For Bella in the days following her wedding and the months afterward, she continued to look back on the days of uncertainty and frought with peril, with amazement. Somehow, they had made it out alive. All of them. Except for the Vicomte, Jane and Alec, but none were about to lament their loss. She could not help but wonder at how her parents had taken the news of her becoming a vampire. Grateful that she had not had to break the news, but, oh to be a fly on the wall.

How had they reacted? Carlisle's response to her quarries had been minimal, which she believed borderlined the doctor/patient confidentiality. He must've taken in badly. Renée, she thought, was better, but even Charlie wouldn't give details.

And so, she was always left to wonder. What had their reaction been? When she was off, trying to save Jacob and Edward, what had been going on at home?

A/N: No doubt you are curious as to this new piece. Yes, the story is finished, but a dear friend and reader wanted to know more of the 'back story' of what went on while Bella and Edward were so busy in Europe.

So, I've decided to post the "Deleted Scenes," scenes that I had worked out, but decided to cut from the final version of the book for various reasons. I sincerely hope you'll click on my handle, and check out: "Eternal Dawn: The Deleted Scenes!"