I looked through my window from the Volturi castle, and smirked as I saw my love walking alongside the most coveted vampire clan in history. Aro was of course in the lead, along with Demetri, Marcus, Felix, and of course Caius. Then my best friend Jane followed standing next to her twin brother…my Alec. I came from my room and quickly, but gracefully rand down the tower staircase straight into his awaiting arms. He chuckled. "I see someone is happy to see me. Relax sweetheart, I only went hunting." I looked up into his bright eyes and let out a sweet melodic laugh.

"I see you have drained your victim well, your eyes show it."

"Would the fact you absorbed Aro's ability play into this assumption at all" he questioned? I pouted and let my arms cross.

"Don't be resentful because all you can do is take people's senses." I sniffed, and heard laughter that could only belong to Aro's.

"My dear, I believe he can do a lot m ore than take senses away."

"Oh really, I challenged. "Like what?"

"Well I think all of Volterra heard what he did with you last night." My eyes grew wide and I allowed a low growl to escape my lips. Jane's childish laughter was next.

"I agree Aro, what were you two doing up there?" I felt Alec's grip around my body tighten. Like it wasn't awkward to talk about what we did in private to the people who were like brother and sister to me.

"He was pleasuring her of course Jane" Aro said. "How else could a female vampire cry so loud?"

I heard a fierce snarl rip through Alec's through and Aro grew quiet. Aro may have been the leader, but Alec was the strongest. When the silence grew awkward I decided to start speaking. "So, while you were gone, I worked on my powers!" I saw Aro roll his eyes.

"like you haven't perfected them already" he said. I had the ability to absorb the abilities of other vampires. It was kind of like copying and pasting, except with powers. I had already gained all the abilities of all the members of the Volturi, and was always on the lookout for more. Aro was right though, you can only perfect things like abilities for so long, before it is beyond perfection. Alec spoke next.

"I think Bella and I should head off. I want to show her something, privately." I watched as Aro and Jane nodded and I looked up at Alec with genuine curiosity.

"What have you been hiding from me?" He smiled showing his entire set of pearly white teeth.

"You'll see," was all he said and he led me up the stairs to our room. I let my eyes wander across his body. Alec was the first I had seen after Aro had transformed me. He was the one who took my senses away when I was being transformed so I wouldn't feel the pain, he was the one who took me hunting for the first time, and he was even the one who helped me build such close alliances with the high members of the Volturi. He was the first one who started noticing that my eyes never changed red, but changed to a bright blue. By this time I had already fallen for Alec, and the feelings were reciprocal. He was not only the man of my eternal dreams, but my best friend (with Jane coming a close second).

We finally reached our room and Alec shut the door. He sat me down on the bed and looked me in the eyes. "Bella love," he started. "You know how we are together…but it's not well…official?" I nodded, wondering if he was hinting at what I thought he was. "Well, I want to fix that, if you don't mind." My heart soared he was really going to do it! I felt a smile spread across my lips. He kneeled down on one knee and pulled out a ring box. "Bella, since the day I first saw you I knew you were meant to be mine. You are everything I ever needed to complete me and make me whole. You're wise, beautiful, intelligent, and you have this charm that just makes everyone love you. Bella, you mean so much to me and I would do anything for you. Please, accept this as a symbol of my love and be my wife." He opened the ring box, and I spotted a diamond ring with a single pearl. It was beautiful. I was silent. "I, I know I'm not that great at this mushy stuff…is that a no? Wait what are we then? Wait can we at least-"I put my finger over his lips and quieted him. I smiled.

"Alec Volturi, you talk way too much." He smiled with relief. I chuckled. "To answer your question I would be-" I was cut off by a frantic knocking at our door. I groaned and went to open the door. It was Marcus. "May I help you Marcus?" I said as sweetly as possible making sure not to hint at my irritation at the interruption between such a breakthrough between Alec and I.

"Aro requests for both of you to be present at the ball being held here next week." I raised my eyebrows. A ball? What was Aro up to? "He says to mention that every vampire clan in existence with be there. He requests for you to wear an evening dress the color of sangre and for Alec to wear an outfit entirely white. I felt Alec standing behind me, and could sense his irritation.

"Very well, thank you Marcus" Alec said as he shut the door. I groaned once more. "Alec I'll be back, I need to speak with Aro." I left before he could even respond.

I found Aro in the hallway. "A BALL" I asked incredulously?! "How come we were not informed earlier?"

"It was a spur of the moment decision darling, you are the newest member of our clan and I thought it best to tell the world you are here." I glared at Aro, hoping that he would give up because of my deadly stare, but he refused. I gave up first. I sighed,

"Jesus Christ Aro…you need help…No…no you need REHAB." I walked off and I could hear his chuckle of triumph echo through the halls behind me.

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