Okay! To be honest, I don't know why I wrote this. I was extremely bored, but anyway, I hope you enjoy this first installment of short stories for the sand siblings! I know it's pretty short, but there was honestly nothing else i could add onto this.

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Gaara calmly sat on the living room couch, enjoying his chocolate chip ice cream as he watched his older brother and sister fight in the biggest sibling brawl known to man.

" DAMMIT KANKURO! This-" Temari said as she held up some of his dirty clothes that were laying around. " Is why we can NEVER invite anyone over! Because of all of your shit that you leave laying around!" Kankuro glared at her, his forehead revealing a large vein.

"WELL DAMN! Maybe I FORGOT to put it in the hamper! Get offa my back!" he said back.

"WELL STOP FORGETTING! Not only that, why don't you go get a damn job or something?! You never do anything! I don't see how me or Gaara live with your lazy ass!" she said. Kankuro looked offended

" MY LAZY ASS?!" he asked in dismay. " I HAVE TO LIVE, IN THIS HELL HOLE!" He screamed at Temari. Gaara still sat in the exact same spot, watching his two siblings yell at each other, and still licking his ice cream cone.

"You don't do anything either! All you do is lay around, watching your stupid soap operas and shit!" he said as he imitated Temari sticking his butt out and posing stupidly. " Oh! I'm Temari! I can never get a man because I'm to proud to admit I want one!" he said as he danced around. Temari's face turned red and a vein grew on her forehead. Her knuckles turned white from clenching her fist. " Oh! My ASS is so big! I don't know what to do! Every time I walk it knocks the moon out of orbit! Oh boo hoo!" he said.

Temari retaliated by throwing the vase full of fake flowers that was just sitting on the table at him

"Ahh!" Kankuro screamed as he fell onto the floor.

"I should kick you in the balls for saying that you asshole!" she yelled as she started making fun of him.

"Oh! I'm Kankuro and I think I'm the big man on campus! With my oversized DOLLS and my MAKE UP!" she said huffing her chest out and flexing her arm muscles." Fear me for I wear boxers with Spiderman on them!"

"YOU WHORE!" He screamed as he got up and tackled her to the ground. Gaara put his feet onto the couch as they rolled around on the ground wrestling. His eyes followed Temari as she stood up and did a body slam on Kankuro. After a good eight minutes of fighting they both grabbed each other and slammed into the couch, but incidentally forgetting that Gaara sitting in the spot they landed on. As they landed on him they made him drop his ice cream. Temari and Kankuro both stared at the ice cream on the floor , then to their younger sibling who was now staring at his wasted dessert. They scrambled up and stared at him with a cold sweat.

"……….my ice cream……' Gaara said with a little disappointment in his voice. He turned his head to his older siblings and his face held an evil sadistic look.

"Aw shit!" Temari and Kankuro said as they both took off running . Gaara chased after them with a chair in his hands.


Okay! I hope you all enjoyed this little installment. There will probably be more where this came from, but only if you would like to see more !

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