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Artic Snow

Ichigo was walking to work when she spotted a faint white light coming from the trees. So being the curious cat (A/N. XD I used alliteration) she is, she walked over to where the light was and found an unconscious girl. Ichigo picked her up and carried her to café mew mew.

As Ichigo and the unconscious girl walked into the café, the café owner, Ryou Shirogane, shouted "Strawberry your late" from the kitchen.

"Ne, Shirogane the reason I'm late-" started Ichigo.

"No excuses get-" started Ryou as he walked out of the kitchen and noticed the girl on Ichigo's back " Where did you find her?"

"I found her in the park after following a white glow that lead me to her" replied Ichigo.

"Let's take her to the basement and have a look at her" said Ryou before turning to the other four girls who had come out of the changing room and said "Were closed for today, meet you down in the basement."

The four girls nodded before following the creator and leader of the mews down to the basement. Ichigo laid the girl on the table and shook her. When the girls eyes flickered, Ichigo called Ryou over. As the girl opened her eyes, Ryou came over. "Are you ok?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes" the girl replied.

"What's your name?" Ichigo asked.

"Saki Konami" Saki replied "What are yours?".

"I'm Ichigo Momomiya" replied Ichigo

"Mint Aizawa" replied Mint.

"Lettuce Midorikawa" replied Lettuce.

"Pudding Fong" replied Pudding.

"Zakuro Fujiwara" replied Zakuro.

"Ryou Shirogane" replied Ryou.

"Cool" smiled Saki "Where am I?"

"Café mew mew" replied Ichigo.

"I wonder where my Onee-chan is? I haven't seen her for a while" thought Saki.

"Do you have anywhere to stay?" asked Ryou snapping Saki out of her thoughts.

"Huh?" said Saki.

"Do you have anywhere to stay?" asked Ryou.

"No" replied Saki.

"You could stay with me" said Ichigo.

"Thanks" said Saki.

XxxxxxxxX (Scene change)

"Momomiya-san" Saki asked.

"Hai, Konami-san" answered Ichigo.

"Can I tell you a secret?" Saki asked.

"Hai" replied Ichigo

"Follow me" Saki said walking into the direction of the park.

"Hai" replied Ichigo going in the direction of Saki.


"Mews there's trouble in the park" Ryou said coming up from the basement.

"Hai" said the four mews and ran off to the direction of the park.

When they got there they saw Mew Ichigo and another Mew Battling a Kimera Anima and an alien at the same time.

"Artic spear" yelled the girl in white "Artic strike" and a white light hit the Kimera Anima turning it back into a predasite. Masha swallowed up the predasite. The white girl called over to Mew Ichigo "Shall I help?"

"Ok, Mew Saki" replied Mew Ichigo "Ribon strawberry surprise."

"Artic strike" yelled Mew Saki.

A bright light shined up in the tree. "Onee-chan" cried Mew Saki.

"I'm coming, nee-chan" called Saki's onee-chan.

A girl jumped out of the tree looked like Mew Saki but older and she had black in certain places. "Melody flute" Called the girl "Melody cry"

"Onee-chan, why are you here?" asked Mew Saki as she detransformed.

"Okasa is looking for you" replied the girl as she also detransformed.

"Who are you?" asked Mew Ichigo as she detransformed.

"I am Melody" replied the girl who now has strawberry red hair and blue eyes.

"Are you ok, Ichigo?" asked the other mews as they ran over.

It was around five minutes later when the reporters appeared to find seven girls laughing and talking. "Did you see the mews?" asked one reporter.

"Yeh there were seven of them" replied Saki and the girls burst out laughing because Melody fake fainted and Purin pied one of the reporters.

"OH A BEE" yelled Melody as she whacked one of the reporters with a rolled up paper.

"STUPID GIRLS" shouted the reporters and started chasing them.

"Now" said Melody and the girls jumped into the trees disappearing from the reporters view.

Five minutes later, the confused reporters found the seven mews in mew form. "THERE THEY ARE" shouted one of the reporters.

Mew Melody, Mew Saki, Mew Ichigo and Mew Zakuro turned to look at them before all the mews called out their weapons and lashed out at them. The girls jumped away leaving the dead reporters there to rot.

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