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A/N: I have broken off from updating Rise of a Legend to write this, it's 3:30 in the morning and I've hit another wall in my train of plot. My thoughts have wandered so now I shall tell you of two young dragons who have come to reside at the temple. It is a heartwarming tale of romance and discovery, as these two youngsters carve out their place among the other students.

A fireball roared past the silvery dragon as he leapt nimbly aside, launching his own earth bomb at the orange dragon opposite him. Without waiting to see whether his attack connected, the silver dragon sped forward at his opponent with the single intention of ending the fight then and there. With a smirk on his face, the orange dragon jumped into the air above the attack and launched a veritable firestorm down upon the dragon below. Diving through the flames, the orange dragon knocked his adversary onto his back with a swipe from his tail and placed a paw on his opponent's chest to signal victory. Panting slightly from the effort of the battle, he reached down with the same paw to help his opponent back to his feet.

"Whew, you're definitely getting better, Ferrous. Pretty soon you're gonna be able to beat me, maybe even Wolfe!" The orange dragon beamed at the earth elemental with pride. "I'm glad I get to teach you a bit; it's fun!"

Ferrous lowered his green eyes away from the orange dragon's. "Well thanks, Flame, but I don't think I'm that good…"

Flame, shook his head vigorously. "Nonsense! You'll have Wolfe on his toes, struggling to best you in no time."

"Are you sure about that Flame?" The voice of the black dragon rang from beside them and they turned their heads to view the larger Wolfe stride confidently into the training area. "I mean, I do have an unfair advantage over him, being two years older and all." He looked at Ferrous with a smile on his face. "But that was a good fight. There's no doubt that you're improving, maybe I could get Star to teach you a few things about strategy. She'd have a field day with you."

There was a shuffle of movement from behind Ferrous and he turned to see a white and blue dragoness walk into the room, only to look up in shock when she saw who was there. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone was here…I'll leave." She stammered softly. She turned and rushed out of the room.

Ferrous called out, "Wait, Emmaire, don't go. I…" He stopped when he saw that she didn't hear him. He slammed a fist down on the ground. "Damn! I can never get her attention. She always leaves before I can even introduce myself."

Wolfe frowned at the earth dragon. "Hey man, it's not just you. She ignores everyone except Master Cyril, and even he gets the silent treatment sometimes. She's shy, not much you can do about it."

"I know, but I can't help thinking that I could help her. I'm not gonna lie, I like her a lot. But I don't think she even knows I exist!" Ferrous growled in irritation.

Flame placed a paw on his shoulder. "Come on, bro, lighten up. I know how you feel, I felt the same way about Ember."

Ferrous nodded. "Yeah, you've told me before, and I'm happy that you two found each other, but I still don't know how I'm going to get to know her if whenever I get near her, she avoids any kind of conversation." He sighed and walked off to an exit, heading for his room. "I need some time to think."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Emmaire walked from the training room to the garden, making her way to her very favorite spot to relax. As she approached the lake, she focused her ice powers at her paws, allowing her to walk across the mirror-like surface of the water on small patches of ice. She walked out to the center of the lake and lay down on top of her little frozen island. Letting out a sigh, she listened to the gentle sound of the water lapping against the shore. She began to hum a soft tune from her days of infancy and manipulated the water in front of her to match the rhythm of the song. Oh, how she enjoyed spending her time on the lake. It calmed her very essence and left her feeling cheerful every time she came here. She crossed her forelegs and rested her head on them. The soothing noise of the garden slowly lulled her into a peaceful trance-like state. She was so caught up in her thoughts, she didn't notice the ice guardian walk up beside her.

"Greetings, young one," said Cyril.

His words startled the dragoness, making her jump slightly and almost fall off her ice platform. "Oh, Master Cyril…I didn't see you there. Can I do something for you?"

He smiled warmly down on her. "No, I just wanted to check in on you. You don't seem to socialize very often. Why is that?"

She blushed and dropped her gaze. "I-I don't know. I like to be alone, I guess…nobody really likes me anyway…"

Cyril snorted. "Rubbish. That's completely false, my dear." He nudged her gently with his wing and motioned towards the door, where a downcast Ferrous was trudging by on his way to his room. "I know of one dragon who would benefit greatly from a simple introduction from you."

Emmaire looked at the silvery dragon and slowly took a step forward. She caught up with him just before he opened the door to his bedroom and cleared her throat to get his attention. As he turned around with a shocked expression, she spoke in her usual quiet voice. "Hi there, I'm Emmaire. What's your name?"

A smile spread across his lips and he replied, "My name is Ferrous. It's nice to meet you Emmaire." His voice was calm and soothing to her and she blushed, not finding the words to say in front of this silver dragon. Finally, she managed, "I'm sorry, I have to go….it was nice meeting you." She turned and ran down the hallway, confusion at her own actions frantically traipsing throughout her mind.

Her thoughts wild, she fled down the hall towards the library, hoping to find comfort in the books within. She stepped through the doorway and almost collided with a golden dragoness walking out. Emmaire looked up into Star's eyes and smiled. "Oh, hi Star. Excuse me." She stepped around her part time teacher and walked forward to the bookshelves. Before she got too far, Star called out to her. "Emmaire, what's going on? You seem stressed."

Emmaire spun around and snapped back, "I'm fine, leave me alone!"

Star recoiled at the retort and walked out the door, mumbling to herself.

Emmaire also took a step back, surprised by her own reaction. What's wrong with me? She turned back to the shelves and perused the selection of literature that lined them. Why am I feeling like this? She walked down to her favorite section of books and grabbed one with a blue and white cover. It was a romance novel about a fire dragoness trying to win the heart of a dashing lightning dragon. She had started this book the day before and was deeply fascinated by the romantic story. She took the book to a well lit corner and lay down with it open in front of her. She tried to concentrate on the pages before her but found that her thoughts continued to turn to the earth dragon she had met the earlier in the day. She growled at herself, trying to shake the picture of the silver dragon out of her head. What's so special about him? Why can't I get my mind off of him? She sighed and tried again to lose herself in the story before her. As she found herself distracted by thoughts of the earth dragon, a lone thought penetrated to the fore of her mind. Am I in love?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ferrous happily strode down the hall towards the gardens. He was in a particularly good mood now, after having the dragoness of his dreams talk to him for the first time. He walked into the gardens and made his way to the tallest tree standing in the lake. He flew to the lowest branch and flopped down on his back against the trunk. Feeling particularly exuberant, he began to speak, a poem leaping to his tongue as he relaxed.

"It's times like these that make you what you are in the end
It's times like these that make or break who you really are
Though you may struggle, though you may despair
Freedom is not what you truly seek

For all the pain you endured, when you wish it all would change
It's times like these when you see how to cure it
That horrible disease, that terrible affliction
For everything you've tried thus far has failed

It's times like these that make it all seem worthwhile
Every frightening moment, each day you feared
Every ounce of strife merely makes you smile
They all simply fade, and you move on....

It's times like these..."

He let the last words trail off and a smile broke across his features. From below him, he sensed through his earth powers that someone was approaching and he looked down to see Ember walking towards him. "Well hi Ember. How are you doing today?"

She grinned up at him. "I'm great, thank you. You seem pretty upbeat today. Something good happen?"

His smile grew. "Indeed. Emmaire talked to me today. For the first time, too!"

The pink dragoness shuffled her feet and folded her wings behind her. "That's great! Umm…have you seen Flame? I haven't seen him today and I heard that you two were sparring."

Ferrous shook his head. "No, sorry, can't help you. Haven't seen him since we fought. Try the dining hall; he said that he was hungry earlier."

"Thanks Ferrous." She turned and walked out of the lush garden.

The earth dragon settled down against the tree again and closed his eyes, succumbing to the calming effects of the plants around him.

He found himself running through the temple frantically, explosions lighting up the dark night outside the occasional window. Where is she?! His thoughts sped through his mind as fast as he dashed through the halls. Keeping his wings low to the ground, he urged his legs to go faster. He passed his room and turned into Emmaire's room three doors away. "Emmaire! Where are you?" he called out. She wasn't in her room, which disturbed him. He continued his flight and came across the inner courtyard of the temple and saw a terrifying creature holding Emmaire by her neck. He froze in sheer terror as the creature threw the ice dragoness's limp form behind it and roared.

"NO!" Ferrous shot bolt upright on the tree branch, sweat covering his body. He inhaled and tried to calm himself from the horrible nightmare. "It was only a dream, Ferrous. Relax, she's fine." He slowed his breathing and dropped from his perch. He noticed the sun falling below the horizon and sighed. "Guess I'll go for dinner. It's probably time anyway." He trudged down through the temple to the dining hall, grabbing a plate from one of the cheetah's who volunteered in the kitchens. After making his way to an empty table, he sat down in front of it and began to eat. Suddenly, another plate slid next to his and he heard a voice from beside him.

"Is this seat taken?" The white dragoness, Emmaire, came up beside him.

Surprised, he said, "No, no one's sitting there." He managed a sheepish grin as she sat next to him. He returned to his meal, glancing sideways at her every so often. When they both finished, she fixed her gaze on him and smiled.

"You want to go for a walk?" she asked.

He just about jumped out of his scales. "Of course! Where do you wanna go?"

She giggled. "Let's go to the lake, it's nice there."

They walked out of the dining area, leaving the noise of dinner behind them, and walked side by side to the serene body of water situated deep within the garden.

She stepped out onto the surface of the water and motioned for him to join her. He cautiously put a paw onto the lake and found that he was standing on a patch of rough ice. Emmaire walked out to the middle of the lake and Ferrous followed closely behind, still grinning like a madman. He sat beside her in the center of the body of water and sighed happily. He finally had some time alone with the dragon of his dreams. Thank the Ancestors!

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