David Anderson a sea caption of Bess a 3 year old ironclad in the Babylon-Roman war in 1905. He thought the last battle the battle of Crete was difficult. He lost 5 ships and 36 men in the last battle. Now he had 7 ships to destroy Rome's shipping docks and to lead the way to the destruction of Rome. After this battle the spy in the city would poison the emperor and would take the Romans documents to there super weapon a U-boat. With more boats he new that him and his men would die and the cost will be lost.

As he came to the Roman he saw 15 ironclads to face. He "yelled prepare for battle!" The canons fired blood gushed out of people when the cannon fired. There were sinking ships every ware.

After the battle the Babylonians had 1 ship left it was Bess David thought that the war should be over because he had just seen hell. Then a explosion ran out and he notated that he was flying in the air. That his ship was hit by a U-boat. He felt pain but he new that it would not last long as he hit the earth.