An Abyss of Hopeless Faith Part 3

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A scream could be heard as his daughter's body began to convulse from the reaction of the new chakra that was beginning to awake within her body. The byakugan caught everything as the chakra began to grow increasingly violent as it ate away her normal blue like chakra she usually possessed.

The Yoshikawa woman quickly did a set of hand seals before she bit at her thumb then placing her hand where the curse seal was. Soon enough the new chakra began to reseed back to its confinements taking the evil with it. At the same time the Uchiha began to calm down as he still panted from the intense reaction form his seal.

It was not long before the Uchiha passed out and his daughter was confirmed alive with all the wounds she had gotten, vanishing from plain sight.

Author's Note: I would like to dedicate this chapter to Big Bang. If it wasn't for your wonderful songs, like Haru Haru and Fantastic Baby, this chapter would have not been finished!

"This is outrageous!"

White-eyes glared at the Godaime who simply started at the man in front of her. Hyuuga Hiashi was not a man to deny, and yet Tsuanade did just that.

"You bring the Kazegakure leader into Konaha only for her to attack us, and despite all this you give her shelter and allow her to refuse any visitation rights to my daughter! What could you be possibly thinking Tsunade?"

The blond-headed Godaime sighed lightly and sipped at the sake she had recently taken out of its hiding place. It has been three days since the eventful day of Hinata's test and the reveal that she was indeed alive. Unfortunately, Hinata has not recover from the unconscious state she was placed in. Now knowing the ex-Hyuuga heiress is alive, the Hyuuga clan has threaten war against Kazegakure and the Yoshikawa clan for taking their heiress away from them.

"Calm yourself Hyuuga-sama. Yelling would do you know good. If you want to see Hinata simply wait until Yoshikawa-sama allows you to do so."

"She is my daughter, not the wretched woman who claims to be her mother!"

A vein began to form on the side of Tsunade's temple. Hyuugas were stubborn and always demanded. She had enough of Hyuugas for the day.

"When the time has come to see your daughter I will inform you, until then please refrain from threatening Yoshikawa-sama. Another war is not needed in Konoha. Now if you excuse me I have a meeting to attend to."

With a wave of a perfect manicure hand, Hyuuga Hiashi left the Godaime's office with a not so happy look on his face.

-One day Later-

Shuffling was heard outside of his door, as he silently glared at the empty spots where Sakura and Naruto had stood a few minutes ago. His teammates decided to drop by and visit him while he was still bedridden on a hospital bed. Fortunately for him, he'll be released tomorrow.

The visit between the three teammates weren't exactly the usual conversations that ended with a couple of threats and finally a growl from his pink haired teammate to settle the two from "mistakenly" killing one another. No. This time the conversation was much more serious due to previous events that had occur a few days earlier.


"The Hyuuga clan is getting restless with the Yoshikawas of Kazegakure. Do you think there will be a war?"

Concern was laced over Sakura's voice as she questioned her two teammates. After the incident between Hinata and Sasuke, the whispers of war with Kazegakure were floating around Konaha. Though she was a kounichi, fighting was last on her list.

"Kazegakure hid information from Konoha about Hinata's arrival in their village. Though Konoha and Kazegakure had no communicated with each other for years, you think they would be able to recognize a Hyuuga in their village."

"I could careless about the issue between the two clans, it's that Hyuuga I'm more concern with. She holds a curse seal similar to mine," growled out the ex-avenger

Rough, pale hands lightly touched the now dormant seal that was tattoo on his neck. After the activation of Hyuuga Hinata's curse seal, his seal was awakened and the evil of Orochimaru had begun to seep through his chakra network. He would be glad to send the damnable Hyuuga back to Kazegakure, or better yet, eliminate her and her curse seal that she carries.

"Orochimaru is dead. How could Hinata get hold of something so forbidden? It doesn't seem like her…" Sakura furrowed her eyebrows at the thought. The idea of Hinata and curse seal did not go together. Though she wasn't as strong as many of the Rookie Nine, Hinata always looked towards her friends for strength. There was no need for her to seek such forbidden power.

No answers were given to Sakura. Not even Naruto gave one of his idiotic answers. Ever since the battle between Hinata's ANBU unit, his usually hyperactive self disappeared only to be replace with a torn demeanor.

"I don't care what happen between her disappearance and reappearance to Konoha. Hinata-chan is home now. If you're done visiting the teme Sakura-chan, I'm going to try to see if I'm able to see Hinata-chan."

With a pivot of his foot, Naruto left and closed the door behind him. A bewilder Sakura started at the space of what was Naruto and sighed.

"He been acting strangely Sasuke-kun. I'm sure he is worry about your condition. Don't let his attitude get to you, ne? Gomen, but I have to go. I hope you feel better soon. Ja ne."

Sakura gave a weak smile to Sasuke before she followed Naruto's lead and left.

-End of Flashback-

Sasuke gripped his sheets tightly hoping to get some type of satisfaction and relief from the anger that has been bubbling inside of him for days. The battle between the Hyuuga and him unnerved him, and the coldness she had exhibit during the battle left an imprint inside of him.

"Don't speak to me as you understand me Uchiha."

"Weak? How dare you call me weak when you left the village in the first place!"

"You're the weak one Uchiha. That self call power did nothing for you. It did nothing to help you avenge the pathetic people you call family. "

The coldness that laced her words reminded him of himself. It intrigued him yet infuriated him at the same time. How dare she mock him! He had a purpose to fulfill and he paid the price and worked for his redemption to become a Konoha ninja once again. She on the other hand attacks the village that was once her home. She was a disgrace!

With a click of his tongue, Sasuke ended his musings and tightened the sheets around him. For now, he'll sleep. Tomorrow, he'll worried about the Hyuuga and maybe get the answers about the curse mark she held on her navel.

~The Next Day~

The darkness was slowly dissipating and a white light was slowly making its way in. She was no more tied to the small dark confinement that was called death. Though she was alive and breathing, the chill of death was still seeped into her bones. However, the small pulse of power that was in her seal vibrated loudly throughout her body. It was a shame she was alive; the hate she felt towards her former home and family was out of control and it killed her, but it was that same hate she felt that brought her back to life. The darkness embedded into her navel was activated, and now she was found.

Hinata slowly opened her eyes from the dreamless state she was in. A frown was etched on her delicate features as she witness the many nurses that surrounded her, checking her to see if her vitals were well. She never liked hospitals. She valued her personal space, and hospitals did not.

"Hyuuga-san! You're awake!"

'Yoshikawa. Its Yoshikawa.'

As much as she wanted to voice out her correction, her throat was too dry and scratchy for her to speak. Her body ached and was stiffed from lying in bed longer then it was use too. The beeping from the heart monitor was slightly comforting as she closed her eyes to take away the intensity of the sensations that attacked her senses.

"Daijoubu desu ka?"

The nurse lightly placed her hand on her arm. The gesture was not very comforting; she just wanted to get out of this bed and see her mother. Too many bad memories of hospitals were embedded into her mind.


Hinata opened her eyes only to see her mother running towards her with a relieved expression on her face. Her mother's beautiful face slightly sunk into itself from the many sleepless nights she had. Despite her tired form, her Kaa-san made her way towards her and grabbed her hand. The softness of her touch immediately relaxed Hinata's tense body and immediately brought a smile to her face.


"Hinata-chan! You're finally awake. I was so worried! Nurse, please bring a glass of water for my daughter," Mitsuki barked.

Soon enough a glass of water was placed in front of Hinata. With the help of her mother, Hinata generously drank the cool contents in the glass. The liquid went down her throat smoothly, taking away the dry and scratchy feeling.

"Is that better?"


The empty glass was taken away from her, only to be replaced with her mother's hand.

"How are you feeling? If you need anything let me know and I will get it!"

A smile lightly made its way on Hinata's face from the over enthusiastic statement from her mother. Mitsuki was always the doting mother. Though she was unable to have children, she spoiled Hinata like she was her own.

Though the reunion of her mother was soothing, she knew the atmosphere was soon to dissipate. Now that her identity was revealed, there was sure chaos between the Hyuuga and Yoshikawa clans. The sleepless nights her mother was experiencing must be the constant threats of her ex-clan. A war between the clans is something that must be avoided, but knowing her father, Hiashi would continue to push threats towards the Yoshikawa until questions were answered.

"Kaa-san? The Hyuuga Clan has not pushed through with their threats have they?"

A thin line formed along Mitsuki's lips from her daughter's question. The Hyuuga may have not taken action yet, but if they did not see their ex-heiress soon, war was sure to break out between the clans.

"Iie. However, they are growing impatient. Hyuuga-sama and the Elders are requesting a meeting with you and I. I'm afraid this meeting will not go in our favor Hinata-chan. Once they find you are the heiress of the Yoshikawa clan all hell will break loose."

Her mother was right. The Hyuuga clan will never accept her as the Yoshikawa heiress. She was their heiress first; they will do anything to gain back their rightful heiress even if it leads to war.

"I see. Please don't worry Kaa-san. Everything will be fine."

Her soft-spoken voice easily calmed her mother. A smile was placed on Mitsuki's face and her icy blue eyes twinkled with delight.

"Ne Kaa-san?"

"Hai Hinata-chan?"

"May I sit outside in the hospital's gardens? I'm afraid I have overstayed my welcome in this bed."

A light chuckled was heard from Mitsuki as she took in her daughter's statement. She quickly helped Hinata into a wheel chair and pushed her out the room. A small frown made its way onto her pale face as her mind began to replay the events that occurred four days ago. Though her daughter is alive, she didn't know how long it would last. The seal on her navel was the proof of that. Now that it was activated, the darkness and evil will find its way back into her daughter. Because of the activation of the cursed seal, he found her.

Otemaru found her.

The feel of his usual attire brushed against his skin as he walked down the hospital hallways. He was finally released from his white prison of medicine and blood. He hated hospitals. The beeping of machines and the sick and dead people behind each door creep him out. The memories of Orochimaru's and Kabuto's experiment always resurfaced when he sat in the hospital. If it weren't for the Hyuuga girl, he wouldn't be in such a bad mood right now.

Uchiha Sasuke glared at the many young nurses that stared appreciatively at him. It doesn't matter if he was a traitor or not, women in Konoha stayed the same.

As he past the large windows facing the Hospital's gardens, a small delicate figure caught his attention.

There stood the Hyuuga woman that held his thoughts. She was dressed simply in a cream color kimono while she sat in a wheelchair taking in the sight and smells of the gardens. Her eyes were closed as she sat relaxed in her chair.

As he stared at the woman, a sneer formed on his face. He could not believe that Tsunade is offering a roof above her head after what she has done. Infiltrating Konoha should be rewarded with life or execution. And that curse seal. The connection between hers and his is too obvious to not be ignored. He wanted answers and he wanted them now.

Leaving the hospital's hallway, he quietly walked into the gardens that were preoccupied with the Hyuuga. Without making a sound, he activated his sharingan and made to grab the white-eyed woman in front of him.

"Why are you here Uchiha? Can you see I would like some time by myself," the Hyuuga quietly question. His hand paused and his eyes widen at the sudden statement. Her eyes were trained in front of her as she stared at the butterflies drinking the nectar from the garden's flowers.

His left eyed switched from her intrusion. He could not understand how she could sense him so quickly. Her byakkugan was not activated and she shrugged him off as he was an insignificant nobody off the street. Despite her handicap state, she still had no fear of the power he held. Just how powerful has the curse seal made her?

"Hyuuga," he seethed.

She furrowed her eyebrows and made a small face at the name. "Its Yoshikawa. I am no more a Hyuuga."

"I have questions Hyuuga and I want answers now." Red eyes glared at the girl in front of him. The girl was brave to meet his glare with the same intensity. "Your curse seal. Where did you get it?"

His eyes caught the slight tensing of her body. Her lips tighten into a thin line and her eyes continue to glare at him.

"That's none of your business Uchiha." Her tone was harsh and her white eyes harden.

"It became my business when it activated the curse seal Orochimaru gave me. When you left the village six years ago you went searching for power and received the seal by the bastard himself am I right?"

Two small delicate hands fisted on her lap. There was no doubt she was affect by his questions. However, every question he asked was met with silence.

"Cat caught your tongue Hyuuga?" He made his way towards the Hyuuga woman that sat in front of him. Onyx eyes took a once over at her. She was paler than usual and her indigo hair was tied in a loose bun with small strands of hair laid limply on her against her face. No matter how delicate and fragile she looked, he knew the dangerous nature she suppress inside of her.

Disrupting her view on the garden, the ex-avenger pulled the Hyuuga woman off the wheelchair and on to her feet. Hinata staggered lightly to gain her footing, but as soon she gained it she snatched her wrist away from Sasuke's hand and proceed to glare at him.

"As I said before, my seal is none of your business. Now if you excuse me, I believe I overstayed my welcome here."

Hinata slowly turned and left the presence of the garden. With Uchiha Sasuke there, the garden was no more a calming remedy she needed. No matter how she tried to run away from the past, the past always made its way back to her. With Sasuke around, the curse seal will always be there to pulse with its brother near. And there is nothing she can do to patch the wound that was formed six years ago.

~Three Days Later~

"You took my daughter, the heiress to the Hyuuga clan, and kept her for yourself. Why should the Hyuuga clan not declare war against the Yoshikawas of Kazegakure?"

Two pairs of steely silver eyes glared at the icy blue eyes across from them. Hyuuga Hiashi and his daughter Hinabi to his right glared at the woman who took their family away from them. Six long years they mourned for Hinata only to find out she was alive.

"Hyuuga-sama, it was not my intentions nor the Yoshikawas to keep your daughter away from you. We simply did not know. It has been years since any one from Kazegakure stepped in Konohagakure. The tales of the Hyuuga clan and their trade mark characteristics simply faded away after many years of isolation."

Hyuuga Hanabi pursed her lips at the woman's explanation. Whether it was intentional or not, they kept her dear sister away from her! Six years she had to go through intense training to become something she was not born to be. Hinata was the heiress not her. Because of this woman in front of her, she lost her childhood and the warmth her family was beginning to have before.

"Does not matter if your actions were purposeful, but the severity of keeping a heiress from her rightful clan is a crime equal to kidnapping the heiress."

Mitsuki held a tight grip on to the loose cloth of her kimono. Being in the presence of the Hyuugas was stressful to say the least, but no matter how many times she explain herself, the Hyuuga's ignore it and continue to push war.

"Hyuuga-sama I'm sure war is not needed amongst the two clans. I'm sure from the recent years of war against the Akatsuki gave you enough blood shed needed for this country," declared Mitsuki.

Hinabi continue to glare at the woman and front of her. This woman does not know the pain of the Hyuugas. "You say you wish to avoid bloodshed, but where is my sister now? Did my father not demand for her to be here during this meeting, or you decided to hide and keep her away from us like the past six years? Admit it! You came into Konoha and stole Hinata away from us!" Hanabi stood from her seated position and pointed at Mitsuki. She wanted nothing more but to strangle this woman in front of her.

"Calm yourself Hyuuga-san. Please do not patronize Kaa-san for it is my fault I was late."

All eyes made their way to the figure that entered the small conference room in the Hokage Tower. There stood a young woman dressed in a beautiful kimono with a presence that filled the room with a demand of respect. Silver eyes swept the small crowd and gracefully made its way towards the Yoshikawa clan leader.

"My deepest apologies for my tardiness. I'm afraid I had lost time while I was training, please forgive me."

The figure bowed at the Hyuuga head and heiress who stared at shock. There stood the ex-heiress of their clan. She simply smiled at them and sat down on the right of Mitsuki Yoshikawa. All eyes stared at the shocking action as both women simply stared at the Hyuuga clan.

"May I present my daughter Hinata, heiress of the Yoshikawa clan."

"Please, Otemaru-sama! Spare m-!"

The sound of metal cutting bone was heard throughout the hall once belonging to a noble king. Black eyes eyed the gruesome scene, before an evil smile was placed on the pale yet beautiful face of Otemaru.


"Hai Otemaru-sama"

Otemaru sheath his sword and stepped over the pool of blood of that was beginning to grow larger. The servant was no use for him. He carried out his orders nicely; however, he couldn't allow him to live considering he himself is still in hiding.

"Gather the best of your men and bring back Hinata-chan to me. My little pet has been gone far too long. I'm sure you have no qualms leaving hastily. You loved to play with little Hinata-chan didn't you, Taki?"

Blood red eyes twinkled in delight. Oh yes he did. He could still picture those big frighten lavender eyes staring right at him. The sooner he brings his little toy back the sooner he could play with her.

"I will leave immediately Otemaru-sama."

Black eyes watched the man before him bow before taking his leave. With Hinata back, his little collection will be complete, and finally he could step out of the shadow of his brother. Besides, Orochimaru knew nothing of the true power of the cruse seals.

Hyuuga Neji did not know what to make of the sudden situation his clan was placed in. No one was expecting for their ex-heiress to sit in the rightful place of the Yoshikawa's heir. It was almost like someone had placed all the Hyuugas into a genjutsu.

Ex-Hyuuga Hinata sat with the most regal posture that none of the Hyuugas have seen her sat before. She looked at the Hyuuga clan with a calm expression, but no one knew of the storm of emotions that were swirling inside of her, wanting to be released to the outside world.

"What's the meaning of this Yoshikawa! Is this some kind of joke, because let me a sure you we do not find this funny at all.

Icy blue eyes clashed with the white of the head of the Hyuuga clan. There was no excuse she could come up to explain the announcing of Hinata's place as the Yoshikawa's heiress.

"Please do not patronize my mother Hyuuga-sama. I a sure you this is no joke. Because the Yoshikawa's did not have a heir to take over as head, I took the responsibility as heiress and will become the head when time as come for Kaa-san to step down as head."

Hyuuga Hiashi brought his harden gaze to locked with the lavender eyes of his eldest daughter. The slight pain from being called Hyuuga-sama still stung. Though he wasn't expecting a reunion full of hugs and kisses, he still was expecting some type of acknowledgement as her father.

"Hinata-sama, please stop this foolishness! Your rightful place is heiress of the Hyuuga clan."

"Neji-niisan is right Nee-san. You cannot take the title of something you weren't meant to be, just like Otou-san placing me as the heiress of the clan. You are the heiress of the Hyuuga's not some clan that decided to isolate themselves from the rest of the world!"

Hinata's fist clenched as the loose fabric of the elaborate kimono she wore. Her ex-clan was always hard headed. They never looked at the needs of others, but themselves and the "good for the clan". What made them think she wanted to go back to the clan that deserted her in the first place?

'You're useless. You weren't fit as the heiress.'

'You're weak Hinata. Just give up.'

She could feel the stinging of tears, as she was faced with another memory of her past life. It seemed no matter where she went, she could never get away from the oppression of her ex-clan. Sitting there with their white eyes staring at her made her feel so weak and insignificant.

"Hinata-chan you're my lovely daughter. You may not be my daughter by blood, but I will always love you. When you feel down, remember Kaa-san will always be here to make it better."


She won't let them get the best of her again. Her Kaa-san was here to support her and give her strength. When the time comes, she'll let he emotions sweep her away, but right now she'll stay strong and be the Hinata she knows she is capable of.

"I'm afraid I can not take the place as Hyuuga heiress Hinabi-sama. My rightful place is with the Yoshikawa clan, just as yours is with the Hyuuga clan. Now please stop this senseless fighting, no good will come from it. I advise you Hyuuga-sama, as long as I am heiress, there will be no tolerance with threats for war. Please accept that I am alive and well and found a new path."

Hyuuga Neji felt the stinging of rejection from Hinata's speech. She no longer wanted anything to do with her family that raised her. Did she not know the pain and the tears that were shed from her sudden disappearance?

Neji's mouth began to open to retaliate Hinata's selfish statement, however Hyuuga Hiashi raised palm stopped him.

"The threats will cease, however I will not stand you being head of a clan you were not born into. No matter how you look at it Hinata, you are a Hyuuga. As clan law dictates, you must take your place as Hyuuga heiress."

Yoshikawa Mitsuki eyes widen from the sudden proclamation. How could the Hyuuga clan force Hinata to become something she clearly does not want to be?

"Using an ancient clan law to tie Hinata to your clan is cruel, even for you Hyuuga-sama. I will not have you ignore the wishes of my daughter. Can you not see how happy she is with the Yoshikawa clan? The Hinata you knew as your daughter is gone! She is no longer your daughter Hiashi."

"I will not have you patronize me Yoshikawa! Do not test the little patients I have left. I must do what is best from the clan and Hinata. She is my daughter after


Hinata felt the fear from her father's announcement seep into her. Not even her Kaa-san could get her out of this predicament. Her life just seems to continue to go down this one big drain every time she steps into Konoha.

"Actually Hyuuga-sama, I'm afraid that law cannot be use on Hinata-chan."

All eyes turned to look at the busty blond woman standing in front of the shoji door. A smirk was placed on her pink lips as she saw the deflated looks of the Hyuugas and the sighs of relief coming from both Yoshikawa women.

"Because Hinata-chan was declared dead to your clan, and Hanabi-chan was announced as your heiress not to long ago, I'm afraid that the law cannot be use to tie Hinata down to the Hyuuga clan. However, I think I may have a proposition for both clans that may settle all arguments."

~That Night~

The moon lit up the dark sky as Uchiha Sasuke made his way to his usual private training site. The air was crisp and cool, just the right temperature for a summer night in Konoha. Training at night was the only peace he got from the daily distractions of his teammates and now the distraction of Hyuuga Hinata who decided to show her face again to all of Konohagakure.

He ran a pale hand through his wild hair and scowled lightly. The lavender-eyed Hyuuga always crept into mind without trying to. It was frustrating how much one woman was able to drive him to near madness. Not to mention that curse mark on her naval…

Sasuke clicked his tongue against the roof of his mouth and continued his way towards his secret spot. However, the sound of wood breaking sounded loudly throughout the path leading towards his secret spot stopped him. There should not be anyone at his spot, and he'll be damned if he'll let some random stranger take it.

Running straight to his secret spot, Sasuke paused to stare at the sight before him.

There stood the dangerous woman who plagued his thoughts for the last three days. She was panting heavily while parts of trees and training blocks laid in pieces around her. Blood dripped from her knuckles to the forest floor, only to diffuse through the dirt.

Before he knew, the sound of a kunai zoomed past him and embedded itself in a tree next to his face.

"Why are you here Uchiha? Came to question me again?"

Sasuke sneered at the women standing before him and met her glare with equal hardness. Deciding words were unnecessary, he decided to attack her, hoping all of his frustration would be released.



Both figures collided towards one another, both blocking one another's attack. No words were exchange between the two as they threw one punch after another. A kick, a left sided block and counter attack, then a tenketsu closed on the left shoulder. A shuriken was thrown and the first blood was split.

Blood poured down Hinata's cheek as she continued to push her way through the Uchiha. He may have defeated her once, but not this time.

Quickly executing hand seals, Hinata clapped her hands together.

"Fūton: Reppūshō!"

Red eyes widen at the sudden power of the strong wind that swept him off his feet. He felt the cuts of the kunais that were thrown as he was pushed helplessly by the wind. The sudden impact of a tree steadied him and kept him from being carried away by the windstorm the woman release. Pushing himself off the tree, he met Hinata with another string of attacks.

Kick. Punch. Block and another punch.

Sasuke's eyebrows furrowed at the ferocity of Hinata's attacks. Her attacks were beginning to get wilder and her chakra begun to feel unnatural.

The pulsing of his curse seal startled him as he blocked another wave of punches from the Hyuuga"s ex-heiress. It pulsed again but this time it was in tune with it's sister who glowed green. He felt dark chakra begin to change him as it ate way his own natural chakra. Wanting the to transformation to stop, Sasuke quickly blocked another attack and kicked the lavender-eyed woman into a tree. Sprinting his way towards the woman, Sasuke pressed himself against her, letting her back rest against the rough bark. A kunai was placed against her neck while the other hand held both her wrists above her head.

"You will stop this immediately. You may like using the evil of the curse seal, but I do not. If you don't stop sucking the power off the seal, I'll kill you on the spot Hyuuga."

Lavender-eyes widen at the sudden information spoken, and immediately a guilty facade revealed itself.

She felt disgusted with herself. She let her anger get the best of her by allowing that cursed seal to activate again. How could she let it get to far again? Her life was turned upside down and she couldn't even fix it.

"I-I…I never wanted that thing on me. Please..just let go of me," Hinata said quietly. "Just leave me be. Can't you see I just want to be alone?"

Sasuke felt the sharingan deactivate as he stared at the woman before him. Her body shook with raw emotion, but her eyes were looking down, away from his judgmental gaze. The power of his seal and hers disappeared only to be replaced with a dull ache from its activation.

"Please Uchiha-san, just leave me be… I-I-I j-just-"

Black eyes widen as the sudden tears that travel down the pale beautiful face of Hyuuga Hinata. No more was she the Kazegakure nin who struck fear to those she fought. She was now the Hyuuga girl that resembled a porcelain dolls.

Pale hands dropped to its sides as Sasuke watched the woman sobbed standing before him. He was speechless and unable to move, but to only stare at the beautiful yet broken site Hyuuga Hinata gave.

Her long indigo hair was messy from their fighting, and the blood on her cheek was dried due to the coolness of the night. Her knuckles were bruised badly from her earlier training, and her clothes were torn and dirty. Yet, he couldn't take his eyes away from her. Her appearance and her tears made her look like a fallen angel unable to find her way back to Heaven.

Even as the Moon began to make its way across the darken sky, Hinata continued to cry not caring that she finally let her emotional barrier fall right in front of Uchiha Saskue. It did not bother Sasuke either, for he continued to be mesmerized by the mere beauty of her and the sight she beheld.

To be continued...

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