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Chapter 1

Just her luck

It was her first day in East High. Freshman year, none less. And she was nervous. Really, really nervous.

"Are you alright, sweetie?"

Her mother was worried. So, she faked a smile. No, she wouldn't let her worry. She was going to be fine...

"I'm fine, mom. I'll see you later, ok?"

And with that, she opened the car's door and left. Her mother smiled.

"Good luck, Kelsi!"

She walked alone for a while. Most kids new each other already, so, almost everyone had friends already.

Just her luck. Her father had to be transferred in her first High School year...

She found an empty locker and opened it. Slowly, she put her books inside. Now, let's see... first period… math.

Oh, just wonderful!! Someone up there really hated her...

"Oops, I'm sorry"

She didn't look sorry at all, Kelsi thought, but said nothing. The girl that has just bumped into her and made her fall was smiling (or smirking?) down at her, while she offered her hand to help her up.

"Never mind" said Kelsi, with a sweet smile.

"You are new in here" the other said.

"Yeah, I'm Kelsi Niel..."

"Nice meeting you" interrupted the blond girl, while she opened her locker... which just happened to be next to Kelsie's "I'm Sharpay"

"A pleasure meeting you, Sharpay"

"Oh, trust me dear, it's much more than a pleasure. An honor, actually"

And with that, she left. Kelsi just stared at her.

What the hell...? Oh, this girl was gonna be a real pain in the...


Oh, no!! The class bell!!! Gotta run!!!!

She entered the classroom, looking around for an empty seat. And that's when she saw him.

He was wearing a lovely pair of black jeans, with very nice purple shirt and a wonderful hat that looked absolutely great on him!! His hair was blond and his eyes were a beautiful shade of blue...

And he was sitting next to "Ms. Sharpay" Oh, right, just her luck, indeed...

She kept sending occasional glances to "Mr. Cutie" (as she had decided to call him) He never looked her way. Honestly... what had she done in her past life to deserve this?

When the bell rang, she went to her next class. And, guess what? There he was!!! He came in with Sharpay at his side, the girl talking to no end and he smiling politely. Again, they sat next to each other.

The hell...? Was she his girlfriend? Oh, please dear Lord, no!!!

But, considering her luck... that might just be it.

The day was finally over. "Mr. Handsome" (yeah, that was another name for him) was in ALL her classes. As well as Sharpay. But, hey, some sacrifices can be made, right?

She looked at the school board, reading at the announcements for the different clubs.

No way!!! The drama club?!!! She needed to go there!!! She didn't enjoyed being on scene, but she loved composing...

Well, perhaps, East High wasn't as bad as she had though...

"Mrs. Darbus?"


"I'm Kelsi Nielson. I... want to register for the drama club"

"Are you an actress, dear? A singer? A dancer?"

"I play the piano. And I kinda compose, actually"

"Really?" asked Mrs. Darbus, with a small smile "well, I might just have the perfect job for you, since this is your first year and all..."

No, she didn't like the sound of that...

"Miss Nielson, please meet Mr. and Ms. Evans"


It had to be a joke. No way! It was even worse than her original thoughts.

He was her brother? Oh, sweet lord, what had she done?! She had been always a good girl! Surely she didn't deserve that!

"So, from the beginning, if you please, Miss Nielson"

No, she didn't want to continue. She wanted to go home. Or not. She wasn't sure. Mr. Evans was just so... perfect. He had the most beautiful voice, and he looked so cute when he sang... he could truly be her high school sweetheart. Or just her crush. She didn't mind. As long as she could stare at him... and perhaps daydream that he was singing just for her...

"Hello?! Earth to Kelsi! Earth to Kelsi! Are you listening to me, girl?!"

"Oh, I'm sorry Sharpay" she apologized, while a little blush appeared on her cheeks "what did you say?"

"Oh, forget it..."

"Well, goodbye. It was... nice, practicing with you, Sharpay and..."


"Right. Ryan"

The first word he had told her. His name. Wasn't that pathetic? And still...

"Nice meeting you, Kelsi"

Oh, the way he called her name!!! So... perfect!!!

"Yeah, yeah, let's go, Ryan"

"Sure Shar"

He just waved at the shortest girl and left, following his sister. Well, without a doubt, Sharpay was gonna make her lose her mind...

But, Ryan Evans was going to make her lose her heart...

"So, how was your day, dear?"

"Amazing. I'm the luckiest girl in the world..."

"Oh-oh, Kelsi, not again!"


"Another guy? Just how many crushes have you had?"


"So, how is he like?" Mrs. Nielson gave her daughter a secretive smile.

The youngest smiled too. Well, perhaps, she wasn't as unlucky as she had thought…

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