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Author's Note:

This story is how I had pictured this series ending. So, it begins directly after Eclipse, taking into consideration everything that had occurred in Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. If it was not previously mentioned in the three previous books, I decided not to use it. Therefore, no Renesmee, shapeshifters, or Bella's "shield". I have since decided to take on an entirely new approach to Breaking Dawn. Therefore, I give you: Eternal Dawn.

I hope you enjoy it.

Please note that this story is rated "M" for Mature. There are scenes with sexuality, nudity, strong language, violence, and some scenes that may be frightening for young readers. Reader's discretion is advised.

Yup, people, it's got all the good stuff!



"God damn it!" I spat out, hanging up the phone in the kitchen; it cried out with a sharp ring for being so abused. Charlie really needed to invest in a newer phone. But, that's not what was bugging me.

Charlie poked his nose around the corner, worried. He furrowed his brow, obviously not wanting to be pushy, but his face spoke louder than his words. "Still no word from Jacob, huh?"

"No, and it's driving me crazy!" I exclaimed, completely exasperated. Jacob knew I would worry like this. Could that be the reason for his sudden disappearance? He was punishing me? I glowered, seething in anger. I knew, however, that if he would only call, I would melt like a popsicle in the Arizona desert.

"Did you two fight about something? Is there something you're not telling me?" Charlie asked, his detective eyes carefully investigating my response.

"When aren't we fighting about something!" I exclaimed, my back already turned, quickly retreating to my room. I had narrowly avoided the second question. I was a horrible liar, and was so emotional, I knew I would stumble over something. Like, perhaps an upcoming wedding?

I cringed, and shuddered at the same time. I loved Edward more than anything or anyone, but the feeling of being trapped intensified with each passing day. Given the choice of giving up Edward or marrying him, hands down, I knew what I would be doing on August 13th. However, there didn't seem to be any middle ground in this decision. No way we could both be happy.

Entering my bedroom, I immediately altered my mood as I saw Edward lounging on my bed. Ooh, that reminded me! I really needed to change those sheets...

He stared at me skeptically, his eyes hardwired to see the faintest sign of emotion in my face, as he couldn't read my mind. Thank God... He didn't need to know about the sheets...

"No word?" he whispered, aware of my father's nearby presence, but no doubt already knew my answer as there was certainly nothing wrong with his super-sensitive hearing.

Oh! Right. Jacob. "No, still nothing. Is he punishing me? Is that what this is about? I mean, I can't believe he just left like that. Not even a goodbye! I never would have done that to him. Never!"

Edward flinched; my words had hit home. However, he knew I wasn't talking about him, and his disappearance last year. Jacob was different. "You can hardly blame him, though," he said, reaching out to touch my hand.

Edward sympathizing with Jacob? That was new. "I'm surprised you feel that way," I admitted.

"Well," he began slowly, "I know what it's like to want to be near you, but can't." His voice trailed off, sinking into his despondent memory. I didn't think he would ever forgive himself for leaving, despite how readily I forgave him. A vampire's memory was just too intense, I concluded.

"Am I being unreasonable?" I asked, not really wanting to hear the response.

"I think he needs time."

I sighed. That wasn't so bad. I guess I had more than enough eternity on the horizon. The question was, though, did Jacob?

"And..." he continued, "I think you can't have everything."

Ouch. That one stung. I knew he was right, but it stung all the same. The unfairness of it all just really ached. Jacob wanted what I couldn't give him, and I wanted what he couldn't give me. It seemed both of us could never be happy at the same time.

Edward noticed my chin beginning to tremble, and he gently tugged my arm, pulling me to his arctic embrace. His cold skin felt refreshing on my hot and teary face.

I'm not quite sure how long we stayed there, like that. It might have been hours. I have the vaguest memory of falling asleep, but Charlie's voice in the hallway instantly stirred me from my sleepy stupor.

"Bella, do you realize it's quarter past two?! You're going to be late!"

I shot up. Oh shit! Quarter past two! I was late for work, and on my last day, to boot.

Edward casually sat up, watching me with captivated interest at my flurry of moments, though I'm sure quite slow by his standards. "Shall I pick you up later?"

"No. I'm not sure what time I'm actually leaving. Mike said something about a cake..." Normally I would have put up a huge fuss and objected such an idea, but I was beginning to learn to just take some things in stride. Some fights just weren't worth fighting for.

"I'll be waiting," he said deliciously, his golden eyes piercing into mine. For a moment, I was completely transfixed and dazzled, practically drooling as his charm and breath washed over me. Shaking my head and pulling myself together, I said, "Don't do that to me when I'm late!"

He simply smiled his crooked impish grin, and kissed me. "I'll save it for later, then."

This time I did not allow myself to be swept along. I simply held my breath. Romance would have to wait.

I skipped down the steps two at a time, and grabbed my coat and bag in the hallway. "Bye, Dad. See you on Sunday!"

"Whoa now, wait! Wait!" he called after me.

I paused in the doorway, impatient to leave. Mike's mom was neurotic about punctuality.

"Is Alice going to meet you at the store?"

Ok, I had already told him one fib today. The slumber party story had worked in the past, and Edward and I were anxious for some more alone-time that didn't involve hiding out in my bedroom. With the good weather, his family happily went hunting, leaving Edward, the house and me on our own. I was girlishly excited. It was just like playing house!

"No," I said, anxious to escape. I reverberated the cake story, as I had with Edward, saying that I would just drive myself to the house after work. Charlie nodded his head, and I had the strangest feeling that he saw straight through the lie. It wasn't until he opened his mouth again that I wanted to die on the spot.

"Just...be safe."

Ugh. Uncomfortable! I turned away, replying, "Don't worry, Dad. It pretty hard to die from manicures and facials."

"Uh huh," he said unconvincingly, and nodded as though not believing a syllable I had said. I again gave my hasty farewell.

Had I known that would be the last time that I would ever see Charlie again, I would have kissed him goodbye. But as it was, I was running late.