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Lettuce sat on the rock, facing the sea. It was a set up, just like Ichigo-san said.

Lettuce rubbed her eyes, wiping away her tears. Pai had sent her a note, to meet him at the beach and to wear a dress. The dress reached her knees and was a light green colour. Lettuce wore sliver half inch boots and a little bit of make-up. Lettuce let out a sob and hid her face in her hands.

Lettuce looked up and then stood up. Lettuce turned around and started to walk away.

"Where are you going?"

Lettuce turned around slowly and then she smiled softly, "Pai-san." Lettuce whispered.

Pai wore a fancy looking tux. Pai lightly smiled and walked up to Lettuce. Once Pai reached her, he gently slid his arms around her slim waist. Lettuce looked up and smiled. Pai leaned down and gently kissed Lettuce's forehead. Lettuce blushed darkly and looked away.


Lettuce let out a squeal and smashed her hands onto her head, hiding her porpoise ribbons from Pai.

Pai's eyes lit up when he saw what Lettuce was hiding. Pai smiled and took hold of Lettuce's hands. Pai moved her hands away from her head and her porpoise ribbons popped up again. Pai smirked and twirled his finger around one.

"Kawaii." Pai murmured, causing Lettuce to blush darker.

Lettuce looked up at Pai, "So what do you want to do?"


"B-but.. I can't dance!" Lettuce stuttered.

Pai smiled, "I'll help ya."

The moon came out from behind the clouds and lit up the beach. Pai wrapped his arms around Lettuce again and started to move slowly. Lettuce wrapped her arms around Pai's shoulders and moved along with him. Pai looked down at the girl in his arms and smiled. Lettuce caught his gaze and blushed, her ribbons still out.

Pai and Lettuce coiunted to dance, not looking where they was going until... a big wave knocked Lettuce over. Lettuce landed in the water on her butt. Pai smirked and got down beside Lettuce.

"This dress was brand new." Lettuce murmured.

"I can just get you another one."

Lettuce looked up at Pai and smiled.


Pai nodded, "Hai anything for you Lettuce."

Pai leaned down and gently kissed Lettuce's lips. Lettuce kissed him back. They pulled away after a minute. Lettuce got on her knees and hugged Pai.

"I love you Lettuce."

Lettuce gave him a soft smile, "I love you too."

Lettuce moved slightly and her knee nudged something in between Pai's legs. Lettuce frowned and then looked up at Pai.

"What's that?" Lettuce asked, looking confused.

Pai smiled softly, "What's what?"

Lettuce nudged it again with her knee, "That."

Pai blushed deeply.