chapter 1 we meet

As Joe was walking to the U.S military base on Sunday a guy was on the side also going to the U.S base and all a sudden they heard a bomb as they ran to the base they saw the great military of the Germans blitzkrieg as they battled it out in only three days the base was destroyed and Joe and the man he saw on the street was captured and went on a slave boat and would be put to death on Tuesday at 11;00 am.

As they were in the cell they started to talk hi I'm Joe I'm Jon Joe;how we getting out of this mess Jon; well we better do it before Tuesday Joe;I have a plan on how to escape Jon;how? Joe; see that German he has the key to this cell and before I was in the army I was a pickpocketer.

Ill get the key and we will escape on Tuesday at 2 is a life boat on the east part of the boat I will get my 30 men to join. Jon;why others because they are going to be a diversion wile we escape I'm in.

chapter 2 the escape

It was Tuesday 2:00 am Joe;ready men now charge! Joe yeld as they ran to the boat as guns where shooting rapidly at the people the sound was so strong everyone on the boat lost there Herring. as at the end three people escaped they where Joe Jon and another man but can these 3 men make it across the Pacific Ocean with only a fishing net and a canoe.

chapter 3 ship wreck

As it was 3:00am they were all sleeping but out of nowhere machine guns shot bombs flew as they had no weapons they saw a dead man in the water he had a pistil rocket launcher and a sniper as the three men fired 30 minutes later every gun stopped shooting as they thought that was the end out of nowhere the one man in the Germans boat had 3 pistil shots in his stomach as he took his last breath he shot one shotgun bullet right in to the stomach of Jon as Jon fell now these 3 men had a injured man no medical support and a fishing net.

chapter 4 land

as these three men in sea looking for food Joe looked ahead and saw the only thing happy to see he screamed one word LAND! As he and the others screamed from joy.

As they pattled to shore Jon was still hurt they hope to find something on the shore to help.

chapter 5