A/N: I'm not sure if this is really Twilight-Related but here it is anyway.

Vampires Cannot Feel Remorse

Her insides craved for his blood, she could taste the venom forming at her lips and she could feel the intense pain rush up through her as she tried to control herself. His blood sang to her, willing her to drain him of his blood that was running in his veins. 'It would too simple,' she told herself. She could imagine sinking her fangs into his exposed neck and could hear his pained moans, begging for her to stop, and, the sound of his neck breaking. She shook herself mentally, no, she couldn't do this, she didn't want to become a murderer like her father, she wanted to be…well, normal, a regular human, who could love, feel remorse, who could die. How she wanted to die, stop this pain from breaking her, how she wanted this to end. She knew that if she were still human, tears would have created a puddle by her feel. She shook her head sadly. There was no way to turn away, to escape, she realized, this was her destiny.


She ran with inhuman speed towards her prey, chasing him. She was on him in seconds, pinning him down. He screamed as her teeth met his throat and he felt blood drain from his body. He closed his eyes, preparing to die. She continued burying her fangs into his neck, enjoying his pained cries. Soon, all that was left was his limp, lifeless form, no injuries, except for the bite mark on his neck. He was drained of all blood. She, whom had enjoyed his struggles, frowned slightly at what she had down, but quickly, her face broke up in a smirk. Vampires could not feel remorse.

Ok, this was short that it was all I could think of. I was bored so yeah, I began to write and I thought this story was okay so I decided to post this here. Twilight was the only category I could think of for this story.

-Icy Black