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Title: Elle Et Lui

Chapter I: The precious prisoner.

The room was dark and humid. They were obviously in a dungeon.

Suddenly, all the candles in the room lit up and the door opened.

A man entered, tall and slim, bald and pale, regal in his pace but with a snake-like face.

"What do we have here?"

Another man, small and fat, hairy and dirty, hunchbacked and with a rat-like face, hurried besides the tall man.

"Those are the one captured at Hogsmeade, my Lord."

"Really?" the tall man asked, sounding interested.

In front of him stood nearly fifty men, women and children. He walked amongst them, observing each face. He seemed unsatisfied.

"Those are completely useless," he hissed, "Wormtail! Who is responsible of this failure?"

Again the small, ugly man, Wormtail, hurried towards his Lord.

"Bellatrix, my Lord," he answered.

"Bellatrix!" he yelled "Come here at once!"

Bellatrix, the crazy dark-haired woman came and stood in front of him. She bowed.

"Yes, my Lord."

"Are you the one who lead this attack?" the Lord asked harshly.

"Yes, my Lord."

"You're going to be punished for this fiasco!" he said, raising his wand.

"No!" she screamed.

The Lord stopped his motion and stared coldly at the woman. Anger rose in his expression.

His eyes widened and reddened under its effect.

Every muscle on his face began to tense.

Bellatrix made an effort to stay relatively motionless before his threatening anger. Inside, she wanted to run away.

She knew she should have talked after he had given her permission and after she had received her punishment.

"How dare you?" he shouted so loud that the light coming from the candles fluttered.

"I beg you pardon my Lord, I didn't mean to offend you."

"But you did!" he said "And I do not accept that behaviour from any of my minions!"

"Harry Potter's best friend is in the room." She said quickly before losing her nerve.

"What?" the Lord shouted, coming nearer the dark woman. "Why didn't you inform before?"

Bellatrix remained silent.

It was better not to speak at the present time. The Lord was angry enough.

"Where is she?" he shouted.

He turned around and tried to find the precious prisoner.

After a few seconds of scrutiny, his eyes stopped their search.

He had found the precious prisoner who could be the turning point in his strategy to kill the Boy-Who-Lived.

Before heading towards the prisoner, he waved his wand and Bellatrix was projected on the wall behind her.

He made his way across the room, jostling the frightened prisoners.

Eventually he stopped. A frightening smile appeared on his face.

"Look what we have here," he said, "the brightest witch of her age... Hermione Granger!"

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