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When it Hits You,it Hits You Hard

It wasn't as he had expected,not at all. He had accepted the fact this was going to happen,so so long ago,since the first time he got a glance of that damn flower from the rejecting door of his best friend's room and related it to the intrincate black tattoo. Yuu was going to die. Well,everyone does at the end.
He had reafirmed his beliefs a few months later,when the injures caused by a shower of candles coming from a cheeky little girl with spiky black hair had taken six full weeks to close and suture.

-Leave me alone you damned nosy doctors!! You can see it's all healed now!

Lavi knew better. His Bookman eye could see the remaining, seemingly inexistent pinkish scars. Yup,he'll die.

But the second time he saw the pale lotus everything his mind had collected;all the details he had been observing rearranged themselves and the pieces,solid but discarded by his subconscience,fell in their right places with the delicacy of a drunk elephant.

Two petals. Yuu had just two petals of weakening life.
This wasn't as Lavi had expected; Yuu was going to die and all would be well because that was nothing of his business and he was just an observer and all that fucking crap that right now he didn't give a damn about because Yuu was going to disappear SOON and that was disturbingly frightening.


Four days after the terrible revelation his brain had decided to ignore until now the redheaded exorcist was still rumiating the truth,not to get accustomed to the idea,that had happened right away thanks to a sudden rush of blood to the head that seemed to carry the awareness in its flow;he was trying to maintain his mind occupied in order not to snap. He knew Bookman wouldn't apreciate having to kick him out of a tantrum over his agonizing not-supposed-to-be-friend.
Even so,it was difficult not to run to the black haired teen every time his absurdly perfect memory recalled the image of those two fragile petals floating above a pile of dry,grey ones. He didn't really know what he wanted to do once he reached him;Lavi just needed to see,to hear,to grasp at least a spoonful of Kanda's essence just to make sure he was actually ther-"Ok,enough. Maybe reading a sappy love novel to distract myself wasn't such a great idea."
So he settled for another kind of distraction.

In the three weeks following the incident Lavi finished the logs of the past month and worked restlessly in every task given by his mentor. Bookman was more than content with his pupil's diligent behavior,but the absent and unsteady look of the boy made him worry.

"Something is in your mind,right kid?" There was a pause while Lavi lifted his head in which Bookman had the opportunity to see clearly the face he hadn't been able to discern in the dim candle light. The redhead looked genuinely lack of sleep was more than obvious below the emerald eye;eye wich was not brightly confident as always but glassy and tired.
His skin was paler than usual;so white it made competence to a certain cursed boy's ivory hair. His lips,dry and cut,were curved to the floor in such a clownish fashion it would have made Bookman laugh was this not such a serious situation.
When he finally spoke,Lavi averted his eyes from the small man standing near him.

"Whatcha talkin'bout Panda? Lookie,the international truce between those two important shippin' companies,the wedding of the third count of York 1,all the details of this week about Colombia's war;everything's here. I've never been in such a good shape!" The fake,abrupt cheeriness wouldn't have tricked a rock,so let's not talk about Bookman the King of Fa├žades.

"I am only telling you this for your own good,whatever it is get it fixed promptly. The sooner you get over emotional break-downs,the faster you will be able to not feel at know you are going to have to get rid of that eventually,so migh as well start killing those useless things right now." It was funny the way his master avoided saying feelings as if the word would jump at him the moment it scaped his lips,but Lavi was too dead to make any sarcastic remark about it.

"Eh,yeah,thank you 's definitely helping a lot."
"Lavi,I am being serious. Is it about that Lee girl again? Don't tell me you have fallen for her." Lying to Bookman wasn't an option,he knew he could fool anyone but him,so Lavi opted to disguise the truth "...It's just a tiny teenage crush. It'll go away if I keep myself busy,so don't worry anymore Panda-jiji" 'It's not entirely a lie. Both have black hair,don't they?'Well,I trust you in regards of this matter.I believe you can handle this;it might even serve you as a test,but if I see you are unable to sort things out,then I shall make my move as your superior."
'I don't wanna know what that means' "Sure,sure,I get 'll ship me in a one way trip to the Bookman Island of Horror: No snacks,no chicks and lots of Pandas kicking me around..."

"Exactly. So now stop wasting time and continue with your duty. And don't call me Panda!!"
From under the wooden shelve in the other side of the room Lavi sighed "You're quite the mood lifter".


1 Whas there a Count in York in the 19th century???

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