the top to be the number one team in Kazegakure.

Hinata smiled lightly as she felt the breeze from the wind played with her hair. She elegantly walked her way to her kaa-san's study. Finding the door of the study, she kneeled down knocking on the screen door lightly.

"Who is it?" A light feminine voice called from inside the study.

"Kaa-san it's me, may I come in?"

"Ah, Hinata-chan! Yes you may come in."

Hinata heard movement of papers through the screen door. She stood up opening the door and stepped in. She quietly shut the door and faced the head of the Toshikawa clan.

A woman in her thirties was sitting behind a small table that was full of papers. She had mid-length black hair with icy blue eyes. A gentle expression was on her face as she looked at her adoptive daughter.

"Did you get my message?"

"Hai Kaa-san."

"The elders sent me all the information about your mission." She handed Hinata the papers that were on the table.

Hinata read the papers that were handed to her. On top of the first page were the letters 'B Rank'.

"B Rank?"


The young heiress flipped the next page reading the information that was given to her.

Yoshikawa Hinata,

You along with Kumoso Hiroiko and Soshutaka Tsutsuma are to safely escort Yoshikawa Mitsuki to Konohagakure. You are to leave tonight exactly at midnight. More details would be given to you from Yoshikawa-sama at that time.

Hinata study the papers once more and blinked a few times before she looked at her adoptive mother. She frowned slightly as she remembered the word Konohagakure on the papers. She wasn't expecting to ever go back to that village ever again.

"You are going to Konoha Kaa-san?"

"Hai, on business. I got a letter from the Hokage. I heard some interesting things from her. You know the Hyuuga Clan, one of the top clans in Konoha, announced their heir today."

Hinata frown some more as her kaa-san brought up the Hyuuga clan. She never thought she would here that word again.

"Hyuuga Hanabi."

Hinata's white eyes cast downward as she heard the name of the heir of her old forgotten family.

Mitsuki Yoshikawa brought her eyes to look at the Hyuuga who took in her clan name.

"Hinata. Why didn't you tell me you were part of the Hyuuga Clan? Nonetheless the heir of the clan!"

Hinata cringe slightly as her kaa-san yelled at her.

"If I knew you were the heir of the Hyuuga Clan I would not have taken you in as the heir. This would cause problems not only with the Yoshikawa clan and the Hyuuga clan, but with both Kazegakure and Konohagakure." Mitsuki sighed and rubbed her temples hoping to release the pressure from there.

"Gomen kaa-san, I….I didn't mean for this to happen." Tears came into Hinata's eyes as she apologized. "I didn't know…. I didn't know that they knew I was alive."

Mitsuki sighed once more as she watched the tears fall from her adoptive daughter.

"It is okay Hinata-chan. I know you didn't mean for this to happen. The Hyuugas don't know you are alive. However, Tsunade-sama is the only one that knows you are alive, but that doesn't mean that they're not going to find out. This is why I've request your team to escort me. There is a request from Tsunade-sama. She wants to see how much you have grown in you skills. More will be explain tonight when everyone is here. Now go pack your things."

Hinata nod slightly as she bowed before standing up.

"And Hinata, wipe your tears. I don't like seeing you like this. Everything will be fine. Your kaa-san knows how to get out of rough situations ne?"

Hinata smiled as she heard the caring voice of Mitsuki.

"Hai Kaa-san." The white eyed heir bowed once more before exiting the study.

The bells rung in Kazegakure showing that it was exactly midnight. The wind blew silencing the sounds of footsteps that were making their way to the northern gates.

A figure waited at front of the gates waiting for three other of her companions to arrive. She wore just a plain green kimono with slits at the legs. The figure with icy blue eyes turned her head as she saw three figures approaching.

Mitsuki Yoshikawa looked at the three who had approached her. Hinata, being the team captain of the three-man ANBU team, wore a blackish purple skirt that went to her mid thighs. Under it was black shorts that helped running easier and keeping the eyes of perverts that tired to look at her behind while training. Just like all the konoichi in her village she wore two inch black heels. She wore a sleeveless black shirt that went up just above her belly button. The fishnet like covering went under her shirt. She also wore the net around her arms that went up to her elbows. Her ninja equipment was tied around left thigh giving her easy access to it. Last but not least her forehead protector with the symbol of three slanted curving lines symbolizing Kazegakure was tied around her neck.

To the left of Hinata was a girl about the same age as her. Hiroiko Kumoso had shoulder length brownish hair that went with her dark greenish yellow eyes. She wore brown shorts that went up to mid thigh with crème color baggy sleeves on both of her shins. She too wore two inch black heals. She wore the fishnet like covering under her green tank top. Her ninja equipment, just like Hinata's, was tied around her left thigh with her forehead protector tied around her right arm.

To the right of Hinata was a boy who was about eighteen. Tsutsuma Soshutaka had long red hair that went to his mid back. It was tied loosely so it wouldn't get in the way in battle. His bronze eyes looked at Misuki as she scrutinized them all. He wore black pants that came right where his foot and ankle started. He wore a white shirt that was semi-tight on him showing how cut he was due to this strenuous training. Along with his clothing he wore black gloves. He tied his headband protector around his forehead unlike his other two teammates.

Pleased on what she saw, Mitsuki cleared her throat ready to give the objective of the mission.

"As you all know, I requested your team to escort me to Konoha."

"Konoha? No one from our village has been there in years," said Hiroiko with a slightly surprise in her voice.

Hinata shivered at the thought of going back to Konoha. She wasn't expecting to go there ever again. She abandoned her home village and made this one her home. She did not want to see the faces that she buried deep into her mind that were now coming back to her.


She gasped a little at the thought of the yellow haired ninja. She shook her head lightly and dismissed the thought of him. She was stronger now. She did not need the past to bring her down.

"Yes I'm aware of that Hiroiko-chan. Just think that your team will be the first in years." Mitsuki smiled lightly at the group as they listen to what she way saying.

"What exactly are we going there for?" Tsutsuma scowled lightly as he waited for the objective of their mission.

Hiroiko eyed the red hair ninja as he scowled.


"You see where making a little visit, for Hinata's sake."

Hinata wince has her kaa-san put her name in the sentence.

"Ehhh?" Both Tsutsuma and Hiroiko looked at the heiress as she sighed a little at the reactions of her friends.

"What is she talking about Hinata-chan?" Hiroiko titled her head slightly to the side as she questioned her dear friend.

Tsutsuma stared at Hinata before he walked towards. He eyed her waiting for her to look up at him.


Hinata looked up at her friend only to feel his finger on her forehead. His eye twitched lightly as Hinata smiled nervously at her teammate. She knew Tsutsuma was already peeved from not getting the sleep he wanted.

"What does she mean about 'for your sake'?

"Well…ano is quite a long story. Ano… where should I start? Tsutsuma it would help if you would stop poking my forehead."

Tsutsuma blushed a little at Hinata's request.

"Right. Gomen."

Hinata sighed. She didn't want to tell anyone about her living in Konoha and that she was the heiress of the Hyuuga clan. All of this was meant to be a secret.

"Well you see, I'm not who you think I am."

Both of her teammates shared a looked with each other before looking at Hinata questionably again.

"I'm not Yoshikawa Hinata. I'm really Hyuuga Hinata heiress, well was heiress of the Hyuuga Clan."

Both of her teammates eyes widen at the answer Hinata gave them.

Tsutsuma looked at Hinata before flicking her on the forehead.

"You mean to tell me that you belong to a clan in Konoha. Just not any clan there but the Hyuuga clan."


"So how did you exactly end up here?"

"Well…ano… I-I ran away."

Both frown at her answer.

Tsutsuma eyed her again before he flicked her again on the forehead.

"Seriously, how did you end up here."

Hinata frowned slightly at the question Tsutsuma gave her. This time not stuttering the answer.

"I ran away."

"You're kidding right?"

"She's not Tsutsuma. She really did run away." All three looked at Mitsuki at her sudden answer. "You see Konoha's hokage found out she was alive. The thing is Hinata's real clan already announced the new heir to the clan. If they find that she is alive there would not only be problems between my clan and the Hyuuga clan, but also problems for Kazegakure and Konohagakure."

Hiroiko looked at the white eye Hyuuga. She never expected for her friend to be a heiress from another village. Hinata came here to Kazegakure six years ago. She always minded her own business and was always alone. It took both her and Tsutsuma to open her up from the very shy and lonely girl she once was.

"So our mission is to escort you to talk to Hokage-sama and Hinata's real clan." Hinata looked at the calm facial expression of her brown hair friend. She expected her to make an outburst and yell, but she didn't. Was she okay that she lied to her and everyone else? Tsutsuma looked a little bit peeved, but she expected that from Tsutsuma.

"Yes and no."

All three looked at the head of the Yoshikawa clan. There was more to the mission then they thought. Even Hinata looked questionably at Mitsuki. Yes and No? What could that mean?

"So you're saying there is more to just escorting you to Konoha?" Tsutsuma stared at the icy blues eyes that belong to Mitsuki. Something was up and he knew it.

"Let me ask you this first before I go any further. Did you guys bring your mask?"

All three nodded in unison. Mitsuki smirked at the three as they eagerly waited at her wanting information.

"Good. As you all know we're going to Konoha. But I'm the only one that would be entering it once we get there." The blacked hair women paused as she looked at her adoptive daughter.

'I'm counting on you, Hinata.'

After her brief thought she started again, giving a very serious look on her face.

"You all are to wait on standby till I give a signal. Once the signal is given, you three will force your entry in Konoha. I suggest you keep low if you are going and do a silent attack. It's better to not alarm the whole village and cause panic. Defeat anyone in your path and reach the Hokage Tower once you enter. If you have obstacles in your way, try to avoid them if not defeat them, but do not injured them unless they get too violent to stop. If they do, then do what you must."

"Hai," said the three in unison. They quickly put on their mask, waiting for Mitsuki's dismissal.

Mitsuki eyed the three then gave a nod of approval. With one wave of her hand, Mitsuki dismissed the ANBU team to their mission.


A pink haired konoichi waved at Sasuke as he walked to the ramen stand to meet Naruto. He sighed lightly as he stopped to wait on Sakura. Ever since he came back to Konoha, he tried to make an effort to be nice to the girl. He only saw Sakura as a dear friend, but it seems that Sakura begged to differ.

"Sasuke-kun, are you heading to the ramen stand too?" She smiled brightly at Sasuke, hoping to start a conversation with the Uchiha.


"I guess Naruto decided for all of us to spend time together as a team. Ano…Naruto told me that you had to go to Tsunade-sama's office about taking out of probation. Did she?"

"Hai she did."

Even though his answers were short, Sakura was glad that she was able to talk to Sasuke. After all she still cared deeply for him.

"Oh! You won't believe what I heard around the village! The leader of Kazegakure is coming to Konoha today. In fact she should be here now! I heard she was a beautiful woman that everyone admires."

Sasuke watched as Sakura squealed in delight as she talked about the Kazegakure leader.

"Sakura no one from Kazegakure has been in Konoha in many years, why now?"

"I don't know Sasuke-kun, but I do know Tsunade-sama has important business with her."

Sasuke snorted. Important business his ass. It sounds more like the leader was setting up something and he didn't like it.

"Sasuke-kun! Look!"

Sakura pointed happily as a woman with black hair and icy blue eyes came through the gates of Konoha, being escorted by two Konoha Shinobi.

Sakura squealed and mumble how beautiful she was. Sasuke frowned and glared at the woman that was headed towards the Hokage tower. Just something about that woman irked him to no end.

"Sasuke-kun lets hurry and eat, so then hopefully we could meet her."

Sasuke sighed at the konoichi as she took his hand and dragged him to the ramen stand.

Tsutsuma sat lazily on a tree branch watching as Hiroiko studied the map of Konoha. After Mitsuki went into Konoha they were force to sit in the trees. Hinata was in charge of looking at Mitsuki with binoculars, waiting for the signal. Tsutsuma sighed and closed his eyes. He rather not do anything till it was time to anyway.

"Alright, from what I can tell, there is a post here at the western wall. Only three men are at the post. If we enter from here we should get a straight shot to the Hokage tower…Tsutsuma are you even listening to me?"

Tsutsuma cocked in eye open as he looked at his female teammate. He sighed and sat up to look at the map.

Hiroiko glared at the red head, which was not doing anything productive.

Hinata let out a small gasp as she was looking towards the Hokage tower with her binoculars. She saw as her kaa-san turn slightly and formed an 'O' with her hand towards the group.

"Hiroiko, Tsutsuma, I think I got our signal."

Hinata put down her binoculars and looked her team in the eye. She was nervous. Very nervous. It has been six years since she has been in Konoha, and here she was about to infiltrate her old home after returning. She sighed lightly and looked at the map.

"We'll go with Hiroiko's plan. But remember we need to attack silently and fast. Remember what Mitsuki-san said. Laying low is to key to avoid chaos."

Hinata smiled lightly and put her ANBU mask on. She was no more a Hyuuga. She was a Yoshikawa and a shinobi to Kazegakure.

Tsutsuma and Hiroiko follow suit and put their masks on. Looking at Hinata, they nodded to show they were ready. Hinata nodded back and gave her order.

"Move out!"

Tsunade looked at the owner of the icy blue eyes, who sat across from her. She smiled and offered some sake to her visitor.

"It's been a long time Mitsuki."

"Hai, it has been."

The two smiled and sipped at there sake.

"You seem nervous Mitsuki. Do you feel like she's going to fail at her mission?"

Mitsuki chuckled lightly and looked at the Hokage in the eye.

"Oh she is ready Tsunade. In fact you'll be surprise on much my daughter has improve since you last seen her. The Yoshikawa clan is honored that she is the heiress."

Tsunade studied the younger woman after her statement. Never before had she seen someone looked so confident about the timid, shy girl that she used to know.

A sudden gasp came out of Tsunade's mouth as she heard the village alarm go off. Tsunade looked at the door as she heard rushed footsteps running towards her door. Without knocking, Shizune opened the door roughly and ran towards the Godaime.

"Tsunade-sama! The village is under attack!"

A sharp gasp was heard from Mitsuki as she stood up from her position.

"All the necessary precautions as been made. The villagers have evacuated to the caves and all forces have been sent out to find the intruders."

Tsunade sighed and stood up signaling both Shizune and Mitsuki to follow her outside her office.

"Very well. Shizune, let all squads now that I want these intruders brought to me alive."


Three bodies lie on the ground obviously knocked out from the surprise attacks that were made towards them.

Three ninjas with ANBU masks on looked at their work across from them. Tsutsuma sighed, as the alarm was sound throughout the village.

"So much for lying low."

"Well if you were watching the other man then maybe the alarm wouldn't have come off."

Hiroiko knocked Tsutsuma in the head as she made her statement.

"Wait, are you saying it's my fault?"


"Why you..."

"Enough you two. We have a mission complete. Due to the alarm we have a couple of ninjas on our way right now."

Hinata's body was tense as she felt a very large supply of chakra coming their way. Through her mask she gave a glare at the direction of the holder of the supply of chakra. Hinata let out a sigh as she turned to her teammates.

"Ano Hinata...daijoubou desu ka?" Hiroiko looked at her friend through her anbu mask sensing the tense body of her friend.

"Listen. We have enemies coming towards us at a fast rate. Remember our mission is to reach the Hokage tower. It seems that the shorter path has been block with an enemy blockade. I'll go forth and meet up with them while you two go separate ways. Hiroiko you'll go left and clear that area of enemies. Tsutsuma you do the same except go right. I'll neutralize the blockade towards the Hokage tower and meet you two there. Understood?"

Hinata's voice held slight coldness and confidence as she spoke the objective. Both knew Hinata turn serious seeing that she was not wasting any more time. Even though they could not look at Hinata's eye they could tell it was full of determination.



Hinata nodded her head as she got their answer. She turned back to the path that leads to the group of ninjas that were heading straight towards her. Feeling that her were teammates were gone she began walking to the direction of her enemy.

Hatake Kakashi led his three man team as they sprint towards the enemy that trespassed into Konoha. He sighed hoping this wasn't another false alarm.

"Kakashi-san, it seems the target is heading are way. He is about fifty kilometers away," Neji reported as he glared at his target. It seems his enemy has a large supply of chakra.

"How strong is he Hyuuga?" asked Kiba who rode on Akamaru.

"I believe it should not matter Kiba. We'll defeat him with our youth!" Lee had a happy look on his face as they headed to the target. He's been itching to fight someone lately since no one would spare with him.

Kakashi sighed again as he heard Lee's comment. His team was strange, but he did not complain because all three are fairly strong people.

Neji gasped loudly as his eyes widen. He stopped running seeing what had disappear from his eyes. Seeing this everyone stopped looking at Neji hoping to get an answer from the sudden stop.

"What is it Neji?"

"H-He disappeared!"

"NANI?" Kiba glared at Neji as he gave him an answer.

"Demo…Neji no one can escape the Byakugan even if they mask their chakra. Usually you still could find a faint glow of it."

Kakashi glared at the direction of the enemy. Apparently this wasn't someone they should go easy on. If he could escape the eyes of a Hyuuga then this guy is strong.

Kiba flinched slightly as he felt the hairs of Akamaru standup.

"Akamaru, whats wrong?"

A growl was heard from the giant dog as he stared off at the direction where they were headed.

"Look there!" Lee pointed with a hush voice as he saw a figure approaching the deserted streets.

A figure approach with a calm determine posture. It was as he wanted to be seen. He stopped looking straight at the four.

Kakashi looked at the figure looking at the stance of the enemy.


"It seems he is a she."

Neji glared at her, already piss that she escaped his byakugan.

"I suggest you turn back. Konoha is not a place for you to be."

The figured just stared at Neji as she just stood there, as she was bored.

"It seems she doesn't care." said Lee

"I'll teach her a lesson for entering Konoha."

Kiba tapped Akamaru giving him the signal to move forward. He had a smirked on his face as he and Akamaru race towards the woman. It seems she just stood there not even making a move to defend her self.

"No Kiba!" yelled Kakashi as he raced after Kiba.

"Fool." said Neji as he watched Kiba moved towards the enemy

Hinata watched as her once dear friend charge towards her with Akamaru

'He's gotten to so big'

Hinata smile through her mask as she saw her friend again. Memories of her childhood friend came through her mind. What she forgot though that Kiba did not know it was her and she was the enemy.

"No Kiba!"

The voice of Kakashi broke through her memories as she saw shurikens come her way.

She stiffened slightly as she remembered where she was. She was the enemy in Kiba's eyes.

She glared at Kiba as he smirked at her.


With ease she took a few threw shurikens to deflect those that were coming her way. Seeing that Akamaru was right behind her she dodged his attack and moved forward to the stronger opponent. Kiba wasn't worth her time as she could easily knock him out with one hit.

She saw as Kiba let out a frustrated growl as she completely pass him.

She smirked slightly as she saw Kakashi slightly surprise as she appear suddenly in front of him. Without noticing she blocked Kakashi's attack with the gentle fist style, giving him a jab at his chakra points.

Kakashi blocked her attack, but felt a stab at his right side. She was fast. Very fast. Not only has she mange to block his attack, she closed two of his tenketsu points on his side.

He jumped back getting a safe distance from the woman that was giving him a challenge. He knew this fighting style. What surprise him the most is how could someone from outside the village know Jūken of the Hyuuga Clan? He glared at the woman in front of him and lifted his headband that was covering his right eye.


Hinata smirked as she saw that Hatake Kakashi began to fight seriously. She watched as Kakashi made a few hand signs quickly. Her eyes widen as she recognize the jutsu that Kakashi was about to form.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!"

Hinata gasped as she felt heat from the enormous fire. She quickly released chakra and quickly turned hoping to push back the fire

Kakashi's eye widen as he watch his attack was blocked. Again this woman blocked another one of his attacks.

"Neji! Did you…"

"Yes, it seems she knows Jūken and the jutsus that belongs to the Hyuuga clan," Neji growled at the woman that was giving Kakashi a slightly hard time.

"Neji look!"

Neji looked at the woman as she kicked Kakashi in the face sending him back a few feet and quickly made her way towards him and Lee.

Hinata wanted to finish this quickly as she felt that her teammates had finish with their duty. She sprinted towards her cousin and Lee who stood in position blocking her way towards the direction of the Hokage Tower. She saw as Lee charged her. He made an effort to stop her advancing by kicking her in the stomach, but his attack was block by Hinata. Not wanting to hurt Neji or Lee more then she should, she pushed Lee with chakra infused sending him towards Neji. Taking the chance with Neji's distraction she sprinted past them heading towards the Hokage Tower.

"Kuso!" Neji yelled as he watched Hinata sprinted past them. He didn't have a chance to fight her. He was already angry that this mere woman not only got past all four of them but also insulted the Hyuuga clan by using their style of fighting.

He set Lee down who was knocked out from her attack. He saw how both Kakashi and Lee were defeated without a real serious fight from her. Whoever she was, Neji knew there was a lot more to this woman then what was seen from the eye.

Hinata sighed in relief as she got away from Neji and his team. There was no doubt he was wondering who she was due to the Jūken she preformed on Kakashi. She almost revealed herself almost causing her to abort the mission. The adrenalin was still pumping through her veins from the intensity of the short battle that she just escaped from.

Rained started to pour as Hinata quickly made her way to the Hokage Tower. A great battle was ahead for her and she must be prepared for it both mentally and physically. She had a feeling she'll see him there. The very boy who left her to drown in her own darkness. When the time comes, she will show him how she has change and not that innocent little girl she was once was. She'll show everyone in this god-forsaken village that Hyuuga Hinata was no more.

A sinister like smiled was placed on Hinata's face as she saw the Hokage Tower was in view. Feeling all connections detach, she let the darkness take her in.

-End of Part 1-

Confuse? XD of course you would be. There is a lot of loose connections in this part. I did that on purpose because I wanted the reader to be brought in the story and wonder what exactly is going lol. Part 2 will explain what exactly is happening to Hinata and why exactly Hinata hates Naruto so much. This story will be a Sasuhina but there will be a SasuxhinaxNaru triangle going on just for entertainment purposes. This will be an angst fic but there will be some moments that will make up for angst lol. So please review and tell me what you think. And as for those wondering about Aikoi I finished chapter 8 of the story but…I complete skipped ahead and now I have to right what is suppose to go in between chapter 5 and chapter 8 so bare with me because my muse has been mean to me lol.

Sept 2nd, 2011: Hello everyone! Its been such a long time. I'm so sorry I have neglected updating for almost two years. It wasn't exactly a plan to stop but I had lost my muse. When I began taking up writing fanfiction, I was a depress 16 year old girl who had nothing to do but write to escape reality. But life started getting a lot better and I'm finally happy. I'm in college now and so much is going on since I'm on the Pre-medical track haha. But the good news is that I will start writing again! Fortunately for you guys AAoHF is the first story my muse decided to come back to. Part 1 is sorta edited but not really, Part 2 is not edited at all and needs to be, and Part 3 is in the process of being written. In about two or three days it should be up. But i do warn, since i'm so busy as a biology major updates will be slow, but I promise to write as much as I can. Thank you everyone who stuck with me despite my shortcomings!