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Warnings: Yaoi (duh), lemon (albeit not that dirty), language (that Yusuke just can't keep civil tongue between his teeth!)

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Yusuke took a deep breath outside Keiko's door and tried not to look like he'd just run across rooftops and almost made out with one of his friends. He cursed when he realized he was soaking wet. He briefly considered going home and coming back the next day, preferably dry and more composed.

Nope, nope. That definitely wouldn't work, Urameshi. You ain't no coward, no use running away now. Besides, Mom probably still has visitors, and I really don't want to have to bash those bastards' heads in. And if I wait any longer I'll go insane.

With that, he rang the doorbell, hoping too late that it wouldn't be her parents who answered. A brief moment later he mentally slapped himself. Idiot. They're still at work. It's only gotta be like – what, 6 o'cloc?. I just hope Keiko's home.

Using his new demon hearing to their fullest potential, Yusuke listened carefully for signs of life inside the house. The place was deserted.

Great. Just when I need her, she's not here. Damn. What the fuck am I supposed to do now?

A stab of panic shot through his chest. Suddenly, he hated the rain. Every drop seemed to pound on his senses, until he lost it and started yelling out loud.

"What the fuck do you want?" he bellowed at the sky, "Why you pourin' your friggen sorrows all over me, huh? Don't you think I've got enough fuckin' problems of my own? You think I need you dropping your crap on me too? Huh?!"

"Yusuke!" a furious voice yelled from behind him.

Yusuke whirled around and saw Keiko running toward him with great relief. "Keiko! Man, am I glad to see-"


"Ouch! Fuck, Keiko, what the hell was that for?"

"For standing outside and yelling obscenities at the sky, you idiot! Honestly, you'd think that by now you would have developed at least the most basic forms of proper manners," she snapped angrily. "What are you doing here, Yusuke? And you promised me you wouldn't skip today!"

Yusuke rolled his eyes. "I didn't feel like going to school," he muttered.

"You never do. Really Yusuke, you're going to end up as a good for nothing bum if you don't do something."

He didn't answer. He was afraid to tell her that he wasn't planning on staying very long in Human World, when his blood ached for the bitterness of Demon World. Yusuke followed Keiko up the steps to her house. She fumbled awkwardly with her keys for a while before fitting the right one in the lock. Stepping into the house she turned to Yusuke and glared at him. "Well, what are you waiting for? Come in already!"

Geez. Someone's real bitchy today. Must be that time of the month.

Keiko dumped her backpack on the floor, sighing in contentment at the disappearance of the heavy weight. She slipped off her shoes and Yusuke did the same. He followed her to the living room.

"Yusuke," she began, a great deal calmer, "I have a lot to do tonight, so if you need to say something, do it fast."

Reminded of the reason that he was there, Yusuke felt a bubble of panic rising in his throat again. Damn. How do I explain why I'm here? Why am I here? He swallowed. Right. I'm supposed to be in love with Keiko and I keep feeling shit for Kurama. FUCK! How do you talk to you're supposed girlfriend about being turned on by a guy?

Keiko was peering at him curiously. "Yusuke, are you alright?"

The brunette ran a hand through raven locks of hair. "Actually, Keiko, no, I ain't. I gotta ask you something. Are we… ya know… a thing?"

Keiko blinked slowly, her face stoic and immovable. Nervously, Yusuke plowed on. "'Cuz, ya know, if we were, don't you think it's about time we did something?"

Keiko's mouth opened in a small 'o'. Almost in slow motion, she raised her hand, and then the punch seemed to come in fast-forward. "Yusuke, you jerk!"

"Ow! Dammit, Keiko!" Yusuke howled, rubbing his jaw and glaring at her. "I wasn't trying to be perverted! I was just wondering, 'cuz everyone expects us to be together and then get married, but before that, shouldn't there be, I dunno, some sort of relationship?"

"Some people don't need to have sex to know they're in love," she said accusingly.

"Geez, I didn't mean sex, Keiko! I meant – I dunno, holding hands, movies, kissing, something. Stop jumping to conclusions! Can't you see that I'm being fucking serious here?"

Keiko peered at him dubiously for a minute, as though doubting there could ever exist such a thing as a serious Yusuke Urameshi. Yusuke stared back at her, silently trying to convey his desperate need for her understanding right now. Apparently, he got the message across.

"Alright. Tell me what's wrong. Do you want to hold hands?"

Yusuke flushed but didn't let his embarrassment deter him. "Just – okay, answer me one thing and don't take it the wrong way. When two people love each other that way, isn't there supposed to be a – a want or something?"

"A – a what?"

"Shit, Keiko, a want, desire, attraction, whatever!"

Keiko opened her mouth and then snapped it shut, a frown marring her face. For several seconds, confusion was written all over her, until realization dawned. "Oh!" she gasped. "Ah. I see," she then added.

'Ah, I see.' Yikes. What the fuck is that supposed to mean? What's with that tone?

"Oh my," she said softly, a hand flying up to cover her mouth. "I never even considered – but I guess I should have guessed after seeing how you look at him."

Yusuke gawped in a brilliantly intelligent fashion. "What the fuck are you talking about? Considered what? Look at who? Keiko, what the hell is going on?"

Keiko was looking at him, her face falling. She took his hand gently. "Come on. Let's sit down, okay?"

Dumbly, Yusuke followed Keiko to the couch and sank into the cushions. He watched her incredulously as she sat next to him and turned to face him, face downcast, as though in deep thought. She was chewing her lip viciously, fidgeting slightly. Eventually, she looked up at Yusuke's confused face. She smiled sheepishly.

"I'm not sure how to put this, Yusuke, but maybe it would be better if I just showed you." And with that, Keiko leaned forward and shyly kissed him on the lips. Yusuke kept his eyes open in shock and almost crossed then in an attempt to look at her. He tried to pull away, but Keiko only grabbed him around the neck and pushed her lips on his more forcefully.

She tastes sweet, Yusuke thought fleetingly.

The kiss wasn't like their first one which brought Yusuke back to life last year. It was much more uncomfortable in the sense that now, at least, Yusuke knew what he should be feeling and he didn't feel it at all. Last year, the kiss was life giving; without it he would have died, so there wasn't much room for passion. But now, Keiko was kissing him and no one's life was in danger. It was just the two of them in a semi-lit room, closer than they'd ever been, and all Yusuke could think about the kiss was that it felt awkward. His mind kept going over to Kurama and the almost incidents, and how different he thought it would be with him. Everything he'd felt for Kurama earlier wasn't there for Keiko.

Keiko pulled away, her face bright red. She was breathing hard and her expression was questioning.

"Feel anything?"

"Besides your tits brushing my chest? No, not really."

Keiko rolled her eyes, but otherwise ignored his insensitively.

She took both his hands in hers. "Yusuke, can't you see what this means? We've been friends for ages, and everyone always thought we were a couple, so you took it for granted that we would eventually be together. But we just kissed, and you felt nothing."


She sighed in exasperation. "So, even someone as dimwitted as you can tell that means we aren't right for each other. I love you even though you're an insensitive jerk, and you'll always be my friend, but we just… aren't meant to be together. You see what I mean?"

Yusuke mulled it over. "Yeah," he said slowly, "I guess."

"Good. So, now that we've got that straightened out, tell me why you suddenly started doubting this."

Smoldering green eyes flashed before him briefly and Yusuke felt his face grow hot. "Ah…"

"I'm guessing you felt something for someone else, but you couldn't do anything about it until you were sure I wasn't going to be hurt," Keiko intoned nonchalantly. "Am I right?" she added slyly.

"Uh, yea, I guess." Shit. She's taking the words right out my mouth. Guess I really didn't have to worry about explaining stuff. Sometimes I wonder who's the one with the Jagan, Hiei or Keiko. Whoa. Now there's a thought. Maybe that freaky thing Hiei did to her when we first met left her with telepathic abilities. Hey. Hey Keiko, CAN YOU HEAR ME?

"So… who was it?"



"Huh?" he asked, snapping out of it.

Keiko rolled her eyes. "Who was it that got you so flustered?"

Ah, shit. Now what do I say? Come on, Urameshi, just spit it out: Kurama. Ku-ra-ma. It's only three syllables, go on. Kurama.



Keiko stared at him in disbelief. "Sh - Shizuru-san?"

"Yea. Shizuru."

Keiko's opened and closed without making a sound. Her eyebrows drew together in confusion. Then, they smoothed out and a cool, indifferent expression covered her face. "Shizuru-san. As in Kuwabara's older sister."

Yusuke shifted uncomfortably. "Uh…"

"It wasn't Shizuru-san."

"No. No it wasn't."

"It was Kurama, wasn't it?"

Yusuke's stomach dropped out of his ass. "What?" he yelped. She is telepathic! I knew it!. "The fuck, Keiko? Kurama'a guy, dammit, how could you even think that I'd – I'd like him like that. That's the most ridiculous –"

Keiko slapped him upside the head. "If it weren't him, you wouldn't be so vocal about it right now. Besides, it's not like I haven't seen the way you two just click sometimes. Like during the Dark Tournament, you were freaking out about him all the time. And whenever something's eating at you it's always Kurama who figures you out and talks to you." A brief flicker of jealousy crosses her face. "I mean, he's so perceptive, he always knows when something is bothering you. I know you went to his house after you turned into a demon and you talked to him. I don't know what he said to you or what happened, but you were less high-strung after that. I mean, it's obvious you guys are good for each other."

It was Yusuke's turn to gawp like a fish. "Keiko. Keiko, Kurama's a guy," he whispered weakly. "What am I supposed to do? I – I ain't gay or nothing."

"Oh Yusuke, don't be ridiculous," she snapped. "Really, you're the last person I'd expect to be worried about conventionality. It's not about being gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, whatever. It's about finding someone who understands you, who loves you, and whom you love just as much. And if that's Kurama for you, don't let your own manly pride get in the way. You'll be miserable. And as you would put it – ah – 'fuck what everyone else thinks'."

Dammit, this wasn't supposed to happen. Keiko was supposed to convince me I love her, not make me even more confused by encouraging me to go to Kurama.

"I – I don't know if I – love him that way. I mean, he's a great friend and he's gotten my ass out of a lot of stupid situations, but I don't know if that means that – ya know."

"Yusuke, tell me one thing. Did you guys kiss?"

Yusuke's stomach lurched awkwardly. "No."

"Did you… almost kiss?"


"How many times?"


"And did anything besides an almost kiss happen those times? Did you feel a want, as you so eloquently put it?"

Gah. Did she just ask if I was turned on? When did Keiko turn into my sex shrink??

Yusuke swallowed. "I might have felt… something. And it might not have been exactly… innocent."

"Okay, okay, I get the picture," Keiko said hastily. "So, Kurama is great to talk to, he's a really good friend, you two are bonded by trauma after all the missions you've been on, and you think he's hot. Maybe it's not eternal love, but it's definitely worth pursuing, right? Well, if he's willing, and I think that since you came here so confused, he's definitely willing."

Yusuke groaned and slouched down on the couch, covering his face with his hands. "Dammit, Keiko, you're not supposed to be encouraging me to do this."

"Well do you want to… do this?"

"Are you kidding? He's like sex on two legs with all that hair and those big eyes and that horribly wicked smile…"

Keiko nodded in agreement. "Yes, that smile. The Vatican would totally label it as a carnal sin."

Yusuke dropped his hands to stare at her incredulously. He mouthed the words carnal sin and shook his head. "Who knew you had a libido."

Keiko smacked him upside the head, though more gently than before. "Okay, so what are you waiting for? Go to him, you idiot! I have homework to do! Well, so do you, since I got you all the work you missed, but I don't even know why I bother anymore. Go!"

She pinched him in the stomach and Yusuke yelped and jumped to his feet. "Alright, alright I'm going! Geez."

He stepped out onto the front porch and turned to look back at her in the doorway. "Hey, Keiko – thanks. I owe you. Really, my mind was all screwy – felt like little Koenma was telling me I was really the offspring of a pink wood-elf and a werewolf."

"Anytime Yusuke. Well, anytime I don't have homework."


Keiko stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his neck in a tight hug. Surprised, Yusuke returned the hug and proceeded to grab her ass in the process. Seconds later, he was making out with the sidewalk.


Yusuke grinned at her and waved good-bye. Keiko watched him until he turned the corner with a pained expression on her face. But then she thought about how comfortable Yusuke was around Kurama, all the secret smiles and jokes they shared and how they always looked out for each other.

In another time and place, Yusuke, maybe we could have been together. If you weren't a demon who thirsted for conquest and freedom, if you and I were just two normal teenagers, if you'd never met Kurama, maybe we could have had something.

But Yusuke was a demon and he had met Kurama and there was no point in dealing hypothetically. She knew she and Yusuke would always share a deep bond. That would have to be enough. And, taking a deep breath, she found the strength to let go. She turned into the house and closed the door.


The rain had stopped at last, and if Yusuke were paying attention to his surroundings he may have noticed it. As it were, anything that wasn't about to trip him didn't concern him. All the relief he felt after talking to Keiko flew right out of him in steady swoops as he neared Kurama's house.

Oh, hey Kurama, what's up? I got lost and magically turned up on your doorstep.

Kurama, hey! What a surprise! I didn't know you lived around here!

Kurama, I just talked to Keiko, and decided I want to have sex with you.

Hello, Ms. Minamino. My name is Yusuke Urameshi, I saw you for about 10 seconds last year in the hospital. Remember, you were dying and I was sent by Spirit World to arrest your son?

Oh, hi Mr. Hatanaka, I'm the love interest of your step-son. Nah, I'm not gay, he's a girl.

Hey you! Kid! What the fuck are you doing answering the door? You're too young! I could be a raging pedophile come to kidnap you from your house! Get your step-brother right now!

Hiei? What the fuck?

No matter how many different scenes he imagined, by the time he was standing in front of Kurama' door, he had no idea what he was going to say. But he embraced his deepest nature and rang the doorbell, refusing to think.

"Coming!" Kurama's voice came faintly from inside the house.

Aw, shit! Why does he have to be the one to answer the door? Crap, crap, fuckin' crap! What am I going to s-?

The door opened as he was finishing his panicking thoughts. Kurama stood in the doorway, a perfectly serene and innocent smile on his face. And Yusuke may have believed that he was indeed perfectly innocent, if it weren't for the fact that Kurama was half-naked.

It looked like he'd just gotten out of the shower. His long hair was damp and it fell around his shoulders like a sheet of blood. There was one towel wrapped around his waist, another in his hand… and that's it.

Yusuke let his eyes rake up and down that lithely muscular body. He realized with a start that he'd never actually seen Kurama without a shirt, and dammit, he was really hiding a pack of muscles underneath all that cloth. Okay, so I don't think I'll ever get away with thinking about comparing him to a girl ever again. Shit.

Yusuke raised his eyes to Kurama's. The green eyes were looking at him slyly, gently teasing and frustratingly knowing. And suddenly, Yusuke knew exactly what he was going to do with his mouth.

Words are so overrated, was his last thought before he stepped into the house, slammed the door and grabbed the redhead by the back of the neck. He brought their mouths together in a desperate and bruising kiss. Never mind that he had no idea what to do from there.

Yusuke was all brash actions and crude passion. Kurama appreciated the message made clear by the kiss (I know what I want, dammit) and slowly took control. Yusuke felt him smile against his lips but had no time to be embarrassed or pissed off by his lack of experience. Kurama raised a gentle hand to the back of Yusuke's head and pulling back slightly from the bruising kiss.

Alright. Fine. You show me the way it's supposed to be done, you arrogant fox.

And show him he did. Hooking a hand around his waist, Kurama pulled Yusuke up against him, tilting his head to the side. A tongue traced Yusuke's bottom lip and the brunette instantly opened his mouth. He jumped slightly when Kurama's tongue brushed his, but the surprise wore down and he was actively kissing the redhead back. He tasted like the spices he smelled of. Every brush against the inside of Yusuke's cheek, every gentle bite on his lower lip, every slide of their tongues against each other sent waves of desire coursing through Yusuke, until he was pressing himself against Kurama desperately, hands roaming the body he'd dreamed about so often.

He hadn't even realized they were moving until Yusuke felt the wall at his back. Kurama pulled his mouth away just long enough to get rid of Yusuke's shirt. Pressing Yusuke against the wall, Kurama started kissing away along his jaw line. Those tantalizing lips bit down not-quite-gently on an earlobe.

Yusuke was breathing hard, hands pressed against Kurama's bare chest. Swallowing dryly, he attempted coherent talk.

"Wh – what about – your – fa –aaa – mily?"

Nice going Urameshi. Way to seduce him with sexy talk. I'm sure he's turned on by retard.

Kurama hummed noncommittally, trailing his lips over Yusuke's neck with feather-light touches that gave him goose bumps. "Shuuichi took my advice and went to study with a friend. Mother and Hatanaka-san went out to a restaurant."

No way! He set them up. Did he know I'd come? Dammit, that's something I gotta know. Okay Urameshi, take a deep breath, ignore where those hands are, and ask.

"How'd yoooooou know I'd – ah – come?

Ah well, at least it made more sense than the one before.

Not in a rush to answer, Kurama smoothly ran his lips over his shoulder before attaching them to the pulse point on his neck. Yusuke felt a flare of heat, as double demon instincts assaulted him. Part of him was yelling that he was in a vulnerable position and that he should beat away the attacker so dangerously close to his neck. Another part wanted to feel Kurama latch onto his pulse in another place, and he felt himself grow hard at the thought.

"After seeing you freak out like that in the park today, I figured you'd need some reassurance. Keiko seemed like the most likely candidate for that, so I assumed that you'd come back here once you came to terms with her. Just in case I was right, I made sure we were alone. Either way, I'd enjoy the silence."

And here I was thinking I was unpredictable. Shit.

"Apparently I was right. I didn't want a horny teenager in here with my parents close by."

Yusuke flushed at the redhead's use of the word "horny". Damn, arrogant, superior bastard with too much experience. How come I can't string together two words and he could even talk about the weather if he wanted to."

"It's too bad the rain stopped, isn't it?"

FUCK! He's talking about the weather! No way!

In a moment of brashness and a wild desire to teach the lecherous fox a lesson, Yusuke reached down and grabbed the towel still firmly around Kurama's waist. Giving him an evil look of his own, he yanked it off. Kurama's eyes never looked away from Yusuke's, and he was still smiling smugly as Yusuke dropped the towel to the floor.

An elegant eyebrow arched curiously. "Congratulations," he drawled, "you've got me naked. What's next?"

His face almost as red as Kurama's hair, Yusuke swallowed. "Are you going to do that every time I try to take control?"


"Why, dammit?"

"Because you have no idea what to do, and I'm not going to let you live under the illusion that you're naturally good at sex. You're going to learn."

"Well, there's something I'm actually willing to learn. It's too bad they don't teach it at school. I'd have perfect attendance."

"I'm going to start kissing you again in a minute, and this time I'll allow no interruptions. If you have anything else to get off your chest, now is the time."

Yusuke shifted his weight to his left leg. "Just one."

Kurama waited patiently, arms crossed, giving no indication that his nudity bothered him. Don't look down, Urameshi, do not. Look. Down.

"I don't want to do this if it's gonna – you know – screw up our friendship or what ever. Cuz that's more important to me than what I want to do to you."

Kurama's eyes widened slightly. He stepped forward in a sudden gesture of tenderness and cupped Yusuke's face with both hands, forcing him to look into limpid green eyes. They were earnest and utterly honest, which was rare for the wily fox.

"Yusuke, if you hadn't shown any inclination that this could turn out to be more than friendship, I would have left things as they were. I'd never risk the trust and comradeship we've built over the past year. And you never have to worry about losing that. Believe it or not, the only reason that sex is known as a friendship killer is that it strips a person of every one of their masks, and some people don't like what they see under there. You and I have seen each other at their worst, be it fighting a losing battle for petty pride or giving up when the world's fate rests on your shoulders."

Yusuke leaned forward and rested his forehead on Kurama's in a mirror image of their position in the park. This time, he didn't pull away frightened. He placed his hands on Kurama's bare chest and the redhead placed his own over Yusuke's.

I feel like such a girl. Nope, I am not about to cry. No way.

"Okay," Yusuke said quietly.

Kurama smiled and pulled away slowly. The lascivious grin returned in a heartbeat. "Shall we continue?"

Next thing Yusuke knew, he was pressed against the wall again, arms tugged up and pinned against the wall. Kurama was kissing him again, doing things with his tongue that Yusuke doubted were legal. Then again, nothing about Kurama was legal.

Slowly, Kurama slid down to his knees in front of Yusuke, fingers ghosting over perfectly toned muscles. Heart jumping into his throat, Yusuke tried to pull his arms down, only to find that they wouldn't move. His stomach twisted nervously as he looked up and saw green vines twisting themselves around his arms and chest and pinning him to the wall.

Oh shit.

Long fingers grasped at Yusuke's hips, a tongue swirling in patterns over his navel. They undid the brunette's zipper and hooked through both his jeans and his boxers, pulling them down at once. Yusuke cursed loudly and strained against the vines in sudden panic.

"W-wait! Kurama!"

Kurama didn't answer, not did he pause in his torture of Yusuke's lower stomach with his mouth. The hands, however, did stop undressing him. Yusuke took that as an invitation to speak.

"I – I haven't exactly done this before."

"We've already established that."

"Yea, but, you – you're going," too fast.

"Yusuke, do you trust me?"

"Crap, Kurama, you know fucking well I do."

Two red eyebrows arched teasingly as they peered into terrified brown ones.

"Then believe me when I say we can't get to the sex until you're naked. Relax."

And with that, the jeans were dropped and discarded. Gritting his teeth, Yusuke looked away from the redhead, face flushing in embarrassment. Kurama pretended not to notice. With a wicked gleam in his eyes, he leaned in and blew lightly over the tip of Yusuke's arousal. A muffled curse preceded a loud bang as Yusuke's head hit the wall.

"My, my, aren't we excited. I haven't even touched you yet."

"Kurama, do something, or I swear I will tell your fangirls where you're after-school hiding place is."

Kurama laughed softly. "Touché," he said before proceeding to prove just how talented his tongue really was.

Lost in a sea of sensation, Yusuke came crashing down to reality as the heated mouth was removed just before he came. "Fuck! Kurama, you son of a fucking bitch! Wrap those lips around me again right this instant."

"I don't think so. Can't have you finished before we even get to the best part, right?" Yusuke glared angrily down at him, feeling a strong urge to kick that pretty face in. Kurama was grinning up at him with a smile of sin that just said "Yusuke, you're absolutely adorable with your impatience."

Vines suddenly retracted, leaving Yusuke's arms free. Their lips found each others' once more and they blindly moved into the nearest room. Yusuke made a small noise of surprise as the back of his legs hit the bed and he toppled over onto the cold sheets. In an instant, Kurama was over him still kissing him, one cool hand fisting the brunette not-quite-so-gently.

Breathing hard and trying desperately not to moan, Yusuke pulled Kurama closer, hands trying to be everywhere at once. They ran over the smooth back, grabbing the ever tantalizing ass and fisting in long locks of smooth hair. He felt a hand trailing up his inner thigh, pressing down lightly until it found its target. And the hands in Kurama's hair tightened considerably as Yusuke discovered that the target was not his cock.

Swallowing in renewed nervousness, Yusuke stiffened as a slick finger traced his entrance. "Wh – what are you doing?" he whispered hoarsely.

Kurama's hot breath tickled his ear. "It's okay," he whispered reassuringly. "Trust me."

And Yusuke did trust him. Completely and implicitly. That did not change the fact that there was something probing somewhere it should never be. Muscles tightened as the finger slid into him in one smooth motion. An exhaled breath and muttered curse later, Yusuke was once again kissing Kurama furiously. However, when a second finger entered him, his breath hitched and he pulled away from Kurama, burying his face in his shoulder and clinging to him with trembling arms. He whispered his name quietly.

"Yusuke, just relax. It hurts a bit at the beginning but it'll get better."

"It had better."

Kurama smiled brilliantly at Yusuke, a smile so sweet it had Yusuke relaxing a bit. He melted completely as the fingers brushed something inside of him that made stars erupt behind his closed eyelids. Screaming in shock and sheer pleasure, Yusuke gave himself entirely to Kurama.





"Well that clarifies everything."

"Shut up. I'm trying to regain mental capacities."

"I'm impressed you know what 'capacities' means."

"Shut. Up."

"Shutting up."


"…Did you ever have sex with Hiei?"

Kurama laughed, glancing over at Yusuke from his position stretched out on the bed next to him."

"Why would you ask that?"

"Just trying to find out if I'm going to have any enraged boyfriends on my ass."

"No. I've never had sex with Hiei."

"… Anyone I know?"


"No one that will – ah – 'challenge your claim' as it were."

Yusuke groaned and rolled over in bed, slinging an arm around Kurama's slim waist. "Damn. That was a yes. Are you going to tell me who?"


"And knowing you, there's no point in arguing with that."



"That was incredible."


"How long do I have before your family comes marching in here?"

"Plenty of time. The restaurant is fairly far. Since they're not back yet, they probably rented a hotel room. And Shuuichi's study session was actually a study-sleepover."

"Damn. You really planned this out, didn't you?"


Yusuke grinned. "Awesome. So I can sleep here."


Yusuke hooked a leg mockingly over Kurama and closed his eyes. "G'night."

"Good night Yusuke."


"Next time, I'm on top."

"Certainly Yusuke."


"On top of the bed, at least." Yusuke pinched Kurama's side viciously.


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You and I have seen each other at their worst, be it fighting a losing battle for petty pride or giving up when the world's fate rests on your shoulders. – refers to Kurama's battles with Karasu and Touya (idiot!) and Yusuke's initial lack of will against Toguro.