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He grabbed my wrists and threw me onto the bed, his lips never leaving mine. I was ripping his clothes off of him, but obviously I wasn't as fast as he was. He broke away and looked at my body.

"God you're hot" he breathed. He began trailing kisses from my collarbone to my breasts. "You have no idea- how much- how long- I have wanted- to- do this- with you." He said in between kisses. I could do nothing but moan in ecstasy. My core was dripping, aching for more. His kisses went down my stomach right to my pussy. He looked at me, smiled, and let his tongue tease me. I could feel him flick my clit and stick his tongue in my pussy. I screamed for more and pulled tightly on his hair. Before I knew it, I was shivering with an uncontrollable orgasm. I got up quickly after recovering and Edward stood up. That was when I had a glimpse of his penis for the first time. Jesus CHRIST that was NOT a penis. I was looking at a foot long piece of meat. WHAT THE HELL! Alec was NOTHING compared to this. I ran my tongue along the length of it, enjoying listening to him groan. "OH fuck Bella" I teased the tip letting my tongue run in circles around it before deep throating his cock. I managed to suck and play with his balls. "Yeah, you like that?" Edward said. This surprised the hell out of me. Was Edward…talking DIRTY?! What an alter ego! To be honest…I liked it…a lot. He grabbed a bunch of my hair controlling my head and begun thrusting his cock deeper into my mouth. "Fuck, I'm about to come." Sure enough the liquid went right into my mouth. I swallowed [something NORMAL vampires can't do] it and cleaned off his cock. During this process he flipped me over onto my back. I felt his fingers at my opening

"oh fuck. Do it Edward. Stick your fingers in me" Sure enough, I felt one finger enter, then two, then three, before I knew it I was being fist fucked. "h fuck, FUCK!" I felt him pull out, and I felt him position is cock near my entrance.

"I love you" he whispered.

"I love you too" I whispered back. I felt his cock enter me. He went in slowly at first to fit in all 12 inches, then he pulled out and pushed back in at vampire speed. "OH GOD!" He began fucking me at an insanely fast pace.

"Yeah, you like that don't you?" I said in between gasps "You like fucking my tight pussy don't you?"

"Fuck yes bitch" He said back "You're so fucking sexy I need all of my cock to be covered by your pussy." Hearing my sweet Edward say THAT was enough to throw me over the edge. I shook with another orgasm and immediately I felt his juices spilling into me penetrating me. He pulled out and flipped me over. His cock was at my entrance, and he began fucking me doggy style. I moaned and screamed my tits shaking with every thrust. All that could be heard were our moans and the sound of his balls slapping against my ass.

"Fuck Bella, I'm going to cum" Sure enough he cummed again in my ass. By this time I was full of cum, but I needed more SO BAD. I pushed him on the bed, and I used so much force I heard a *crack* and the legs holding the bed up broke. We were too busy to care. I straddled him and positioned myself right above his cock. He got to be the dominating one, now it was my turn. I let myself down slowly and I heard him groan.
"Oh fuck yes. Faster bella faster." I began riding him moving whichever way necessary to make sure he had maximum excitement. Another orgasm hit me and I moaned.

"I'm not done yet." Edward said. God I loved this alter ego. He picked me up and kissed me passionately. I began walking backwards where I finally hit up against the wall I put my legs around his waist and he positioned his cock in me. He began fucking me standing up. Jesus Christ was there a position this man COULDN'T perfect? I wanted to ask him how he could be so GOOD yet still a virgin, but all my mind could concentrate on was the huge dick going up my pussy. I could feel the muscles in my legs tighten and the tightness go right up to my core before I shuddered with an incredible orgasm that left me almost paralyzed with ecstacy. I felt Edward's juices shoot up me one last time before his cock went limp. You could hear our ragged breath. He picked me up bridal style again and put me on the bed. He lay next to me where we sat and tried to recover from what just happened. The sun was now up. It had to be around 6 or 7 in the morning. I turned to him and grinned. He smiled and kissed me softly.

"This was so worth waiting for." I stated. He chuckled.

"I can't believe I made what had to be the most incredible sex ever WAIT." I laughed.

"Get up lazy butt. We need to shower then we'll do something." He grinned, as I walked off I heard him say

"can we do something IN the shower?" I rolled my eyes. What in the world was I going to do with him?

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