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2: If you tell a friend about your crush,be sure you'll end up being crushed

As Allen made his way to his sanctuary (popularly known as the cafeteria) his mind was making the list of the heavenly delicatessen he would taste that day. That's why,being completely enchanted by his world of mitarashi dango omelette,mitarashi dango soup and mitarashi dango ice-cream,he failed to notice a red headed "thing" lying in front of the doors of the grand hall.

"...And mitarashi dango flavoured tea;and beef steak with mitarashi dango pudding....Umph! Lavi? What in the world are you doing on the floor?" With an expression of utter offense at having been stopped from reaching his promissed land,the usually kind teen tried to push the other exorcist -or the pathetic pile of clothes and red hair that seemed to be him- aside. But the moment he saw the state his friend was in,the anger that had taken hold of him nearly transparence of his skin plus the fact his green orb hadn't given any sign of acknowledgement at hearing his name worried him greatly.

"Lavi!! Oh my God,he's dead!" A high-pitched yell and the sudden blur of white and red over him made Lavi realize the presence of another human being around him.
A blink,an intake of breath,more blinking, and finally the apparently not so dead boy turned his face to the source of sound.

"Oh,Allen-kun. Fancy meeting you are we anyway?"

'Allen-kun!?┬┤ "Come on Lavi,we have to get you out of the corridor. Let's talk inside."

After a good half an hour of limping and being dragged,Lavi found himself sitting before a bowl of steaming mitarashi dango soup and facing a pair of concern filled silvery eyes.
The currently crestfallen Bookman junior took a sip and the liquid came out as fast as it had entered his mouth.

"Ok,now that you're feeling all better,tell me what's wrong."

'I wonder what's your definition of feeling better┬┤ "It's nothing. I've been overworking,and I mean over;overworking for 's all."

By the lack of distance between Allen's brows it was obvious the try of pulling his usual sloppy smile had indeed remained a try.

"It's... things;you wouldn't understand it."

"I'm sixteen,you know. Just three years younger than you 'adults' "

"What da heck-seriously? An'ere I've been livin' convinced you were twleve! We have to celebrate this. Let's go bar-hopping next sunday or-" "Don't change the subject."

Ok,so the kid was sharper than he though.

Lavi closed his eyes;sighted and passed his hand over his tangled hair "Really Allen,it's not something I feel comfortable talking about." The older teen said with a defeated look.
It wasn't like he didn't trust Allen;the kid was nice and always ready to helpanyone who needed it,but Lavi wasn't used to sharing his feelings with people. Damn,he wasn't used to having feelings at all. Then again,what kind of feelings? He had felt a pang of...something in his chest when the idea of not seeing Kanda again crossed his mind. This had lead to a panic attack and some days of stressing over the matter,thinking about it again and again;analizing,trying to discover all the hidden meanings and dissecting it with his always accurate logic. That had only resulted in the development of a nail-biting mania and six weeks of denial-reeking work.
And so,while Lavi was reflecting on all that had happened,the big doors of the cafeteria opened and a quick succession of fatalities rushed along the motion.
Lavi gasped and threw himself to the floor at the same time an ebony haired figure entered the room;and the sudden jerk made the table tumble,sending the bowl of soup along with the rest of mitarashi dango-ed junk Allen was engulfing flying over their heads;making beautiful twirls in mid-air before falling on-


'Ah,thank God;it's just-' "LENALEEE!"

Almost every man in earshot of Allen's shout rushed to help the sobbing girl covered in food,and seeing as he was the only one left sitting in a bench Lavi got up and run -or crawled- to the mass of people.

"Holy shit,she's completely soaked in mitarashi dango porridge!"

"Her hair! Get the mitarashi dango salad off her hair or Komui will shave us off!!"

"She's got fish and mitarashi dango chips under her skirt,I'll just use my hands to clean it up"


It's the logical outcome,if at the same time a bunch of men are touching and hoovering

over a crying Lenalee,Komui decides to take a break and go ask Jeryy for a cup of coffee. No one can complain about that they could as much as open their mouths after that.

"I'm sorry."


"I'm really sorry! How many times do I have to apologize? It's not like I beat you up myself;the real perpetrators were Komui and his devilish army of Komurin 3000"

From his bed in the infirmary,Allen scowled and tried to kick the man sitting at his bedside "Yeah,but who's the one who freaked out because of nothing and sent us all straight to hell,conveniently slipping out of the ruckus while the slaughter focused on the innocent ones? And you even left poor Lenalee there!"

The venom dripping off his friend's accusation made Lavi flinch and shrug,and Allen chose that moment to be stupid but useful and misinterpret the reaction.

"Wait...freak out over nothing? brain became incapacitated when you saw someone coming in. It couldn't be..."

The patch-eyed exorcist clenched his fists as he awaited for his comrade to finish that sentence and condemn him with it.

"you have..."

A gulp;dry throat.

"fallen in love..."


"With Lenalee?"

"UH? Oh...oh yeah! You caught me -hee~" This time he was able to show his trademark was that relieved.
Allen looked at him for several minutes before fixing his gaze on the bed sheets and getting strangely pensive.

'...What now?

Then,a smirk formed in the younger boy's lips "Aha,I see...mmm"

"Ne,what's with the Satanic Master of Poker face? Don't give me that look if you don't wanna get hiban-ed!!" Lavi was wary;he knew something bad was was no other explanation for the suspicious shadows appearing behind his companion.
And why the heck was there a hand gripping his shoulder and coincidentally holding him in place?


"Lavi-san" 'Lavi-san!?' "My friend,don't you want help with that little problem of yours?"

'No,I can serve myself.' "No,I can..." "Then it's decided!!! We shall work as a team and win Lenalee's heart-for you of course."

"No,I can...!" "Auuuugh! My legs,my legs! Seems like the effect of the painkillers is wearing off! Oh it's sooo killing me,I wonder why I had to suffer such a punishment for something I DIDN'T DO"

"Ok,ok;I get 's my fault so I hafta let ya have fun with my issues."

"Super duper! I'm humgry now." And like that,he got up from the bed and walked smugly to the cafeteria,leaving a dumbfounded Bookman staring at a white pillow.