Lily and James secretly like each other (well, Lily does at least) but neither one will tell the other what they are feeling (again, this is Lily.. EVERYONE knows that James likes Lily) But When James asks lily out and she says no for yet another time, James plans to get revenge and his girl. With his trusty pals- Padfoot, Moony and Wormtail-, James thinks of a brilliant plan to win Evans heart, and to make her jealous at that. Here in Hogwarts castle comes an epic tale of love, heartbreak, and jealously. Will Potter win the girl? Or will he be put in the dust again? And why the heck is Sirius saying comebacks from a muggle comeback book? Only me, myself, and I know.

But whatever happens, someone will be sure to have envy someone.

Yeah… I suck at summaries… Just read it! It'll be sure to be good!

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